Short Valentine's Day Imagine. (Daehyun)

Short Valentine’s Day Imagine (Daehyun)

For the first time in a forever, Daehyun was nervous.
Not the nervous where you get little butterflies in your tummy and your hands get clammy; Daehyun was in a cold sweat, shaking, no practically vibrating and unlike butterflies he felt like there was a cage of vicious birds stuck in his chest just aching to escape. 
And if you’re wondering why Daehyun is like this, it’s all because of that certain someone sitting not too far away from him at his favorite café, and that it has to be that stupid lovey dovey holiday were people confess to each other. 
Yup that’s right it’s Valentine’s Day and oh that certain someone making Daehyun nervous was you. 
Cliché as it was, Daehyun was determined to confess to you today. He couldn’t stand watching you from afar any longer. (That and his friends would kill him if he didn’t talk to you today)
So here he was with a bouquet of roses in his hand and song he wanted to sing to you in mind. Yet he had no idea how to approach you. Daehyun sighed for the billionth time as he watched you sip your hot coco and flip through another page in your book. It was starting to get late and Daehyun still hasn’t even left his seat to even talk to you.
Just as Daehyun was wracking his brain once again for ideas, you quickly sit up after checking your phone for the time and start to pack up to leave. 
Daehyun panicked even more if that was possible, but he didn’t want to make a scene. So he could only watch helplessly as you left the café and left him with no more possible chances to confess.
Daehyun slumped in his chair helplessly and slowly reached for his phone to check the time and was surprised to see he had a few messages. 

From: Mankae Junhong 
Sent: Hyung, you better confess to her today or you’re not going to hear the end of it when you get back to the dorm….

From: Mr. Kim
Sent: Yah, Jung Daehyun if you come back in tears and you tell me you didn’t even try you are so not getting any of the chocolate cake we got for you. 

From: Jonguppie 
Sent: It’s never too late to try, Hyung…….

Daehyun sighed as he read the text messages and at the last one he quickly sprang up from his seat filled with new determination. 
*He’s right, it’s not to late.* Daehyun thought as he quickly ran out the café startling some of the people inside and out of it.
It was snowing, but just barely and Daehyun had no idea which way you went.
So making a stupid decision he’ll regret later, Daehyun followed his gut and ran blindly in search of you.
It took him about 20 minutes until he finally found you taking a walk in the park.
He smiled as he watched you childishly stick your tongue out to catch the snowflakes on it. 
*It’s now or never Daehyun. You can do it. Fighting!* Daehyun cheered himself on before he timidly approached you. 
As he neared you Daehyun coughed to get your attention. “Um _____?”
You quickly turn in surprise and Daehyun’s breathe hitches. From the specks of snow caught in your hair, to the rosy tint on your cheeks, and the way your eyes lit up in surprise, you were positively stunning. 
And in fact Daehyun was so stunned as he could only utter a mess of words and everything he wanted to say was caught in his throat.
He then finally manages to say “I-I likeyoualotpleasebemyvalentine!” (and it was somewhat understandable) as he thrust the bouquet of roses your way.
After what felt like forever, Daehyun was just about to walk away until you surprised him by laughing softly. 
“R-Really? You do?”
Daehyun stared at you in shock before quickly replying.
“Y-Yes. I’ve always watched you from afar and I think you’re really cute and I like how you always get hot coco and I like it when I catch you laughing and smiling from something in your book. And I’ve been wanting to confess to you for a long time, but you just make me so nervous.”
Now it’s your turn to stare at him in shock and Daehyun smiles.
“Oh and I wanted to sing you a song.”
Suddenly Daehyun pulls out his phone and music begins to softly play from it. 

B.A.P – Lovesick
Without you, you’re my love sick
Because you’re not here, I’m..
The moment I first saw you
My breath was taken away
My heart pounded and I started to be sick
I get nervous if I don’t see you for a single day
I can’t hide my shy face
At the thought of meeting you, I get dressed up
I want to talk to you today, I strongly promise myself
Should I confess to you? I hesitate hundreds of times
But in front of you, my head grows blank at the smell of your shampoo
As if I’m possessed by something, my heart feels stuffy
At some point, I became your patient, I can’t speak
This sickness doesn’t need a diagnosis, just hug me
You are the reason I live right now, I need you

Daehyun stops and you try to blink away the tears threatening to escape your eyes.
“A-are you crying?” Daehyun gasped.
“No one has ever done anything like this for me. And to top that it’s coming from someone I like….”
Daehyun grins when he catches your words and you blush as Daehyun pulls you in for a hug.
“So does that mean you will be my Valentine?”
You laugh and slowly hug him back.
“Yes, of course I will.”
The two of you are smiling and hugging for a long time not caring about the snow or the world around you.
Finally Daehyun pulls away just enough so he can lean down and give you a soft kiss on the forehead. 
“I’m so glad I finally confessed to you.”
“Me too.” You murmur. 
“Ah it’s getting cold. Um would you like to head back to my dorm? I need to prove to my friends that I finally confessed to you.” Daehyun laughs.
You blush but laugh as well, as the two of you walk hand in hand through the gently falling snow. 

The End

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you enjoyed the imagine. ^__^

-Admin Coconut Juice