bvb in the end

IMAGINE: You are on set for the In The End music video, watching Andy and the guys filming. At one point, the camera stops for a few minutes to give them a break. You are standing off to the side, and Andy makes a joke to Jake about being horny, so you decide to tease him a bit.
Biting your lip a little and smiling, you look at Andy and tug on the hem of your shirt, but then you stop to allow them to go back to work. This is the look he gives you, letting you know you’re in trouble when you get home later…

*Ashley answering his phone after getting a text from Andy saying it was an emergency*

Ashley: What’s the emergency?
Andy: I’m sitting in a pool of blood
Ashley: …it is… your blood?
Andy: Yes, I think so.
Ashley: Do you know where it’s coming from?
Andy: Probably the stab wound.
Ashley: Have you been stabbed?
Andy: Oh yah definitely

Teacher: At the end of the extract-

Me: *whispers* in the end

Me: *slightly louder* as we fade into the night

Class: *groans* Nooooooo

Me: *stands up* WHO WILL TELL

The one other bvb soldier: THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE

Us, in unison: *hugging each other from the side* And who will remember Your last goodbye

That person that never talks: oooowoaaaoohoooh


*mosh pit starts in the middle of the classroom*