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uh... am i the only black stan who didn’t get offended bc they listed off a buncha dusty white chicks? please tell me i’m not. we all know hoseok and joon love tinashe, they all love nicki... just bc they didn’t mention any bw that interview doesn’t mean they’re suddenly the grand wizards of the kkk or some shit 💀 they say different people every single time they get asked that question. this time their theme was “crusty” (except for lily collins, she’s pretty or wtv). it’s nothing to cry over.

i’m not one to expose myself but….i ghostwrote this.


LSD and Journalism (19 June 1967) 

Paul McCartney was the first British pop star to publicly admit using LSD, in chatting with a reporter who had enquired about it. This interview was filmed by ITV on June 19th 1967, in Paul’s backyard garden on Cavendish Avenue, and would be telecast in Britain later that evening. He had just celebrated his 25th birthday the previous day.

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