"I love you...Goodbye"

A/N: After watching the episode Barry’s attempt at sacrificing himself became more about a lame ‘team’ moment than it was about him actually doing anything. For the sake of this drabble, however, I’m going to pretend as if Guggenheim and Co. spent as half as much effort building the supsense about Barry’s fate as they did making sure they had the spacing right on their big superhero group shot. 

**First few lines of dialogue are lifted from the episode**

“This isn’t up for debate…it’s not even a close call.“ Barry says firmly as he takes in the group standing before him, “turn myself over to the Dominators and the leave the rest of the world alone. It’s simple.”

“No, it’s not simple.” Felicity snaps.

“Barry, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done,” Diggle adds calmly, “you can’t do this.”

Barry smiled slightly before saying, “It’s been an honor to know all of you, to fight along side you. Now it’s up to you to keep our world safe.”

He nodded his head slightly in deference to the band of superhero misfits he helped to gather in a bid to save the world. He gave one last small salute before turning on his heel and marching resolutely towards the doors of the hangar.  His steps only faltered slightly when he heard Oliver yell out, “I’m not going to let you do this Barry!”. He appreciated the sentiment but he had to do what he had to do. He couldn’t stand any more blood on his hands, he already had enough to last him a lifetime.

Once he stepped outside the doors he thought that fresh air would be a relief from the stuffiness of the hangar but instead it felt as an elephant suddenly sat on his chest. His confident stride slowed and the full gravity of what he was about to do hit him like a sledgehammer. Best case scenario he was turning himself over to aliens that would keep him captive millions of miles away from everyone and everything he loved. Worst case scenario they would kill him. No, torture him relentlessly and then kill him. Either way he was screwed and life as he knew it was over, but as terrifying as that was he knew it was the right thing to do. He was saving the world…he was saving her.

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Westallen, The Flash Season 3 Episode 7 Killer Frost. 4/?.

Iris just said everything I want to say. Barry made a mistake but he is not a bad person. He knows he made a mistake and is having a hard time forgiving himself. Just like in season 2 premier, it is Iris who offers him support. She is not making excuse for him, she just points out that he is just human and humans are not perfect, they make mistake.  It is what Barry needs so he can get back up and be a hero again. 

And it is such a beautiful scene, everything about this is perfect. Kudos to  Grant and Candice, and Kevin Smith.

anonymous asked:

I was originally upset that Wally turned out to be Iris's brother instead of her nephew because in the comics Iris and Barry pretty much raised Wally together. They were like his parent-figures because he didn't have a really good relationship with his own parents, and of course Barry was there to help teach and train Wally to be Kid Flash. But now, I'm actually really liking how the show is still staying true to the base relationship of these three cuz Westallen still looks after Wally.

I love that Wally absolutely adores his Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry in the comics. But I think organically for television, it made most sense for Wally to be Iris’ bother. Introducing Wally as Iris’ nephew would have brought on questions about Wally’s parents. The West family dynamic is slightly different than how it is in the comics, so I wasn’t too surprised. But I agree that the base of Wally’s relationship with Iris and Barry seem to be heading to where it is in the comics.

Joe’s been a great father to Wally, but unlike Joe, Iris didn’t really need his friendship. Wally’s safety and wellbeing came first for Iris… and that parallels with their relationship in the comics. I think the TV show does fine with the Team Flash that’s been established, but in the comics, apart from speedsters in his own family, Barry pretty much works alone. Like you mentioned, Barry is the one who trains Wally in the comics. So while it seems like HR is going to be taking on that role on the TV show, I hope Barry is at least part of the training.

Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen played key roles in Wally West’s origin story and upbringing in the comics; I think we’ll definitely see more nods to that on the TV show as the season and show goes forward, hopefully.

When There's Nothing Left at All (Your Burning Lips They Will Cushion Every Fall) 1/3

Rated T

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Words: 5,129

Summary: "When she reaches what she deems a safe distance away she waits. And waits and waits. She blocks out the screaming and the panic surrounding her. Her fingers clasp around her mother’s wedding band hanging around her neck. It reminds her of Barry. Of his Christmas confession and now of his kiss. A kiss she doesn’t want to forget. A kiss that she wants to repeat again and again. Because good lord it was amazing.

What about Eddie?

1x15 Out of Time AU where Barry doesn’t run back and time and erase the kiss between him and Iris. Iris struggles with the fallout from the kiss and the reveal that Barry is The Flash as she tries to figure out her own feelings for him and what she wants.

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I am so sorry I didn’t want you to find out this way. Go!

Mouth hanging open slightly she stares after the yellow blur in shock. She watches as he runs round and round the the tidal wave heading for the city. He told her to go, but she’s frozen in place watching him.

Because holy shit Barry is The Flash. Barry Allen her best friend is The Flash. And she just can’t quite wrap her mind around that. It had been Barry all along.

She can still feel his lips on hers, his hands on her face. And her heart is still racing and she knows she needs to move. So finally after counting to ten she turns her back to him and she runs too.

She doesn’t get far.

At first she planned on going home and waiting there, but then she realized that Barry was trying to save the day and Mardon still had her father. No, there was no way in hell she was going to wait at home for them to come back safely.

When she reaches what she deems a safe distance away she waits. And waits and waits. She blocks out the screaming and the panic surrounding her. Her fingers clasp around her mother’s wedding band hanging around her neck. It reminds her of Barry. Of his Christmas confession and now of his kiss. A kiss she doesn’t want to forget. A kiss that she wants to repeat again and again. Because good lord it was amazing.

What about Eddie?

A nagging voice in her head puts a stop to her thoughts. Fuck. Eddie. Her boyfriend who she lives with. She thinks back to earlier that day in the police station when Barry had reassured her that he would bring her dad back. And now she realizes why he said that and how he could promise that. Because he would be the one bringing her dad back safely to her. In that moment it hadn’t really mattered to her. But Eddie had been watching them, standing too close to each other with Barry’s hands on her face. He must suspect something.

Shaking her head she decides she’ll deal with that later when both Barry and her dad are safe. She and Barry will have to talk and she’ll have to decide who she wants. Deep down she knows her answer and she thinks she’s always known on some level. But until Christmas she never really thought about it, about him like that. And now it’s all she can think about and she doesn’t want to stop.

She watches as the wave gets smaller and smaller and gradually Barry slows down. Letting out a breath of relief she still waits. Around her people are cheering.

The Flash just saved the city.

No, Barry just saved the city.

Yeah that’s going to take some getting used to.

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This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’m actually okay with Candice not being included in this particular set of crossovers. 

Should she have been? Absolutely. Her inclusion would have been seamless and it would made perfect sense…however, it also would have been written by Guggenheim. Now, I’m all about Candice making that paper and her not be included in crossovers prevents her from that doing that at the rate of some of her other co-workers which is blatantly unfair. What’s even worse is the fact that this happened on a crossover where her character’s inclusion made more sense than most of the other characters forced in. So NOT including her was a choice and I’m not going to lie, that’s a bitter pill to force down. The Earth is attacked by aliens because Barry Allen created Flashpoint and in order to save everyone he contemplates sacrificing himself…but Iris West is no where around for any of this?!? That’s bullshit. That is complete and utter bullshit and we all know it. What’s truly annoying is that Guggenheim and Co. had the AUDACITY to write 13 words, literally just THIRTEEN words, in which Barry acknowledged that he had someone that he loved and regretted not saying goodbye to but it was cut for time. Cut for time. CUT FOR TIME?!?! I timed myself saying it and it literally took like 2 seconds. And even with the weird pauses Grant does sometime it still would have only taken 5 or 6 seconds tops. But it was cut for time. 

Barry Allen, the same man who waxes poetic about Iris West so much on The Flash that it has us all questioning what he’s going to have left when it’s time to write his wedding vows, wasn’t allowed five seconds on a Guggenheim-penned episode to say that he loved Iris and he was sorry he was leaving her without a goodbye. That’s it. No over the top, grandiose, earth-shattering, once in a lifetime epic declaration just a simple “I love you and I’m sorry.” Barry and Iris are freaking DC comic book royalty and they weren’t even allowed that. 

So again, SHOULD Candice have been on the LOT portion (at the very least) of the crossover? Absolutely, but I’m glad she wasn’t. Because as annoyed as I am about how it all went down I’m about 99.9% sure I would have been LIVID at how Guggenheim actually treated Iris if he had her on the show. He’s a trash writer and a trash show creator, period. He has an inexplicable hard-on for Felicity Smoak that, mark my words, will prove to either be his downfall or Arrow’s…or both. He has no respect for comic book canon, and the way he disrespects women (not named Felicity), specifically black women, is disgusting. So with all that said, is it really a surprise that he didn’t feel as if Candice’s inclusion was necessary or worth the very minimal effort it would have taken to write for Iris West? 

I want Candice to cross over because she’s amazingly talented and plays a kick-ass and iconic character. I want her to cross over because she IS important and what her character adds to the story is necessary. I want her to be included because Iris West is EVERYTHING to Barry Allen and when he literally had the weight of Earth’s salvation resting on his shoulders any writer worth his or her salt would know instantly that Barry would never consider sacrificing himself without hearing Iris’ voice one last time. I want her to be integrated fully in the DCTV universe because the writers/producers/creators/whoever know that her presence is mandatory and even if she isn’t a science whiz what she is good at is just as essential to the overall story. 

The Flash writers aren’t by perfect by any stretch of the imagination and there is so much they can do better BUT they are still leaps and bounds ahead of Guggenheim and his crew. So yeah, I hope to see Candice cross over one day…to Supergirl. The Supergirl writers aren’t perfect either (still side-eyeing them to hell and back for the James/Kara thing) but they have yet to prove to be complete failures at the level Guggenheim and Co. are at. So to be completely and brutally honest, if she never steps foot on a Guggenheim ran show I won’t even be mad. He had his chance where Iris West is concerned and he squandered it, he shouldn’t get another one to waste. 

I’m doing editing on my Westallen Christmas fics and...

I’m noticing that Grandma Esther gets mentioned quite a few times. She actually makes an appearance in one where she gives Barry and Iris a hard time. Quite a few of your made requests involving her in the fics. 

Just for fun which actress would you guys like to play Grandma Esther?

In my head its Nichelle Nichols.

If she were to ever appear on the show how cool would it be for the one of the first black actresses in a genre TV show to be related to Iris?