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Just showing my improvements in scan editing.

If you’ve been reading our SM releases, you might’ve noticed that each chapter is always being experimented on.

I really wanted to replicate Yamamoto’s work. I thought it was personally impossible to get that squeaky clean look he achieves on stuff like BW2 because SM is printed on newspaper material (which is really disgusting and bad).

But I managed to do it and have continually improved. Or at least I think I did. Judge for yourself in the picture above.

More detailed stuff under the cut.

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I wonder how they’re gonna deal with Ghetsis in USUM.

Personally I don’t think USUM Ghetsis will be able to hold a candle to BW1 Ghetsis because he was terrifying in his leadership role and (for me) made him stand out compared to literally every other pokemon villain. His leadership role also helped to point out just how superior he was compared to… Almost all of the characters whenever the NPCs would go and consider his liberation speeches and sometimes even straight up believe in his ideas. It also put a really good spotlight on how much of a horrible person he was to his underlings later.

Him being a follower of Giovanni would prove to be a real challenge writing wise. Especially since I also feel like Ghetsis would have a way better bounce with Lusamine compared to anyone else. I guess Lysandre would be the second closest for a  good partner for him, especially if Lysandre and Ghetsis start getting into some spats because of where they disagree and such.

I dunno, that’s just my opinion and I hope they can wow me with Ghetsis the way BW1 did in the past. He’s my favorite villain, after all.