Final Words From Nabusoolo (@bristolvols)

“It has been absolutely incredible, hard to not use a cliché but it has been life changing.”

“Getting to know people who live in such different conditions, who face daily challenges much greater than any in the UK, but done with such enthusiasm and faith. The combination/set up of the project is perfect with the mix of construction/teaching/community interaction. Being able to put a reality and gain a real understanding of the differences and actual similarities of us learning a different way of life where people have so much faith for their future and a real down-to-earth realization of their situation at the same time. I now feel motivated for so many reasons to work hard at home so that I can come and work in this area of work in my life. I would also like to thank Debs personally for your amazing work in Manfawa and generally being a brilliant and inspiring individual.”

From a BVDA volunteer in Nabusoolo.

Thank you, please pass the tissues.

Final Words from Buttingu (@bristolvols)

“The carbs [carbohydrates] are crazy but the hills sort your thighs right out.”

The final words from a BVDA volunteer placed in Buttingu.

“My time in Uganda has been the most fun but the hardest work. Literally a rollercoaster but I have learnt so much and have experiences that can never be compared to. I think Uganda has helped me gain more mental, physical and teamwork skills than anything else I’ve done. The carbs are crazy but the hills sort your thighs right out.”