Kelsey, 25

“Growing up I was really into 80’s movies. It’s something my mom and I bonded over. I feel like that reflects in almost all of my outfits with at least one article I’m wearing. I feel most comfortable in trousers and high laced boots, and jackets/coats. Some days I feel my strongly femme side, and others I look like the boy you crushed on in high school. Both are equally me.“

Nov 5, 2016 ∙ The Mission

Eric, 22

“Outfits that are funny really inspire me. I’m definitely not above embarrassing myself for a lolz-y look. It’s also important that it lets me feel pretty and lets me move the way I want to. I like to wear clothes that other people didn’t want – one queen’s trash is another queen’s treasure. Now I’m wearing a skirt and a Mickey Mouse shirt that I found in thrift stores, some Mardi Gras beads I found on the street in New Orleans, my favorite sunglasses, and my sturdy “atomic pink” sneakers.”

Oct 1, 2016 ∙ Golden Gate Park

Haley, 27

“I’m wearing a high-waisted 40s long skirt, a burgundy turtleneck, vintage German shoes, Chinese pajamas, a Naga ceremonial necklace, a Turkish carpet bag; and day old Halloween make-up. My style is inspired by old Hollywood, mid-century explorers, old hippies of Mendocino, and my husband. I love contrasting big patterns, fabrics that are damaged and decayed, and anything that makes me feel magical.”

Oct 29, 2016 ∙ Russian Hill

Calvin, 15

“I am inspired by older English 20th century clothing, but also by my own eccentricity: I have always chosen to wear more formal and/or distinct attire. I do like wearing sweater vests and scarves, with Liberty pattern shirts especially. I also sometimes wear a long flowing tunic (a kamiz in fact) with a scarf for a more casual outfit.”

Oct 29, 2016 ∙ Russian Hill

Kendra, 28

“I’m wearing high top Converse shoes, BDG velvet pants, a Jung Maven men’s tee, a vintage tracksuit jacket, and Madewell earrings. I usually decide to wear a particular item of clothing and build my outfit off of that. I like a combination of old and new, lots of color and the idea of classic femininity.”

Nov 5, 2016 ∙ Haight-Ashbury