ngl one of my fav things to do is watch One Shot m/v reaction videos. something about watching those poor unsuspecting viewers go from having a happy fun time to sort of quiet from the intensity to outright shock and horror at the end just gets to me

What do I get from being a member in BAPNet?

We had a question in our askbox regarding this, but tumblr lost our draft and now we can’t answer it anymore. So we decided to let you know what the advantages of being a member are!

  • You will be added to the members page.
  • Everything you tag as #BAPNet will be reblogged to the blog.
  • You can participate in the events we organise. 
  • You can join the LINE chat.
  • You can participate in future giveaways/contests. 
  • You can find more people to talk and share about BAP.
  • You’ll get more BAP in your dash.

We honestly encourage you to apply! The more people there are, the greater this network will be! We want to have fun while supporting BAP! This is a project to get fans to connect and spend a good time.

Apply here!

“Alright, so… you promise that you can’t see right?”

“No, I can’t see anything, Jae…” Daehyun stated with a smile, with each blink his eyelashes brushed against the black material that was rested over his eyes. He could feel Youngjae’s warm breath on his face as the other checked over the blindfold once more to make sure that Daehyun wasn’t somehow lying or peaking in some way.

Daehyun smirked and leaned forward, pecking Youngjae softly on what he had hoped to be his lips. By Youngjae’s giggle, Daehyun was sure that he probably missed.

“That was my nose silly… So, you really can’t see— ”

“Youngjaee~ I promise, I can’t see anything at all,” Daehyun stated with a smile.

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What she says : I’m fine

What she really feels: B.A.P is going back to tsent after all the crap they went through and it was just an emotional roller-coaster ride that I dont know if I can see them go through that again they are so talented and hardworking and deserve so much more