Mini Imagine :D

Its nearly 10pm,as you walk through the streets with Andy,on your way home from the cinema..

You slightly jumped as you heard a noise to your left.You sighed as you saw it was nothing there.

Andy: “Hey,(Y/N)…are you scared ?”

Y/N: “Wha…No..W-Why ?”

Andy: “Because you freak out every 10 seconds…”

YN: “Well…”

Andy: (GIF)“You´re with me,nothing will happen to you,I swear”

Andy flashed you a reassuring smile,as you grabed his hand and you two kept on walking.

Y/N: “…Thanks…”

Andy: “You´re welcome..But no horror movies for a time ”

Y/N: “Eeeey~…*Pout*

Andy: *Chuckle*

“Imagine Andy seeing you walking towards him after a show after you’d told him you’d be unable to get there.” - anon (this was a really cute request! If I had decent writing abilities I would have written a short story so anyone is welcome to post a sentence or even 8 paragraphs below! Please do! I’d love to hear all your imaginations!)