bvb posters


If Baes are an actor instead of a footballers.

Ada apa dengan Pensiun?
“I think it’s time for me”

starring: Philipp Lahm


This is My Story
“It starts and ends with shoes”

starring: Bastian Schweinsteiger


Diary of a Goalkeeper
“It’s easy to be a goalkeeper, they said”

starring: Wojciech Szcesny


They call me Satan
“They keep calling me satan”

starring: Robert Lewandowski


Ducks, Gloves, and Neutella
“There’s no secret to it”

starring: Manuel Neuer


What is this Manu?

starring: Christoph Kramer


He is behind the wall
Love can come from anywhere”

starring: mats hummels

Soon to come (if anybody like it tho) xD

anyway, enjoy ^^