Dear Carol

Andy’s P.O.V

“Hey dad,” My son Romeo asked. I looked up from the show I was watching to see my son with black hair instead of his usual blonde. My eyes widened, it’s not that I was surprised, it was that he never asked his mother and I if he could dye it.

“Yeah?” I asked. “Well,” Romeo started, “I was wondering if you’d maybe…. Um help me out with something?” At this point, My heart was racing. Why is he so nervous? “Romeo,” I asked sternly. He looked and me with a bit of embarrassment and finally said, “Will you teach me how to scream? Like you did when you were in Black Veil Brides? I want to start a band too.”

I sighed with relief, “God damn, Romeo. You nearly gave me a heart attack.” I chuckled a bit and stood up to face him. He was nearly my height, which his mother would jokingly complain about how she was living with giants. “Of course I’ll help you!” I smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. He seemed to relax, “Thank you! Gosh I was really nervous to ask you that.” I chuckled a bit, “No need to be nervous son, but, I’d be nervous about when your mom got home.” Romeo looked at me confused and cocked his eyebrow. “Your moms not gonna like that you dyed your hair and didn’t ask.”

We laughed, but on the inside I knew she wouldn’t be mad. I’m not mad and I’m proud that my son wants to pursue a music career.

(Y/N) P.O.V

When I had gotten home, I didn’t see anyone here. I thought it was a bit odd seeing as both Andy and Romeo’s cars were here. Suddenly I heard Andy do his famous screams upstairs (much like the ones in Perfect Weapon). I was going to scold him about making too much noise but then I heard an unfamiliar scream, it was more high pitched. I went upstairs to the office and saw Andy and Romeo sitting across from each other while Andy showed him proper breathing in order to scream.

“Okay Romeo,” Andy explained, “That’s all we will do for today, you need to rest your vocal cords. You did really amazing for one of your first lessons!” You smiled at this. He was just like his father. They didn’t even notice you were there until Romeo yelled out, “Hey mom!” “Hey baby,” You said, going over to hug your son. Andy smiled and hugged you too. “So what are you guys doing?” You asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. Andy beamed with pride, “I was just teaching Romes how to scream. He wants to form a band just like I did!” Your son smiled, “Yep! I’m going to be just like dad and go to warped tour!” “I know you can do it sweetness.” You said, “Have you gotten a band name figured out? Do you have any members?” Romeo nodded, “Yeah, Carter Purdy, Xavier Ferguson, Jeremy Pitts, and Zach Coma. We named the band, ‘Dear Carol.’ Andy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “So you’re band is MY bands kids? That’s so cool! WE LIVE ON!” Andy said as he threw his hands in the air for dramatic effect. You laughed at your crazy husband. Your son smiled and started to leave but you stopped him. “Romeo wait.” “Yes mom?” “Before you go,” you started, “Mind telling me why your hair is black?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well this is my first imagine and if there is a band called Dear Carol I’m sorry! Didn’t know it was just something I thought of and I thought it would be cute to add the rest of mini BVB in there as well! I hope you liked it and thank you to who ever requested it! *REQUESTS ARE OPEN*

“Imagine Andy seeing you walking towards him after a show after you’d told him you’d be unable to get there.” - anon (this was a really cute request! If I had decent writing abilities I would have written a short story so anyone is welcome to post a sentence or even 8 paragraphs below! Please do! I’d love to hear all your imaginations!)


EKnutschkugel statt Nobel-Hobel!​Die meisten Fußball-Profis sieht man nur in sündhaft teuren Luxus-Autos durch die Gegend flitzen. Ganz anders Dortmund-Verteidiger Sokratis (25)…​Endlich mal ein Grieche, der spart!

Großverdiener Sokratis kommt mit Kleinwagen…​Mitbringsel​ aus Genua:​ Seinen Fiat​ 500 hat Sokratis in Italien gekauft​. Der Abwehrspieler (ca. 2,5 Mio Euro Jahresgehalt) kurvt aktuell meist mit einem weißen Fiat 500 zum Training – Grundpreis nur 11 950 Euro! In Italien heißt das Kult-Auto auch „Topolino“ – zu deutsch „Mäuschen“…​

Aubameyang röhrt am liebsten im Lamborghini zum Training – mit Batman-Logo auf dem Heck. Sokratis:„Ein Super-Auto, perfekt für die Stadt. Ich habe ihn vor sechs Jahren in Genua gekauft. Meistens benutzt ihn meine Freundin. Es macht Spaß, mit dem kleinen Flitzer rumzudüsen.“​

Sahin im​ schicken​ Aston​ Martin​.Neben den Nobel-Schlitten der anderen BVB-Stars wirkt der Mini-Italiener fast schon mickrig: Lewandowski z.B. fährt Porsche und Audi R8, Reus und Sahin Aston Martin im James-Bond-Style, die deutschen Nationalspieler edle Mercedes-Limousinen.​Lewandowski im Audi-Sportwagen​. Absoluter Auto-Freak ist aber Aubameyang. Der flotte Gabuner röhrt momentan am liebsten im bronze-glitzernden Lamborghini Gallardo (570 PS, 320 km/h Spitze!) zum Training.Stolzer Preis: Rund 220 000 Euro. Dafür gibt‘s etwa 20 Sokratis-Flitzer….​