• Interviewer: I was surprised to find out how much of an ambient/post-rock fan you are. Do you ever think of making an instrumental record in that vein?
  • Adam: It’s funny you should mention it. I write a lot of ambient music in a solo project by the name of Port Blue which is largely inspired by bands like Unwed Sailor, Boards of Canada and Hammock. I love the idea of creating wordless abstract music without telling a listener specifically what to think or how to feel. It feels limitless because you can go anywhere, do anything or be anyone in your mind. You can let your imagination go and there’s no telling where it might take you. I find my escape in instrumental soundscapes and I definitely plan on writing and releasing more records under Port Blue. It’s very dreamy stuff.
Well, I guess it's safe to say

I will soon begin contributing to

I got an email from Seth W. this afternoon asking me if I could write one or two posts a week for the site as they start to get the ball rolling again.

Buzzgrinder was huge for me throughout highschool, most of my music news came from them and their general snarkiness and perspective on the industry influenced a lot my opinions on music and biz. Cinder & Smoke named our first EP kind of on a larf after a Jay Dinitto joke and even got ourselves featured in one of his Grand Design posts.

Sadly, Buzzgrinder has been pretty close to anorexic for the last few years and went without posting for large swathes of time but things are picking up again and I am really excited to be a part of it. Less news aggregate or music biz gossip and more this music rules and I want others to know about it type blogging. A lot like what I have tried to do with Figureheads but more general than just album reviews.

Thus begins my illustrious career as a music journalist.