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Can you do one where andy and y/n are both in bands and they’re in an interview togother, so they’re getting asked a lot about their relationship and it’s really cute and fluffy with playful banter and pda?



(Y/N) opened the trailer door, peaking around the corner. Andy sat on the couch while  a crew set up a camera and an editor from AP organized her questions.

“Am I late?” She mouthed.

Andy shook his head, smiling when she entered. He patted his lap, motioning her over which she gratefully did, taking the weight of her tired feet. She had already preformed twice today, and it was blazing hot.

“Alright Andy, and (Y/N). Are you guys ready?” The warm faced interviewer asked. Andy nodded, while (Y/N) gave a thumbs up. The woman circled her finger behind her back and the camera started rolling.

“Alright guys, so it’s a well known fact you guys have been dating. And can I just say its adorable. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because of my following question. There is a lot of controversy on how you initially met. Some say warped 13 others say at a bar in vegas. Can you guys enlighten us on the truth?” She asked.

“We met in Nj on tour.” They said at the same time, causing them to break into laughter.

“Alright, how about your first kiss?” She asked next. Her name tag said peggy.

“Oh that’s easy, that was in vegas.” Andy said with a smirk.

“Hey I thought it was ‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.” (Y/N) scolded playfuly.

“Alright guys, second to last question.” She said, smirking like she knew something. (Y/N) shrugged it off. “Are you planning on colaberating your bands in the future?”

“Oh most definitely.” (Y/N) said with a grin as she put her hands around andys shoulders and squeezed gently.

“Yeah, it would be amazing to have them with us. Maybe tour together more often.” Andy agreed, rubbing her shoulder. He released, standing up and walking to the kitchen and giving the one minute sign with his finger.

“Alright, last question but I believe its andys turn to ask.” Peggy said with a cute little grin.

“What?” (Y/N) asked, knitting her eyebrows together. Before she knew it andy was on one knee.

“(Y/N) you’ve made me so happy in the last 3 years, Happier then I ever thought I could be. Will you…marry me?” Andy asked with a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“Of course I will!” (Y/N) screaming, pulling his up and climbing onto him so her legs were wrapped around his waist. “I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. She didn’t notice the interviewer and camera guy leave but she didn’t care. She only had eyes for her andy right now.

Lost & Found

Hey :) Could you do another Andy Highschool Imagine please? Have a nicht day :)

A/N: Guess who’s not dead?


She was new here. No one really knew anything about her except for her name.


That was the name Andy has grown so accustomed to, as she’s in almost all of his classes. When asked to introduce herself, she always says the same thing. He watched her curiously throughout the day. It sounds stalkerish, but he was just trying to figure her out.

Weeks went by and he noticed himself wanting to know more about the girl. He wanted to know more about the girl who never payed attention in class, but got the highest marks. Who drew all over in her notebooks instead of taking notes. Who stayed late after school just to get lost in the books the library had offered.

That was one of his favorite things to watch her do. She read books as one would breath air. To fill up and live. He always watched from behind the bookshelf, to shy to go up to her, as she smiled through her tears, laughing at something one of the characters said. She never brought the books home with her though. She simply put them away before picking them up again the next.

One day Andy left her a little note in the book she was reading.

‘You look beautiful when you read. My personal favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird’

And the cycle continues. For weeks they would leave each other little notes in the school library. Exchanging different theories and ideas on the current book at hand. Though she never found out who was leaving the notes. Until one day…

Andy was writing his next note down after she had left, not realizing that she had forgotten her phone in one of the bean bag chairs. You can imagine him, startled as she says, “hello,” in a quiet voice. He dropped his note, and fumbled with the book before managing to catch it in his hands.

He looks up at her in all her beauty, turning red in the face before mumbling, “hello,” back.

Nothing else really needed to be said, fore they both knew. They got lost in each other from then on, and it’s the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found.

IMAGINE: You and Andy are best friends, and you’re sitting in his backyard playing truth or dare. He secretly likes you… but he could never tell you… it would totally ruin your friendship, right?

It’s your turn so you say, “Who do you like? Tell me the truth, Biersack…”

He is immediately blushing, and all he can say is, “Um… I…” he looks at you like this, looking away to hide his blushing.

Andy Biersack Imagine (I suck at titles lol)

“You and Andy would be so cute together!”

“Oh please, not again…” You chuckle lightly. Your friend had been trying to sit you and Andy up for weeks now. Andy had been one of your friends for a few years now and you wouldn’t do anything to change that.

“Oh come on! Y/N, I just feel the connection when you tell me you guys hang out, or every picture I see of you two! You can see the sparks and I swear I’m not the only one.”

“Everyone picks on me about it, but they know I never saw Andy like that.”

“Really? Not ever? Not once did you wonder what it would be like to have Andy as your boyfriend.”

“I…. well, like once or twice, but it wasn’t necessarily my fault, I had some weird dreams and I would woke up and wonder but, technically no.”

“That’s not what it sounds like.” You sigh.

“Seriously Y/N, its okay to admit you feel something with Andy, I’m not saying it because I’m judging you, Andy is a smoking hot babe, there, I said it. We all know Andy is really attractive.”

You knew this, all this information she was saying was just a repeat of the lecture she gave you about every 2 weeks.

“I know he is, he is attractive and the girl that he decides to go with is going to be one lucky girl, listen Y/F/N. You tell me the same stuff every time we have this talk about Andy. You tell me it’s okay to admit I feel something, I tell you that no matter what, Andy will always be my friend and that my past relationships ruined the friendship I had with them because when I didn’t feel the same, shit got awkward. You tell me that it’s different with Andy, that Andy wouldn’t make you feel awkward and I tell you it’s not that simple to face a guy that confessed his whole love for you and to call them friend again, you tell me that I have to feel something and give me examples, like when Andy took me to prom because I had no one, like when Andy hugs me a lot, or does little favors for me. It’s all just friendly stuff.” You finish your little rant and took a deep breathe. You were hoping you didn’t sound that rude, it just got tiring to have to keep repeating yourself.

“Y/N, I’m not trying to force you into a relationship with Andy, I’m just telling you what I know. When I say Andy isn’t the guy to make things awkward, I don’t mean if you tried a relationship and things didn’t work. Andy clearly likes you, but he’s not going to make a move because he doesn’t want to hurt you because he cares and loves you. It’s really sweet. He knows you better than I do, and I’m your best friend. He knows that all your previous relationships went sour and you felt like you couldn’t speak to them afterwards being it was too awkward, and that’s why Andy wants to make sure you’re ready. He doesn’t want to lose you because things get awkward. He is such a sweet guy and I just wish you would see just how much he does for you, the look he gives you, and stop being clueless. Don’t forcefully push away feelings, because that’s straight up unhealthy. Now, you don’t have to listen to me, but just think back to all the stuff he does for you, think about your connection with him. I understand it’s scary to risk losing such an amazing friend for a relationship, especially when you have such a perfect connection with them, but you just need to know it’s okay.”

You sit there, processing the words she just told you. Unlike all the other times she had talked to you, it was like something in her speech registered in your brain because you didn’t feel a need to deny what she just said. Unlike any other time she had spoken to you about Andy, it really made you think about Andy.

“Hello, you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m just….”

“Thinking what I said because you finally realized I’m right? Nah, just kidding about the being right part. But for real, you are thinking about it, right?”

“Yeah, I mean…. Kind of. I don’t know. I really don’t. Listen, now that you put it that way… I wouldn’t mind being with someone like Andy, I mean… he’s perfection. But what the hell on world do you think he likes me for?”

She laughs. “You’re kidding. You’re seriously asking me why he likes you? Oh Y/N, you are really overthinking now.”


“THINK ABOUT IT. I’m pretty sure Andy would take a bullet for you if it came down to it, that’s love Y/N.”

“I guess.”

“No, you know. You know Andy would do, hell he already does, anything to make sure you’re okay and happy. Isn’t that right? How many “bad days” have you had since you met Andy versus how many you had before?”

“I mean, a lot. He’s certainly changed me for the better, I’ve never really felt sad when he’s with me. He’s always made me feel like… someone cares. Someone cares for me. I feel important, wanted by Andy.”

“Exactly, that’s love Y/N, and you know it.”

“I gu- I…. I know.”

“Yep. Just think about that next time you two talk, okay? He’s just waiting for you to give him the sign that you’re mentally and physically ready for this, he doesn’t want to pressure you into something and ruin his chance. He’s waiting for the perfect time.”

“And I’m guessing I’ll know when.”

“Of course, it’s up to you. I gotta go, but just give yourself some time to think, alright? Love ya.”

“Mhmm, love ya too Y/F/N. See you later.”

You hang up and think about the conversation you just had. It was like she had knocked a hole into these walls you had built up about anything more than a friendship with Andy. You started to realize that maybe, just maybe she was right. You were nervous, you weren’t going to lie. Your past relationships were kind of shitty and it made you wonder if you even wanted one. But with Andy, you knew you could trust him, you knew you could be with him for the rest of your life and be happy. That’s when it clicked. You could be with Andy for your life and be okay with that. You were be delighted to spend your life with him. It’d be a nice adventure.

Speaking of the devil, your phone began ringing again and sure enough, it was Andy. You press the green answer button.


“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Andy, you’re just the person I needed to hear from.” You chuckle and suddenly you feel nervous, nervous? You had never felt that with Andy.

“Really? What’s up?”

“Oh nothing bad, I just… really wanted to talk to you.”

“Awh, well I’m free today, how about we go get something to eat? I’m straving.”

“Yeah, that sounds great, what at?”

“How about Claire’s diner, I meet you there in 20?”

“Sounds great, see you then.”

“See you.”

You hang up and get up quickly. You throw on a tank top and flannel, keeping on the jeans you had on and slipping on your shoes and head out the door.

20 minutes pass, you get to the diner early and pick out a booth in the back. You figured if you were going to bring up this whole thing to Andy, you wanted to in privacy.

For the first time in the years you known Andy, this was probably the most nervous you been. You had no idea what to say or how to say it. It was like waiting for the doctor to call your name out, nerve wrecking.

You hear the bell chime and see the tall and lanky boy looking around. You wave as he looks in your direction and he smiles, walking over to you.

“Hello love.” He sing songs, giving you a small hug before sitting across from you.

“Hey lanky.” You chuckle.

He smiles. “So, how was your day so far?”

You look down at your menu. “Pretty good, talked to Y/F/N for a while on the phone, you know she goes on and on.”

“She’s the one that always thinks we’re dating right? Comments all the kissy face and heart emojis on our pictures?” He chuckles and you force one.

“Yeah, that’s her. She’s determined that we’re soulmates.” You realize that you say it a little too jokingly and regret it.

“I wouldn’t mind that, you’re okay.” He jokes back, smirking.

“Okay? I’m the queen and you know it.” You strike a royal pose and he laughs.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” He shakes his head. “I’m a king, I could be the king to your queen, if ya know what I mean.” He wiggles his eyebrows and you laugh, shaking your head.

“How do you always make things sound so wrong?”

The waiter comes by and collects your orders and goes back, leaving you and Andy. You decide to keep hinting through Y/F/N, hoping he gets the hint.

“But seriously, she said we’re destined for each other. Every phone call I get….”

“She must like me then, we’ve only met a few times though.” He laughs, taking a sip of his drink.

“She knows ‘em when she sees ‘em, that’s how she met her boyfriend Damien. I remember when they first met, she told me “He’s the one for me, I know it. Just wait and see, this will be my longest relationship yet.” And almost 5 years later, they still are happy than ever. I’m waiting for him to propose to her anyday now.”

“Awh, that’s sweet. That’s honestly relationship goals right there.”

“Right? She’s amazing and in a way, I trust her with what she says, I mean, she hasn’t been wrong about things like that yet.”

“Really? So you think we might actually be soulmates?”

You shrug, suddenly your nervousness went away and you had this weird confidence.

“I don’t know, what about you?”

“I think we totally could be. I mean we’re both pretty damn awesome.” You laugh.

“No but seriously….”

“You’d be an amazing boyfriend.”

“You really think so?”

You nod, smiling. “If you spoiled her like you do me, of course.”

He chuckles. “I don’t spoil you, I just give you what you deserve.”

“Oh c’mon, I don’t deserve any of it. I don’t deserve having such an amazing person like you in my life, I got pretty damn lucky.”

“But Y/N, I AM the lucky one. Having someone like you in my life….”

You can’t help but smile and look down. Your orders arrive and you both take a break from talking to eat, afterwards, you both start walking out together. You get to his car and turn towards him.

“So, about our conversation…. Does your friend know something?”


He sighs but smiles. “The way you described her talking about us, it sounds a lot like what I’ve told my friends, you sure she doesn’t talk to them?” You chuckle.

“Wait, so you actually talk about me to them?”

“Of course, you’re beautiful, lovely, sweet, funny, cute. They’ve been waiting months for me to make the first move and I’ve been too damn nervous, and plus I knew you were always iffy about relationships and I didn’t want to risk anything until I knew you wanted it, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable because I know you do easily. But Y/N, now all my cards are on the table. Yes, I’ve liked you for some time now, and I’ve waited months to tell you, but if you’re not feeling it now, understand that I will wait for you as long as you need, I’ll always be here for you waiting because… I know that I want to be with you. And I don’t want you to feel pressured to say yes because I’m confessing my feelings to you. I just simply want you to know that I want you to take your time and I don’t want you to feel weird around me. I’m pretty sure you knew I felt something towards you all these weeks, but…. Yeah. I’m… I’m not sure what to say now, but there. You know everything now.”

You were speechless, but not in a bad way. You didn’t have those weird feelings like you did when everyone else confessed they liked you. Andy’s made you feel… different.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him tightly. He seemed shocked by your action but quickly hugged back.

“I appreciate you telling me because I wanted to and…. I don’t know, I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to ruin anything with you because…. Well it’s happened too many time before. But now… I’m willing to give us a chance because I have a strong feeling that this is what I want, I’m pretty confident that you are who I want to spend my life with. I have basically for the past few years and… I don’t know. I love you a lot.” You laugh at the last part and so does Andy.

You connect eyes and you quickly press your lips to his, his hands grip your waist and you smile. It felt right, nothing felt wrong and everything seemed to go in bullet time. After pulling away, Andy presses a kiss to your hair.

“So we’re official, eh?” He jokes.

“Yep, can’t wait until y/f/n hears about this.”

“Same with the guys. You want a ride home, girlfriend?” You laugh and smile.

“Sure, let’s go, boyfriend.”


This is probably the longest imagine I’ve made, it’s about 2,300 words and I totally didn’t mean for it to be but I got really carried away. xD I hope you all like though, feedback is appreciated.

Make a wish my darling

 (Y/N) sat in the pristine bed motionless. Her pale blue eyes covered by her eye lids. Her thin hair spread out around her as she napped, like usual. The steady beeping of the machines surrounding her regulated her shallow breaths.

A gentle knock at the door woke her and she sat up, putting the pillow behind her to lean on. She wiggled the breathing tube in her nose,  and smoothed her hair. “Come in.” She said in a hoarse voice.

Her mother opened the door, with a wide smile on her face. (Y/N) cocked an eyebrow. That was odd. Ever since she’d gotten sick her mother had a sour expression. She missed the good old days, when they would go horse back riding together. But, she had been sick for a good two years now and they had to pay the bills somehow. So they sold the horses. She was eight teen now, and it was actually her nineteenth birthday. Horray.

“Dear, you’ll never believe it.” Her mother said with a giggle.

“What? Why are you so happy? You know I hate suprises.” She said, looking up at her mother who was rubbing her forehead with her thumb.

“Oh just wait. You can come in now.” Her mother called into the hallway. (Y/N) turned her head to look at the door, sitting up some more. She closed her eyes as she felt a small pain in her head, but did her best to ride through it, squeezing her eyes shut as she winced.

She nearly jumped out of the bed when she opened them. There, at the end of the bed, stood a tall figure. She felt her heart stop at the sight of him. That gorgeous black hair, the sparkling blue eyes, those gorgeous cheekbones.

The machine beeped rapidly. Her mother squeezed her hand, bringing (Y/N) back to reality as she regulated her heartbeat.

“Am I already dead?” She asked, cocking her head. But the chuckle from the not so strange visitor and the shake of his head said this was real.

“Make a wish came true honey.” Her mom told her, tears coming from her own eyes.

“No way…” (Y/N) gasped, covering her mouth.

“Im andy.” He finally said, holding out a strong hand.

“Im (Y/N) (L/N)” the girl said, still in awe as she looked up at him. She shook his strong, muscular hand with her own dainty, pale sickly one.

“Sorry the guys could come, busy.” He told her, smiling nervously as if he was scared to hurt her feelings. He sat on the end of the bed, smiling at her.

“No  no its ok. I understand.” She said quickly in response.

“Ill give you two some time to talk.” Said her still giggling mother before walking out the door quickly, in a fit of smiles and laughter.

“So your sick.” Andy said gently, squeezing your foot which was under a blanket.

“Yeah.  I have a tumor in my skull.” (Y/N) replied, in an accepting voice. It was amazing she wasn’t so bitter.

“That sucks. But I know you’ll make it through. Strong people find a way, and you seem very strong.” He told her, still holding her small foot. “And happy birthday.” He said, reaching into his pocket and pulling something out.  A piece of black and white fabric, he held it out to her.

“Whats this?” She asked, taking it and looking at it. A fingerless glove with a skeleton hand painted on it. The smooth surface felt worn. His own glove she’d seen him preform in many times from her laptop. He had signed the palm. “No way.” She said, pulling it on. It fit like a glove, ironically.

“It’s the least I could do. I think your great really, and the guys told me to give you this.” He told her, reaching into his vests pocket and pulling out a chain with the bvb symbol on the end. “For luck.” He told her with a grin, putting it on her neck.

“I wish I could stay longer, but ive got to get back.” He told her in a genuinley sad voice.

“Its ok, I totally understand. Ill watch the show on youtube. “(Y/N) Promised with a week smile.

“Fight for us, ok?” He asked, poking the necklace.

“Ill do my best.” She told him with a nod. He stood up, leaning down and enveloping her in a strong hug. His hands lingered on her shoulders as he smiled down at her, before turning and walking out. She could hear him sniffling and saw a tear fall from his face as he did his best to collect himself.


I couldn’t believe it. This lovely, beautiful, wonderful girl, was dying. I wished I had super powers so I could save her. I felt a tear well up in my eye as I gave her the necklace, but I shoved it back down along with my heart which was now in my throat. I needed to be strong for her.

 As I turned around, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. A tear flowwed down my cheek and I sniffled, trying to suck it back in but it was immposible. I walked out, saying my goodbyes. I jogged past the mother cutting off her thanks.

As soon as I got to my car I broke down. It was so hard.. That poor girl, so young, so full of potential. Dying. I slammed my fist on the steering wheel, cursing the lords name as I wondered if she actualy could make it through the operation I was told was taking place in a few short weeks. I turned on the radio, and Creep by Radio Head was soon blasting as I screached out of the parking lot.

As I pulled into the apartment building, I slammed my car door, jogging upstairs and into the makeshift studio. I sat down on one of the plastic chairs, still crying lightly as I wrote lyrics down. They flowed from my brain as I thought of the girl, laying all alone in that bed, knowing she was going to (most likely) die.

Now our lives have changed, I wish that I could heal
Time has taken love, a darker side revealed
For every lie begins, with what we used to feel

I scrambled down on a piece of crumbled up lined paper. I heard juliet enter the house and I slammed the door, locking it behind me. She would ruin my flow if she disturbed me now.

Blaming myself, tied to these chains, living in pain
All of your tears, everything’s gone, is it too late? Walk away!

A lonely heart remains until we know the truth
But if it stays the same, can we make it through?
A life without the hurt, a life without you

Blaming myself, tied to these chains, living in pain
All of your tears, everything’s gone, is it too late? Walk away!

Everything’s gone, everything’s gone
Blaming myself, tied to these chains, living in pain

All of your tears, everything’s gone, is it too late? Walk away!
Walk away (everything’s gone)
Walk away (everything’s gone)
Walk away
A life without you, everything’s gone
A life without you, everything’s gone

I sighed, leaning back and rubbing my red eyes. I folded the paper, tucking it in my jacket pocket for later.


3 months later

(Y/N) yawned as she drove the car through the city. The crowded streets were packed with people with black painted faces and black clothes. She grinned, knowng she looked much like them also. She was wearing black, high waisted shorts, black dr. martins, and a faded purple crop top. She had on black lipstick, and eyeliner. Her straight black hair, parted in the middle, landed just below her breasts. It was thick and black now, much different then the thin brown hair she’d had just 3months earlier.

She pulled the car into the parking lot of the venue, locking it and running to the door and entering. She was very early, and the doors had just opened, she pushed past the crowding people, handing her ticket to the booth director. He nodded motioning her in. She found her place below the stage, directly in the middle where she would have plenty of room.

The place was booming within hours, the opening band was finishing up. (Y/N) grinned as they left the stage. Bvb came onto the stage, grinning wildly as CC took his place at the drums, and jinxx, jake, and ashley on the stage itself.

Andy came out last, bouncing up and down as the band begun the opening to Devil in the Mirror.

“We are created the suffering ones. Condemned by the dying, We sing out in tongues. Caught in obsession with all that we love.Never look forward, just straight down the gun!” Andy shouted into the microphone.  He ran down the stage, running his hands along the fans.

“The Devil in the mirror! Screaming that my heart is flawed. I’m never gonna let you win. No I will not surrender, Even if I start to fall. I swear to you I’ll rise again!” He sung. (Y/N) stuck out her gloved hand far, making sure he would touch it. As his fingers ran along the smooth leather glove he did a double take. He looked down at her hand, recognizing the glove instantly. As their eyes met he nearly fell backward. He was now grinning wildly, and put his heart into the song.

He squated down infront of her, holding on the hand and squeezing gently. Some fans screamed with jealousy while others ‘awed.’

“Cast the illusions of hatred and pride
Take the communion in faith they provide
I’m just a human not ready to die
My voice is a weapon, my fear is a lie

I can’t take it anymore
Everyday feels like a war

The Devil in the mirror
Screaming that my heart is flawed
I’m never gonna let you win
No I will not surrender,
Even if I start to fall
I swear to you I’ll rise again.” He finished, holding her hand the entire time.  Finally he let go, and walked over to Ashley, whispering in his ear. Ashley nodded, and said some singnal to the other guys.

 Soon, jinxx was seated at a piano, starting the music to her all time favorite song. Walk away.  Andys deep voice began the song.

 “Now our lives have changed, I wish that I could heal
Time has taken love, a darker side revealed
For every lie begins, with what we used to feel.” He sung in that beautiful voice, making eye contact with her multiple times. Every time she heard this song she felt her heart rumble as if it were somehow connected to her.  She really doubted it though.

 As the song finished, tears were streaming down both their faces. She wiped her nose, laughing nervously as he  bent down, whispering something in the guards ear.

The concert went on, and they sung Rebel love song, Faithless, I am bullet proof, and fallen angels. When they finished and Andy was making his closing speech, the guard took her arm gently and smiled at her. She smiled back, following him backstage. She was led to Andy’s dressing room, where she was left all alone to wait. She sat down on a bar stool, running her hands through her hair nervously as she waited for whatever he was planning.


I ran along the stage, slapping hands quickly. I wasn’t about to linger, not since being pulled in and being trambled on once. Not fun. I felt my hand brush smooth leather material, almost too familiar. I looked down at the hand and I saw my glove. What was it doing here? Id given it to that girl and she was most likely dead. I looked at the face of the person, and I nearly fell over with surprise. There she was! It was the girl id met in the hispital. She looked amazing. I could hardly believe it.

I held onto her hand as long as I could, squeazing it with disbeleif. Only months ago this hand had been pale, week, and freezing cold. Now it was filled with life and vigor as she stood their dancing. By the end of the song I had to stand up from cramping my legs. I smiled widly, and whispered in Ashley’s ear while keeping one eye on her. I had to make sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Lets play Walk away.” I told him.

“You got it.” Ashley grinned, signaling the song of choice to the guys. Jinxx hopped on the piano, instantly picking up the tune. I smiled at her, feeling a rush in my heart. Did she know this song was for her? What if I let it slip in an interview? No, I would have remembered that.

I began to sing the lyrics, my mind rushing with each word. As soon as we finished the slow, beautiful song, I bent down, telling the stage guard to take her to my dressing room. I could wait to talk to her.


(OOC: ok sooo this was really fun to write. I tried not to rush so its kind of long. I hope you can bear through it haha!)