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No More~ Jay Park Angst  ~Part Two~

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It’s been a couple months since the incident that happened at the club, which ended your relationship with Jay. To say that you were doing better would be a lie. All you could think about over the course of those two months was Jay. Jay called you every day for a month, before he suddenly just stopped. You haven’t gotten a call from him since.

 Honestly you were kind of disappointed that he stopped calling, but you knew that if he kept calling you, you wouldn’t ever get over him. So in a way you were thankful that he stopped. You rubbed your eyes as you got out of bed. You quietly headed into your bathroom. You grabbed a clean towel and turned the water on to have a shower. You had to go to work today. Your boss was generous enough to let you have those two months off, but you couldn’t sulk around any longer. You had your life to live, even if Jay wasn’t in it anymore.

 You sighed happily as the hot water hit your body. The water seemed to make the tension in your muscles lessen. You relaxed under the water. After your shower you quickly dried off and got dressed. As you were heading out the door, you saw Sunghwa outside waiting for you. You cautiously walked down the steps towards him. 

“Sungwha, long time no see.” You said as you walked up to him. “What do I owe the pleasure to?” You asked as you crossed your arms. You haven’t really kept in contact with the members of AOMG since the incident happened. 

Sunghwa scratched the back of his neck. “I need your help. Jay…Jay has been going down this dark spiral after he met this girl…” Sunghwa trailed off.

 Your body stiffened at Sunghwa’s words. Jay has a new girl? Already? “Didn’t take him long to move on, guess that shows how much he cared about me. Now Gray please I have to go.” You told him as you stepped towards your car. Sunghwa grabbed your wrist.

 "Y/N you don’t understand. This new girl isn’t healthy for him. She takes all his money, she convinces him to do things that he shouldn’t be doing. Y/N she convinced him to stop making music. Please you have to knock some sense back into him. She’s going to destroy him.“ Sunghwa pleaded. 

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Jay quitting music? He loves his job more than anything. He wouldn’t just quit because some girl told him too. “He wouldn’t just stop Gray. He loves his job. He would never listen to her.” You told him as you turned to look at him. 

 Sunghwa sighed. “Normally I would agree with you, but ever since you guys ended Jay hasn’t been the same. His mindset isn’t as strong as it was. It’s like he lost all reason to continue once you left. Honestly I’m surprised he hasn’t done something this drastic sooner with his current mindset.” You bit your lip.

 From the way Sunghwa was explaining the way Jay was acting it sounded serious. “I-Okay Fine, but it’ll have to be after I’m done work. Just keep him busy until I get there.” You sighed as you turned and walked to your car. In the distance you could here Sunghwa yelling thank you. You smiled and shook your head. You climbed into your car and headed to work. 

As the day dragged on, all you could think about was Jay. You were really worried about him. This is the first time you’ve heard him act like that. Finally it was the end of your shift. You quickly grabbed your coat and ran to your car. You wanted to get to Jay as fast as you could. You got into your car and drove off. It was a good thing that you worked close to the AOMG building. The drive took you about ten minutes. 

You pulled into the parking lot, and turned your car off climbing out. You clutched at your sleeves. You were nervous, extremely nervous. You sighed. “Now or never.” You mumbled as you headed into the building. As you entered the lobby you seen Kiseok pacing back and forth. You walked up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder causing him to jump. 

“Y/N! You’re here. Honestly we didn’t think you would show up, but I’m so glad you came. C'mon Sunghwa is upstairs keeping Jay occupied.” You smiled as you shook your head. “Okay lead the way.” You told him as you followed him up the stairs. Kiseok lead you to Jay’s office. “Of course he’d be in here.” You mumbled. 

Kiseok and you heard yelling coming from the other side of the door. You looked at Kiseok and frowned. “Those two never usually yell at each other.” You whispered to him. Kiseok shrugged. “They’ve been butting heads since Jay’s new girl came into the picture.“ 

 "Ah right, Jay has a girlfriend.” You mumbled. Kiseok frowned. “Y/N I-I didn’t mean to remind you about that.” You held up your hand. “Kiseok, it’s okay. He moved on, even though from what Sunghwa told me she’s not a very good influence on him.” You told him.

 Kiseok nodded. “Yeah, she’s convinced him to do things he would never do. She took advantage of the state Jay has been in and used it to benefit her.” He said as he looked at you. 

“Ready to go in?” He asked you. You sighed and stared at the door. “As ready as I’ll ever be Kiseok.” You mumbled. Kiseok smiled. “I’m glad your here y/n. He needs you.” You looked over at Kiseok. 

“If that were true, he wouldn’t be with another girl. No matter what kind of mindset he’s in.” You told him as you grabbed the handle of the door. You shook your head. “It’s now or never.” You mumbled before opening Jay’s office door.

Now or Never.

~Don’t worry, I’m planning to make a third part to this. For now though, I hope you guys enjoy the second part that you requested for! :)~

Caught up in the moment.

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1.7K

You were going through the web looking for gifts for Jays mother, you saw a nice purse that you loved and thought of getting it for her, you knew her taste was simple but elegant and that purse screamed that.

“Jay, what do you think of this, it’s pretty right” you sat next to Jay on the sofa and asked him, but he kept quiet and didn’t reply. 

Jay has been super quiet all day, and even when he came back home, dinner was silent and all you got from him are head nods or simple one worded replies, you thought maybe work is stressful and he isn’t feeling it.

“Jay” you said

“What” he said sharply which threw you off a little but chose to ignore it.

“I just wanted to show you this purse” you said calmly 

“Yeah, that’s all you ever do, just show me this and that” he said mumbling it under his breath

“What’s that supposed to mean”  you said confused at his outrage

“Don’t playing dumb, you always show me stuff and expect me to buy you everything, your always mentioning things you want, wanting me to get it for you, when I pay for the rent and I get this and that, buy you expensive gifts for your birthday and anniversary, and you still ask for more, your such a gold digger” he spat all that harshly at you, you stood there frozen from all this, you didn’t realize you were crying until you couldn’t see and it was blurry.

Jay snapped out of it when he saw your tears streaming down your face, he didn’t realize what just happened, his anger got the best of him and he said stuff he never really meant, but he was to caught up in the moment to realize, he left the house and slammed the door on his way out.

You didn’t understand what just happened, but it hit you hard when he called a gold digger, you went to your shared bedroom, packed your stuff and left. 

Later on that night Jay came back home and the house was dead silent, your usually up at this time watching tv or just simply doing anything, and this scared Jay, he had a bad feeling, he called for your name but there was no answer, he went to the bedroom and didn’t see your shoes or pursue, he then noticed a paper sitting on the bed. 

 Jay was hoping it wasn’t what he thought it was, he really didn’t want to read what’s in it, but he opened it anyways 

 Hi Jay… I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I was a burden on you, I didn’t know you felt like that, I never really wanted anything from you Jay, none of the expensive gifts or trips, and I told you from day one that I would pay for half the rent, but you insisted and said no, all I wanted was to have you by my side to love and support me. 

Jay I would live with you in a one bedroom apartment and that’s the least of my cares, I’m always thankful for everything you got me and did for me, but I never really wanted any of it. 

And about the purse I showed you I was just trying to get your opinion since I was getting it for your mother. Jay I never really meant it for you to get me stuff when I showed you anything, I just genuinely wanted your opinion. I’ll make sure you won’t see my face anymore if that’s what you really want, I’ll come and get my stuff when I find a place,

But I want you to know that I truly love you and care for you, I’m not leaving because I hate you, but you being happy is something I always want, , so if being with me isn’t making you happy I’ll leave and you don’t have to be miserable anymore and worry about it. -Ness

 Jay couldn’t believe what he just read, he threw the paper and quickly got his phone and started calling you, but your phone kept going to voice mail 

 “Please answer your phone” Jay kept saying, you didn’t have close friends so Jay didn’t know where you would go. You had went to a hotel for the night until you figured out your situation, you could see your phone kept lighting up which you figured would be Jay. You didn’t answer any of the calls because you needed to figure things out, after he stopped calling you listened to the voice mails he kept 

 “Babe, please answer your phone”, “Where are you, please please let me know” ,“I’m really worried, just let me know your fine”, “Can you please let me know where your at, I just really want to talk to you” he said and he sounded so desperate, so you decided to text him.

-what do you want Jay?? 

-I want to know where you at, and if your fine 

- I’m fine, don’t worry’ you texted him back 

-‘where are you, I want to talk to you, please.

 -I’m too tired Jay, I’ll text you in the morning.

 When the morning came, you stayed to your word and sent Jay a text with an address of a cafe, and what time he should be there. 

When you got to to the café you took a deep breath and then went in, Jay was sitting on a table that close to the corner side and he had his head lowered. He lifted his head when he heard the chair being moved, he looked up and a small smile appeared on his face after seeing you were fine.

“Hey” you said

“Hi” he replied

You sat down across from Jay and somehow it felt awkward, just because you guys are always joking and its never really awkward between you guys, you noticed he had a coffee in front of him so you thought of getting yourself one too.

“I’m gonna get a coffee” you said, stood up and was about to walk to the counter when Jay cut you

“I’ll get it for you” he said ready to get up “It’s fine, I can get myself one” you said and walked to the counter.

Jay could see how much his words affected you, and words that he never really meant, they were just words of anger. You used to let Jay buy you coffee or food, but now you won’t and it kills Jay seeing you like that, he feels so guilty for what he said. And Jay never really pitted you or anything like that, he just really loved treating you, he knows you could afford everything he gets you, but he still liked treating you and seeing the smile on your face. When you came back, you set your cup down and sat down.

“You said you wanted to talk, I’m listening” you said and Jay was caught off guard for a sec.

“Umm, yeah, first of all I want to apologize to you, I’m sorry for everything I said and did, I really didn’t mean any of that, I was just angry and I said stuff I didn’t mean.”

“Baby I know your not a gold digger and I know your not using me, I was just caught up in the moment I let these shit slip out without thinking, I love you so much and I hope you would forgive me”

“But Jay you really hurt me, you made me feel worthless and useless” you said and he could hear how you choked up, tears on the rim of you eyes.

“I’m so sorry I made you feel like way, you mean so much to me you don’t even know, your always by my side supporting me in everything I do, you never complain how I put work first sometimes, your always taking care of me making sure I eat and I’m not getting myself sick from overworking, baby you do so much for me I can never repay you, I’m so sorry I said those things I didn’t mean, if I could go back and change it I would, but I promise I’ll work on gaining your trust back” he said pleading for you to understand.

You thought about it, you were never planning on breaking up with Jay over something like that, just because you knew when someone is caught up in their anger and stress they say stuff they don’t really mean, but you also wanted to let him know he can’t do that every time.

“Jay if I give you this chance, you have to know that if your stressed or angry talk to me, let me help you feel better about it, I don’t want to feel useless to you”

“Baby I keep it to myself because I know how tired you are from work and I don’t want to add to that, but I promise from now on I will talk it out with you”

“Okay, that’s all I ask for” you said and smiled at him to let him know your not mad anymore

“Oh by the way, I have all the day cleared up so we could spend it together, so what do you want to do” he said and took your hands in his, while he was rubbing his fingers across your knuckles happy to be able to feel your spot hands in his.

“Hmm, I wanted to go to the mall and get your mother the purse I seen” you said

“We could also have a date night today” he said which made you smile bigger at the idea since you both were busy to have any dates.

Even though the words he said will never leave you, but you chose to forgive him be not be mad anymore, because you guys barely see each other and you didn’t want that time to be spent in anger and hate.


Jaypark: this boii will have his hands all over you , kissing you , biting you ,touching you . No saying what else he would do 😩😏

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Simon dominic he’s similar to jay park but he’s a little less rough

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Gray he’s cuddly and gentle he likes to keep you close

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Loco this boi is secretly kinky Uses a lot of tongue bites and holds your waist really tight against him

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Ugly duck is actually really cute when he kisses he’s really passionate and slow

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No More~Jay Park Angst~Part Three~

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As you opened Jay’s office door, you had to admit that you were extremely nervous. You haven’t seen Jay in over two months. All these thoughts ran through your head. “How will he react when he sees me? What if he doesn’t want to see me? How will I handle all this? I really should’ve thought things through.” You thought as you quietly stepped into Jay’s office. Kiseok followed right behind you. Your turned to look at Kiseok, he gave you an encouraging smile and pushed you lightly forward. You stumbled a bit which caught everyone’s attention. 

You quickly caught your balance and looked around. You could see that they were a couple people in his office. Sunghwa being one of them, and who you assumed to be Jay’s new girlfriend. As you looked around the room your eyes finally fell on Jay. You could see a look of surprise and confusion written on his face. 

You bit your lip and stepped forward. “Jay, Sunghwa and Kiseok told me I should come talk to you.” You told him in a soft voice. “So here I am." 

 Jay slowly got up from his chair. "W-What are you doing here?” He asked in a stern tone. You shrunk back at his tone. You never really liked it when Jay got angry. 

As you stared at your feet you could hear someone walking closer to you. You looked up to see that it was Jay. “I’m here because Kiseok and Sunghwa asked me to come and talk some sense into you. What the hell are you thinking Jay? You love music, you love your job, and you’re going to throw that all away because some girl told you too?” You half yelled. 

You couldn’t help but feel upset. You were with Jay for over two years, and not once did he ever put you before his job. That’s how much it meant to him and you were fine with that. You encouraged him to do what he loved. But now this girl that he’s barely known for two months comes into the picture and tells him to stop, and he does. What the hell? Of course you would get upset. Jay looked surprised at your tone. He was just about to answer when another voice chimed in. 

“Some girl? Who the hell are you to say I’m just some girl?” Ah right, Jay’s current girlfriend, if you want to call her that, was in the room you forgot about her. 

You turned your gaze onto her. “Who the hell am I? I was Jay’s girlfriend for over two years sweetie. I think I can say whatever the hell I want about his new girlfriends.” You told her as you walked towards her. You were not in the mood for her attitude and if she kept it up, she would see just who the hell you were. 

The girl scoffed. “Well I don’t think he really cared about your relationship that much, if only after two months he’s with me.” She told you as she crossed her arms. 

You laughed. “You took advantage of the state he was in and used it, to get you to where you are now. You’re just a selfish bitch.” The next thing you felt was a stinging sensation on your cheek. It took you a minute to clue in on what she did. She hit you. You glared at her, the nerve she had to hit you. 

You weren’t going to let her get away with that. You lunged at her, but luckily for her Sunghwa caught you held you back. 

“Gray! Let me go, she just slapped me. You’re going to let her get away with that?” You asked as you struggled to get out of his grasp. 

“ Y/N you have to remember why you’re here. You’re not here to beat the shit out of this girl, you’re here for Jay.” As you heard what Sunghwa was saying you looked over at Jay, who was looking back at you.

 Sunghwa slowly let go of you just in case you tried something again. “Gray, I’m fine. I won’t do anything to her.” You mumbled. By this time your cheek was throbbing. You gently touched it, it felt a little swollen. She must’ve hit you pretty well for it to swell a bit. 

You turned to Sunghwa. “Does it look bad?” You asked him. He only nodded. You sighed. “Great, just great.” You mumbled. 

 Suddenly you heard footsteps coming towards you. Thinking it was Jay’s girlfriend you clenched your fists. As you were about to look up you felt some one gently touch your cheek. Surprised you quickly looked up, only to see Jay standing in front of you. You smiled at him fondly. “It’s okay, I’m okay.” You told him as you gently put your hand on top of his. After a minute or two Jay let his hand fall from your cheek. “If you’re fine, then please leave.” He muttered. 

Your eyes widened, as you stood there in shock. Jay told you to leave. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, but you couldn’t help but also see this happening. You left Jay, and now he was leaving you. Tears formed in your eyes. He was really done with you. He didn’t want you around anymore. You could hear Kiseok and Sunghwa arguing with Jay, yelling at him for what he said. You just wanted it to stop.

 You wanted everything to stop. “Stop.” You whispered but nobody heard you. This time you said it louder. “Stop.” But still no one heard you. 

 "Stop!“ You yelled tears falling down your face. This time everyone heard you, they all turned to look at you. "Just stop.” You mumbled as you stared at the ground. 

They all stared at you in shock. Jay was about to head towards you when you looked up, that’s when he saw the tears on your face. You took a deep breath, to try and calm yourself down. 

“Just stop arguing. Lately I’ve heard that’s all you guys do. You’re family, all of you, so just stop fighting.” You said as you looked at all three of them. “And Jay, are you really willing to give everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve dreamed of, up for a girl you’ve barely known for two months?” You asked him. 

 When he didn’t answer you sighed in defeat. “You know, when I found you at the club three months ago, it didn’t hurt as much as you telling me to leave. I understand though. I left you, so it’s only fair if you leave me, right? But please, I’m begging you Jay, don’t let her control you anymore. We all know she is, and honestly I think you know she is too. So please, please don’t let her keep doing what she’s doing. Please.” You pleaded to him. 

After you said what you had to say you wiped your eyes and headed towards the door. 

 This was it. You and Jay. You couldn’t help but smile. This was how it ends, Jay leaving you, but you couldn’t be upset because you left him first. He was just returning the favour. You grabbed the handle and turned it. You quickly opened the door and squeezed out. As the door closed more tears fell down your face. 

 "Goodbye Jay.“

*Part 4? I’m not sure if I should make another part or if I should just leave it the way it is. If you guys want a part four I’d be happy to do it!*