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super-ju17ior asked:

I just read that post about the "Devil" Mv being awkward. What's happening? I'm so confused tbh

The Russian model who was the devil, Angelina, in SJ’s mv was on another IG post, and the caption was that they couldn’t believe she was 14 years old. A lot of people spammed Angelina’s IG asking her about her age, and she confirmed that yes, she’s 14. So obviously it’s making people awkward and grossed out that she’s playing the “love interest” who enchants all the men in SJ’s mv when they’re a decade+ older.

As I said on my post, I doubt SJ cast her, Leeteuk specifically points out that her mother is his age, and if you watch the video, they don’t interact with her in a creepy way (minus Siwon’s fake kiss and Yesung’s poke). But it’s still gross that SM/her agency/her parents sexualized a 14-year-old and allowed her to play such a role in this mv, and just knowing her age and knowing their ages makes the entire thing creepy.

But we can’t just not stream it because that puts SJ’s hard work on this album to waste. So we’re in this ugh situation where another thing has gone wrong with this comeback.

how sme is screwing over sj’s special album
  • denied comeback date about 3 days before teaser was released
  • no teaser photos released ahead of teaser/trailer
  • no buildup or anticipation
  • tablo was faster about tweeting about the teaser than SME was
  • SME delayed the YT upload for over an hour after the navercast upload
  • only one tweet about the teaser when it was finally uploaded to YT
  • absolutely no indication that teaser was being released
  • once again, sj is having to do their own promotion

basically sme is sticking sj and their fans behind the 8 ball again and then watching to see what kind of a miracle we can pull out of our ass this time. when an artist in another company is faster at mentioning that there’s a trailer up rather than the artists’ company… that’s how you know you got problems.

  • Other groups:different country for each member, one teaser everyday, comeback date announced at least 24 hrs before teasers come out, coloured photoshoot shot outside probably, promotions
  • SJ:HAAAAAHAAAHAAA none of the above
  • SJ:the chicken though!!!