I like how a bunch of one-time characters from Charizard’s past get animation upgrades but they can’t give one to Tracey.

To their credit, the episode was about Charizard and Tracey’s appearance was just a cameo but still. Tracey is a part of Charizard’s past too, ya know.  He helped save its life after the Tad battle along with Ash and Misty.  Yet all he gets is a background phone cameo.

More proof that the anime hates Tracey.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but the anime could acknowledge him the same way they acknowledged  Misty and Brock.

Please note this is just based on the screenshots I’ve seen. I didn’t get to watch the episode yet so I’m sorry if I got anything wrong.

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Here’s the preview for BW116, by the way. No Misty or Brock, but there’s a flashback scene with Charizard, if you’re curious to see how the flashbacks are being redrawn (I think it was a scene from “Charizard Chills”, though I might be wrong).

allthingsmisty answered your questionOkay I think I calmed down enough to type…

I would love to see Ash have a video call with Misty. I would probably melt if that happened. I’m pretty convinced it’ll only be a flashback.

Yeah I actually think it’s going to be just a flashback too–I mean I guess there’s a slight chance of them appearing in person (I really don’t think we’d see them in Unova, but apparently Ash is going to get Charizard from professor Oak’s lab, so maybe they could be there for some reason?) but realistically I don’t think that’s likely.

But I’m still really happy ;_; we haven’t seen Misty in so long! And we’d know Ash remembers her. And we’d still get to see how she looks with the new anime style… which could be a good or a bad thing I guess XD" and who knows, maybe this could really mean that we’ll see them again in the future /wishful thinking to the max

I’m getting anxious over tomorrow’s episode, ahah.

Anyway, I’ll post a link to watch it as soon as it’s up somewhere online! And once it’s aired I’ll be tagging posts about it with “BW116 spoilers”, so you can blacklist it if you don’t want to be spoiled before you get the chance to watch the episode.

karkachu answered your question: Okay I think I calmed down enough to type…

I got really hyped but for me a flashback is like her not appearing at all. I want to see Misty, not a scene of an old episode hnghh

I want to see her too, but I’d still be happy to finally see some proof that the authors (and Ash) remember her.

I wouldn’t be satisfied with it, of course, but still… better than nothing ;_; Brock and Tracey got some flashbacks/mentions pretty recently, so even if it wouldn’t be ad good as actually having her in an episode I’d be pretty glad if Misty did too.