She lies there in wait,
And feeling so hollow.
Can’t find love in this place,
Left alone with her sorrow.
—  Broken Generation
the time i nearly died for being too emo

so our school went on a trip to Austria and we stayed in rooms of about 7 people and they appointed me to make an alarm - bearing in mind we had to wake up at 6 in the morning. so i was like yeah sure whatever but little did i know that upon setting the alarm i forgot to change the ringtone from what it already was which was king for a day by pierce the veil. the next morning i awoke to two of my roommates slapping me and trying to find my phone and another one trying to throttle me and screaming ‘WHY ARE YOU SO EMO?!?!’  and because the walls were so thin in between the rooms, the people next to us were banging on the walls too so i turned the alarm off and i said ‘calm down guys’ and they all looked like they were gonna murder me 

anyways the next day we awoke to the mario theme tune