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Where is my supersuit?!
  • Bruce Wayne: [Y/N]?
  • You: What?
  • Bruce Wayne: Where's my super suit?
  • You: What?
  • Bruce Wayne: Where - is - my - super - suit?
  • You: I, uh, put it away.
  • *explosions*
  • Bruce Wayne: Where?
  • You: Why do you need to know?
  • Bruce Wayne: I need it!
  • *Bruce, searching for his suit*
  • You: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Bruce Wayne: The public is in danger!
  • You: My evening's in danger!
  • Bruce Wayne: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
  • You: 'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest good you are ever gonna get!
Soulmate AU: You and Your Soulmate Share Sensations (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: I know I said I wouldn’t end this hiatus until I wrote, like, five things but I wound up only with two. I’m coming back a little early with the hope that publishing what I’ve got will give me a sense of cleansing.  … Geez, I really hope I did okay, tho.

Your parents were admittedly a little worried when you turned seven and still showed no signs of a connecting mate. This was around the age when most people would be able to tell, being that small children are prone to rough-housing and clumsiness. However, it was no desire of theirs for you to experience the first sensation in such a violently intense manner.

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“If I die I’m going to haunt your ass.”

“You aren’t going to die.”

“If I don’t die I will worship your ass.”

“Why my ass?”

“It’s a nice ass. Sue me.”

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“What the hell Lex?” You whispered when he broke into the room with a few of his men. “How comes Joker rescued Harley within like a day of her being in here and I have to wait a week?”

“I didn’t want to be caught up with that psycho,” he muttered before breaking into your cell and kissing you in front of all his men. You laughed into the kiss and thanked him. “C’mon (Y/N), we got better things to be doing.”

Sugar (BVS)

Can you do a lex Luther one shot where he’s in love with you and you’re just as crazy as Harley Quinn?

Note: was really feeling this one, tbh I feel like as insane as they both are, Lex is more likely to actually care for their gal and not use them as much. V v short

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Imagine Spending Christmas with Clark Kent

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- He takes you back to the farm with him

- He can’t wait to celebrate with you like he did as a kid

- Martha is ecstatic to have you both

- You wouldn’t think a woman her size could crush Clark the way she did when the two of you stepped onto the porch

- Your eyes almost pop out of your hea when she pulld you in for your own bone crushing hug

- The two of you stay in his childhood bedroom, complete with his model solar system hanging above his bed

- Having to cuddle close for warmth and so one of you doesn’t fall off the edge of the bed at night

- Its a traditional Midwestern Christmas

- Clark cutting down a real Christmas tree 

- He may or may not have used his heat vision to do so

- Him giving you a boost to put the star on top

- Connor and Clark hanging the lights on the roof

- Helping Martha in the kitchen wearing your own checkered apron

- Having to smack Clark’s hand every time he tries to steel the batter

- Martha teaching you the trick of using lead under the wrapping paper so no one with x-ray vision can peak

- Clark’s pouty face when he realizes 

- Taking long walks around the farm together 

- ”Are you sure you’re warm enough?”

“Clark, I’m wearing two sweaters under this parka.”

- He still pulls you closer anyway

- Mistletoe kisses

- Him in his flannels because hot damn

- Did you know Connor makes a mean cup of hot chocolate? Because he makes a mean cup of hot chocolate

- Having to be extra quiet when you and Clark make love 

- Waking up Christmas morning to the smell of pancakes, wrapped in Clark’s arms and knowing no Christmas will ever top this one right here

Dating Diana Prince would include:


  • “No Diana, we can’t have ice cream for every meal of the day.”
  • You going as Wonder Woman for Halloween and she rolled her eyes so hard they nearly fell out her head.
  • When you crack jokes you can never tell if she is amused, she can either has a stone cold face or one that is really fluffy.
  • She loves it when you explain things. Like at museums when you explain what each thing is you often catch her just smiling at you.
  • “What’re you looking at?”
  • “You’re sweet when you are really concentrating.”
  • You can never breath when she hugs you but it’s so worth it. One hug can always make you feel on top of the world.
  • Diana describes her home to you and you sketch/write a beautiful description of it. She saves everything you do.
  • Not even just for her, she admires your talent so much.
  • I hope your a fan of PDA because oh boy is she not afraid of it.
  • Especially when someone starts flirting with you, she will kiss you.
  • Imitating her accent.
  • She always slips you into conversation when talking to the Justice League.
  • You’re really good friends with Clark. and she’s jealous
  • Her celebrating Earth holidays (Christmas/Easter) and you celebrating Amazonian ones.
  • Going through old photos of her as Wonder Woman.
Bonus Q: How Bruce Wayne Reacts to Your Pregnancy

A/N: The bonus question per @twisteddamselartwork‘s commissioned request! This honestly was already an idea I had been fooling around with so I’m glad she asked for it and was patient enough to wait while I tried my best to remember how emotions work!!

The discussion of whether you and Bruce planned to start a family together was nonexistent. At least, a fully defined one was – the subject itself was such an awkward topic to bring up that it often barely developed into anything more than small talk. This, of course, was through no effort of you own: Begrudged props were given to Bruce for being such a masterful speaker that he could potentially talk his way out of any discussion with anyone who hadn’t been brought up in diplomacy and communications courses that would make Toastmasters International weep. So basically … nearly everyone he interacted with.

You tried to provide a sense of leeway, however: If the death of his parents hadn’t been enough to cause some hesitation with recreating familial bonds, the death of Robin about a decade or so earlier definitely left its deep-running scars. Sure, Alfred didn’t seem to be as delicate about the prospect, as evidenced by Bruce’s virtual non-reaction besides the exasperation any adult would give to their parent, nagging for a grandchild. But you suspected it was either because he’d grown used to it or because Alfred was his fatherly figure almost all of his life. You on the other hand? You honestly weren’t sure where you stood in accordance to Bruce.

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Bruce Wayne x Reader Ship Meme

Author’s Note: Super big thanks to @twisteddamselartwork for her kindly donation for not one, but two ship memes!! Here’s the first one!! Be on the lookout for the bonus question that I got too carried away with and thus had to create an entirely separate post for 😘 Happy reading!!

  • who is more likely to hurt the other?: Bruce, without a doubt. Not physically, but emotionally. It isn’t even like he intends to, but Bruce is already an emotionally stoic man. Frankly, it’s a trait that’s only gotten worse with time, alongside his emotional welfare. During the events following the Kryptonian attack, he became hypervigilant and  all the more bitter and suspicious towards people and less agreeable towards those who may hold a slightly more sympathetic view towards the Superman, so if you happened to be one of those people there was a decent chance that he might coldly insult you or scold you. Of course, being that you’re his significant other, he tries to be a bit more reasonable with you than he would with others but that doesn’t necessarily do much. Post-Doomsday Attack, however, as he works toward regaining his former principles, Bruce also is working toward controlling his temper far better. He owes you that much.
  • who is emotionally stronger?: You’d think it’d be Bruce, but it’s honestly most likely you. (For crying out loud, the man’s response to his parents getting gunned down in front of him was to put on a bat suit, play ninja, and beat the shit out of people who wear brazen makeup and ridiculous clothes!) All jokes aside, though, the circumstances surrounding Bruce’s emotional stability is complex. Because on one hand, the fact that he’s   withstood all that he has and more without collapsing in the traditional     sense is pretty astounding. But on the other, enduring all that he has at the frequency with which he has, coupled with his unhealthy coping mechanisms, makes for the chance of his emotional state being a true ticking time bomb. You may not be the scarily enduring soldier of sorts that Bruce has proven to be, but you’re at least more likely to confront and sort out your feelings.
  • who is physically stronger?: Oh, Bruce, without a shadow of a doubt. The man has been training for ages, pushing his body to its limits to assure himself as a commendable fighter for Gotham City. Even in his older age, he doesn’t show any sign of slowing down his intense regimens: He does chin-ups with heavy weights tied to his hips, he pulls bigass truck tires, he lifts dumbbells restrained by chains to produce resistance – his 6’3” ass had better be physically strong after all that!
  • who is more likely to break a bone?: Despite all of the coverage that armor gives him, Bruce always manages to find a way to get a broken finger, rib, toe, tailbone, etc.
  • who knows best what to say to upset the other?: As stated before, Bruce isn’t exactly the best when it comes to softness all the time. When he’s in business mode, he’s better at holding his tongue because it’s what the job demands. But a both good and bad thing about Bruce being able to be himself with you is just how easy it is for his more lax nature to let something slip out and frustrate you. That isn’t to say that you’re completely innocent, however: You can say some things that Bruce finds just as hurtful (i.e. that he’s being a complete asshole of a brute, that he’s being inconsiderate, nothing he’s doing is working, etc.)
  • who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?: Bruce is. Even though his image will always be associated with that of a playboy (it’s hard to scrub that image off even years after the fact), Bruce still knows the right and wrong ways to treat a lady, especially the one with whom he’s in a relationship. He can get fired up at you all he wants, but he’ll hear the voice of his father in his head scolding him for being “an uppity jackass” and begin to truly weigh in on just how unimportant the argument probably was in the grand scheme of things. After he’s taken some time to cool down and think up the right words, he’ll ask if you’ll listen and gently try and explain himself and ask for your forgiveness.

Of course … there are some arguments between the two of you that are, regardless of how minuscule in general, feel mighty big to you both. In which cases, apologizing becomes a lot more difficult to do, even with Bruce’s typical consideration for being the bigger man. The two of you can probably go for days just ignoring one another, with you tending to sleep at your old apartment or Bruce preferring to spend his nights in the Batcave or even patrolling way past his usual hours until the sun is coming up and you’re due to be on your way to work.

It’s moments like these that require a little “nudge.” That is, if Alfred threatening to strangle Bruce or drag him by the ear as though he were twelve again counts as a nudge. In which case, it’s still technically Bruce   apologizing, but it was kick-started by Alfred getting irritated by watching the both of you silently squabble like children. He’s done his     time raising wee ones: Unless you’re planning on bringing a Wayne heir into the mix, he’s not going to be dealing with two big children! He is firmly Done™.

  • who treats who’s wounds more often?: You barely do anything warranting wounds to begin with, so it’s easily you who treats Bruce’s wounds. Thankfully (though perhaps more worryingly), Bruce is so used to being busted up all over that he barely flinches through the entire ordeal, making him the perfect wound patient.
  • who is in constant need of comfort?: Don’t be fooled by his cold, independent exterior: Bruce is in desperate need of comfort, far more than he would ever readily let in on. He needs it on all three levels: Physical, mental, and emotional. While Bruce isn’t what many would consider touch-starved (after all, all those women who came before you sure were rather handsy with him), he’s been starved of touches that communicate genuine affection; an intimacy no one-night stand or even year-long fling could conjure up to the fullest extent that you can. Mentally, Bruce is canonically described as “morally bankrupt” – and who could blame him!? He’s been at this essentially thankless job for decades, becoming more and more exhausted to the point of cutting corners to assure that the people he puts away stay away (or, in the cases of those branded,     down). With the things he’s seen and done, the things he must live with the consequences of, it’s a surprise Bruce hasn’t had a complete mental breakdown at this point and forced himself to check into a rehabilitation center to calm down.

Linking with these things are his emotions: Bruce has trained himself to be a stoic of sorts, and isn’t too great at expressing emotions beyond collectiveness and anger. As a result, he tends to bottle up a lot of his real thoughts and feelings and it’s sort of corroded him from the inside out along with the passage of time. He desperately craves constant relief in the form of gentle touches or speaking his own truth to the fullest extent that he can. And you would gladly help him with those things – if only he would just admit to it more often.

  • who gets more jealous?: Honestly, the both of you tend to display traces of jealousy. Even though Bruce has put his playboy days behind him, labels are sticky and therefore are difficult to shake loose. As a result, some women still haven’t quite gotten the picture that he’s perfectly happy in a committed relationship with you. And honestly, you try to remember that last part. You really do. But when you accompany Bruce to a gala and see those socialites gathering around him, smiling with those pearly whites and fluttering their mascara-caked lashes as they press their breasts against his arm in ways so obvious that a person on the other side of the room could feel them … you just can’t help it! Thankfully, Bruce is pretty good at reading you and can essentially sense your frustration. He has no qualms with calmly excusing himself from the women’s presence to take you elsewhere.

This calm and collected appearance also accompanies Bruce when he’s the one experiencing jealousy, though it’s far less amicable. Unless you were originally a part of Gotham’s elite, it’s very unlikely that you’re familiar with these sorts of events. This sort of innocence coupled with how dolled up you look tends to make you catch the eyes of sleazy attendants whom Bruce is all too willing to keep you out of reach of. Unfortunately, with the crowds and people constantly stopping Bruce or pulling him to the side to talk or be interviewed or establish a business connection, it would only been a matter of time before the two of you became separated. Almost immediately, like piranhas to an unsuspecting animal, the previously mentioned sleazeballs would approach you, offering you drinks, eyeballing you as one eyeballs a tender porterhouse steak.

Thankfully, this predicament doesn’t last long – the shadow of your towering boyfriend is cast upon them, brightened by the glint of his smile (which you almost swear has a sort of menacing hint to it). Once the pests bug off, Bruce takes extra care to assure that you don’t venture too far away from where he can see you and make sure that you aren’t getting harassed.    

The truth of the matter is that while many may consider Bruce to be a catch, he places your value above his own. He’s grown too accustomed to your presence to suddenly be without it. And even though he knows you’d never go for any one of these creepy, arrogant asshats, some part of him still fears the possibility of you somehow uncovering somebody better than him. Which brings us to …

  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other?: All things considered, you. Bruce is a difficult man to be with, even without taking his moonlighting job into account. On his own, he’s an often aloof, very busy man who’s developed a bit of a drinking problem over the years. But then you add in the fact that he’s the Bat of Gotham and everything gets a lot more complex: The long hours, constantly keeping secrets “for your safety”, the fact that your life is now even more in danger than what it already was by just being with a billionaire … It could be overwhelming for anybody. Dating a vigilante, no matter their abilities or resources, is not for everybody. And the sad truth is that if it ever gets to a certain point, it may prove not to be for you.
  • who will propose?: Bruce does. Honestly, deep down he sort of wishes you would, but he also understands that he doesn’t exactly communicate “I want to genuinely settle down with somebody and I want that somebody to be you”, what with his philanderer past still wisping about on his association (plus, being a vigilante who honestly can die at any moment does little for your confidence in his desire to wed). However, you’d be surprised to find that marriage is something Bruce has thought about more than you assumed. Certainly, the two of you had discussed it before, but never to the extent that Bruce implies he’s been thinking on it for.

He wants to connect your name with his, to show the world who he’s with and vice-versa, but on a level that states commitment more than moving out to his place in the middle of nowhere could. On top of this, from a slightly more business standpoint, Bruce just wants to make sure that you’re taken care of in the event of his death. As soon as the events involving Steppenwolf have been settled, he wastes no time getting ready to pop the question. The only thing stopping him from marching right up to you, still damp from the much-needed shower, and bluntly going, “Marry me? I nearly died today and maybe it’s the adrenaline still in my system but I just really think now’s the time to tie this down” is that Alfred dragged him to the side for a talking to. (Though, if such a brusque proposal is more your bag, you can fuss at Alfred’s sabotage later.)

What he winds up going for is renting one of the finest restaurants on this side of the Gotham-Metropolis Bay just for the two of you. If we’re being perfectly frank here, a man with Bruce’s financial status could easily afford to do a lot more for his proposal. Sometimes showy like establishing an entire festival in your honor. But he doesn’t: He just wants to keep it as simple as possible, as intimate as he can. Besides, he’s honestly still a little sore from Russia; he can’t have the paparazzi or other prying eyes looking in on such a life-changing moment, now can he? You initially think that maybe this is a celebratory dinner, considering the mission was a success and he didn’t die. However, this makes you wonder why he’s not spending it with the newly found group; after all, all you were able to do was assist in the Batcave here and there, pose as a superior-than-Bruce host. Little things. So why was he spending this with you – Oh.

As Bruce lowered himself down to one knee before you, you finally understood why the only person he wanted to be with after the incident was you.

You’re not sure how the news was able to spread to fast (maybe somebody Snapchatted from the kitchen), but you frankly didn’t care. Not when a small group of cameramen and women gathered outside of the eatery and began barking questions at the two of you, not when the engagement was suggested as a rumor by that evening’s late-night talk show, not when your coworkers gathered around you asking if it was true the next time you came into work.

All you needed to show was the ring on your finger. Martha Wayne’s ring had been mangled in the heat of the fire that consumed Wayne Manor, but Bruce couldn’t bring himself to part with it. But luckily, by combining it with a newer metal and placing the newly conceived ring on the finger of his fiancée, it appeared he’d never have to part with neither the heirloom or you.

  • who has the most difficult parents?: Yikes.
  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?: You do. Bruce doesn’t mind light PDA, he just doesn’t really initiate it unless it’s at a gala (“Gotta feed the damn paparazzi,” he mutters, though he won’t deny enjoying the contact with you). You like holding his big, calloused hand. It makes you feel nice and safe.
  • who hogs the blankets?: You do. Bruce is a big, walking bag of heat and often sleeps in next to nothing – a ballsy move for somebody living in a house that’s 98% glass. As such, the covers are typically all yours, something which you take full advantage of.
  • who gets more sad?: Both of you do, but it’s easier to tell with you. You haven’t trained yourself to express an air of calm the way Bruce has; even when you try to hide the feelings of dread and worry that you bottle up every time Bruce goes out on patrols, or displays mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, the man can tell that they’re there. But Bruce is the one actually enduring these things, and he’s been going through them for a long, long while. By the time of the events surrounding his battle with Superman, Bruce was essentially depressed at the notion that all of his work towards a better, brighter future had been for naught. However, he doesn’t translate his sadness very well; usually it comes out in the form of aggression, the most of which he takes out on perpetrators.
  • who is better at cheering the other up?: It’s kind of weird between the two of you but to anyone who knows Bruce, they would be able to tell that you make him feel a whole lot better than what he normally would be. He doesn’t smile a whole lot for one reason or another, but sometimes just hearing you talk about your day as though you belong to a normal relationship, or seeing you wiggle around in one of his button downs (of which you drown in) is enough to crack a smirk out of him. And let’s be real: A smirk to Bruce is like a huge grin on regular people.
  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?: You don’t really slap him when he makes a joke, either because Bruce’s joke are silly but in a different way or just because it’s not really in your nature to. You prefer to squeeze his arm instead.
  • who is more streetwise?: Bruce. Don’t let his status as the Prince of Gotham fool you – this man has had to learn all that he could about seedy urban underbellies. The man attends underground fight rings for God’s sake!
  • who is more wise?: You are, at least in the way that you take more time to consider all the options or potential circumstances. Bruce is mighty gung-ho for a man his age.
  • who’s the shyest?: Definitely you! It was a wonder you were even able to talk when you first met Bruce. You’ve gotten a bit better, but you still have a slight tendency to cling close or even try to hide behind him whenever he’s approached by other high society figures. He doesn’t mind it much and actually finds it quite cute. He just worries that this will make you even more easy to be taken advantage of.
  • who boasts about the other more?: Bruce does, though not often. It’s not that he isn’t proud of you (far from it; the man simply adores you), it’s just that he prefers to keep his private life exactly that: Private. This may be ironic considering that the man has a history for flaunting himself and that his decision to reconstruct a home resulted in a house made out of glass but remember: That glass house is in the woods, way out of city limits. Even when being showy, there’s an air of limitation to how much people get. Plus, it’s not as though there are many opportunities for Bruce to bring you up within reasonable conversation: The League keeps in contact regularly (in fact, Arthur seems to prefer communicating with you than with Bruce, much to the latter’s ire), leaving no real reason for him to  bring you up to them. And Alfred already sees you as his daughter-in-law before marriage is even considered as a possibility; in short, he doesn’t need Bruce to boast about you, he’s practically trying to sell you to Bruce as a worthy mate.

At most, this sort of situation will likely pop up during conferences or when Bruce is meeting with CEOs from other companies looking to partner up with Wayne Enterprises. Maybe during lunch or dinner, some of the honchos will talk about their women at home, maybe jab a joke or two at her expense. But when Bruce is asked about you, he keeps it brief but makes it very clear that he has no intention of making jokes about you. How could he when he finds that there’s so much more to crow about? He’s got a devoted woman who loves him for him, who makes him smile, who makes coming home a lot easier and life less lonely.

“Plus, I’m pretty sure she could cook a better blackened catfish than this,” he chews thoughtfully before popping another piece into his mouth. And that was the end of that. If he had less control over himself, he just     might’ve gone on a bit more about you, but frankly he wants to be out of this thing and back home to you as soon as possible.

  • who sits on who’s lap?: Bruce is a 6’3” pile of muscle and meat: I sincerely hope you don’t plan on having this man basically terminate you lap by sitting on it. But in all seriousness, this man loves having you sit on his lap, especially after a long day at work when he can just wind down and breathe for a little while. (Plus, on a naughtier note, it really plays into his daddy kink if the mood is just right.)
Far too young to die

WARNING: Ehhhh rain? Hot pizza? 
Summary: So Clark and reader spend time together. Will something happen? Will Clark finally confess? Stay tune and find out!
Notes: Chapter update? Whaaaaaat. is this real? Have I finally got my depressed ass to write a semi decent chapter? 

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Chapter 8

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  He smiles at you and answers, “Sure. What do you want to do?”

You thought for a moment, where can we go? 
“Um, anywhere? I guess. It doesn’t matter to me I just don’t want to be home.”

He nods in understanding and turns to grab his bicycle. “Well hop on.” He then straddles his seat. You look at him, dumbfounded. “Wait, what?” You were caught off guard of by that.

He gestures to the handles of his bike with a nod. “Get on. I promise you won’t fall.” 

You stood there with a raised brow while eyeing the bike in uncertainy, not sure if he was serious. 
“Are you for real? Is that legal?” You ask.

He shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out.”

Unsure but excited you take a look around at the people before walking over to Clark’s bike and climbing onto the handles. He holds out his hand and you take it for support. 
“There you go.” He says; “Put your feet on the pegs.” 

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“Hey Clark!” you called, leaning over the balcony with your phone in your hand as you caught sight of the man you were calling for. Though you were momentarily caught off guard as you watched him chopping wood, his bulging muscles straining against the tight fabric of his white shirt.

“What?” he asked, oblivious to your staring as he turned and looked up at you form the lawn.

“Why do people think today is our wedding anniversary?” you asked, holding up your phone as it went off again with another text of congratulations just like the ones you had been receiving all morning. “We aren’t even married, right?”

“I don’t know sweet, maybe they got someone else’ day mixed up with us?” he suggested as you looked down to glance over the message.

I wish my husband was as protective over me as Clark is with you. Such a lovely couple you make!“ you read, laughing slightly as you looked down at Clark. Clark smiled up at you, his cheeks slightly flushing as he set down the axe and made his way to the steps. “Somehow it seems that because you are such a possessive animal, everyone has come to the conclusion that I really am yours.”

“You already are mine, did you not get the memo?” Clark laughed as he jogged up the steps until he could grab your waist and pull you against him. You let out a giggle as you rested your hands on his broad shoulders.

“Nope, must have forgotten. Go shower and get changed before I annul the whole thing.”

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Far too young to die

WARNINGS: Fluff shit. Flirty Clark. Concerned Bruce. 
Summary: The reader is the adopted daughter of millionaire Bruce Wayne, she is currently going to college and is an intern at the Daily planet where she is partnered with Clark Kent. She is oblivious to Clark’s alter ego and develops a certain crush on a black haired, glasses wearing Daily Planet employee.
Notes: My first DC fic so it might be choppy until I can get a hold of it. But besides that I hope you guys enjoy. This fic is based off an idea from my dear close friend @alelostinwonderland. I dedicate this series of fics to her. Check out her fandom fic blog! @fan-dom-imagines 

Chapter 1

Clark Kentxreader

 “Have a nice day at work Ms. (Y/n)!” Alfred shouted as he waved good-bye to you and Bruce. You waved back with a smile as Bruce backed out off the drive way.

 “So how’s work been going?” Bruce asked after a few minutes of silence.
 “It’s been going really good. It’s not a real job but I do like the atmosphere, and the people.” You answered looking out the window, watching the blur of passing trees.
  “What about school? How are the classes?” 
“Bruce don’t worry, I can handle this,” you turn to him. He didn’t look back at you. “I’m not worrying. I’m just concerned.” He said in his defense. “Work and school. I told you I can pay for everything.”

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