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NEW VIDEO: Winter Wonderland // Black Veil Brides

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NEW VIDEO: Weight of the World // Ashley Purdy

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Interesting facts about Marco :)
  • He was born at Dortmund, Germany on Wednesday, 31st May 1989 
  • He’s the only son of Thomas Reus and Manuela 
  • He has 2 eldest sisters : Yvonnie Reus and Melanie Reus 
  • His name is actually Marco James Reus 
  • His Dad is an English, but raised in Germany. His Mom is a German, but raised in Russia 
  • He was confused to chose nationality [German, English, Russian] when he was 17 years old 
  • His first apartment only one way from Borussia Park 
  • He has two pets Gold Fish [already gone] and a Dog 
  • Sponsored by Hotwheels, Puma, and one of the manufacturers of the Swiss watches
  • He likes tennis, basketball, badmiton. But he’s not good at basketball and he likes Ski jump, when he has time he watches some tournaments
  • His favourite food is mashed potatoes, goulash, cabbage 
  • His favourite songs, when he’s on karaoke is “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • He loves to sing “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber 
  • His fave music genre are Hip-hop and RnB 
  • His fave movie is “Hangover part 2" 
  • He likes Drake and Chris Brown, he also like american rap and   R & B, like Rihanna
  • He adores U.S.A and would like to have dinner with Obama to ask him how’s it to be a president of U.S.A 
  • He likes to wear super skinny jeans and tight shirts 
  • On instagram he follows Play Boy, Justin Bieber, Christian Louboutin and Rihanna and the rest are some footballer friends 
  • He snores when he sleeps 
  • He wears his lucky blue boxers for games 
  • His Nickname is Woody because of Woody Woodpeacker, the cartoon. Apparently to his teammates when he runs, they both have similiar head movements 
  • He loves Christian Louboutin Sneakers 
  • He’s really shy with his fans, he gets overwhelmed when many people approach to him 
  • He doesn’t like cold weather so he tries during vacation visit warm places 
  • He often dye his hair 
  • He copied everything about Rosicky – right down to his sweatbands, because Rosicky is his favorite player 
  • He is a left handed but he uses his right foot more often 
  • He wears a necklace everywhere and wore a ring not too long ago 
  • He likes Prison Break, and Californication and Entourage as well 
  • He is often with his friends at Italian restaurant Domenico in Mönchengladbach 
  • His Favourite video game is FIFA. He often used to play FIFA 12 with then Mönchengladbach teammates Roman Neustadter and Tony Janstschke
  • He always wear undershirts 
  • He cares his hair the most, no one can touch his hair without permission.
  • He must walk into the ground with his right foot even when he just warms up.
  • He dated a German TV presenter, Caroline Böhs at 2009 and broke up at Valentine Day, 2013. He wants to focus to his career 
  • He admits Caroline isn’t a romantic girl 
  • His type of a girl is romantic, caring, and funny girl
  • He had a buy-out clause in His contract 
  • His eyes were green 
  • His twitter is @woodyinho and got the verified checklist at 1st August 2013 
  • His Bromance with Mario Götze named Marico Götzeus or Götzeus 
  • His Instagram named @Marcinho11 and it’s private :( 
  • He’s crying when Mario Götze told him that he’ll left BVB and move to FC Bayern 
  • His celebration with Mario Götze is inspired by NBA 
  • His first club is PSV Dortmund 
  • He graduated from Dortmund youth academy at 1996 
  • He returns to BVB at July 2012 
  • He plays as Borussia M'gladbach player since 2009
  • He’s one of the Bundesliga’s best at striking a dead ball. In 2012/13, he scored three times from direct free-kicks, against FC Augsburg, Werder Bremen, and VfL Wolfsburg, while six of his other deliveries also produced goals for BVB team-mates 
  • He chose BVB over FC Bayern 
  • He’s one of Manchester United target 
  • He is equally comfortable on either foot may have caused his aversion to using his head 
  • On his left forearm he has ‘Marco - 31.05.1989’, with a few more dotted across his arms 
  • His career –> PSV Dortmund >> BVB youth team >> Ahlen >> Borussia M'gladbach >> Borussia Dortmund 
  • He told what makes BVB so special is the fans
  • He helps BVB goes to final of UCL 12/13