if somebody asks who is block b, just show them this

Reasons why being a KPOP fan is hard work

KPOP is a way of life and I hate how people underestimate and misunderstand it everyday

1. Everyday we face the fear of a member leaving/group disbandment

2. Everyday we fear when they change their hair colour because we know its COMEBACK TIME = bye bye $$

3. Everyday we fear of announcement of dating news(i’m a'okay with dating but dating = fans leaving :“( and they don’t deserve that because of love)

4. Everyday we fear of announcement of army enlistment

5. Everyday we almost die of hard attack

6. Spending time we’d never get back streaming mvs and listening to our idol’s songs

7. Buying merchandise and albums

8. Concerts

9. Oppa (yes, you give me the most stress)

10. But in the end its always worth it. Always.

Why Zico’s songs are 4 Minutes and 16 Seconds Long

Two of the three tweets made by the artist were regarding his two solo tracks “Tough Cookie” and “Well Done,” and the third tweet was a short message remembering the Sewol Ferry tragedy that occurred in April 2014.

The first tweet, which was posted on November 3, 2014, reads, “The completed version of‘Tough Cookie’ has a running time of 4 minutes and 16 seconds,”

However, in the following month on December 31st, Zico tweeted a photo of a yellow ribbon, the official support campaign symbol for the Sewol tragedy, with a caption that read, “Even if sewol(time) passes, let us not forget that one Sewol. Don’t forget, never forget. 4.16.”

The third and most recent Twitter update by the idol star was a message regarding the length of his newest single, which reads, “My new single ‘Well Done’ has a running time of 4 minutes and 16 seconds,” an uncanny resemblance to the first tweet.

Yoo’s father stated in the interview, “She was really looking forward to attending Block B’s concert after coming back home from the high school science [Sewol Ferry] trip because we promised to let her go as a birthday gift…”

Mr. Yoo further commented that the news of his daughter’s passing during the tragedy was somehow reported to the Block B members. He then stated that his daughter’s favorite member, speculated to be Zico, paid a visit on the day of Yoo’s funeral with a handwritten letter to her.

“He [Zico] stayed for about an hour and a half. He and I talked and cried together for the whole time before he left. He said that he lost a very valuable and precious fan and shed a lot of tears… he cried a lot,” said Mr. Yoo.

Yoo’s father also told the interviewer that when Block B’s concert was postponed due to the tragedy and was rescheduled for several weeks later, he and his wife were invited to attend the concert as special guests. Yoo’s father and mother attended the concert with a framed photo of their daughter in their arms and enjoyed the show.

“My daughter was able to watch her favorite oppas at the concert she’s been dying to go to,” stated Mr. Yoo, “By the end of the concert, in the photo we had of our daughter, she looked like she was smiling.”

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