(#14) Imagine- Snapchatting Andy on a random whim, And him replying.

   You randomly decide to send Andy a Snapchat selfie wearing every single Batman item you own. Never in a million year’s did you expect a reply, But life has a funny way of surprising you.

Andy snap’s you a selfie back saying, “My kinda girl! Beautiful and love’s Batman. Yes! What’s your name gorgeous?”

You read the message at least twenty times before finally messaging him back. “Haha, Well hey! My names (Y/N) thank’s for the reply!

A few hour’s later you received a direct message from Andy asking you for your phone number (If you didn’t mind sharing it) Obviously you didn't mind giving it to him. After a while your phone rang, It was Andy attempting to face time you. You picked up and ended up enjoying hour’s worth of conversation. Who would have known an innocent selfie could blossom into something bigger.