Somewhere Else
by Buzzferkchurnt
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Somewhere Else is a chaotic art zine by Auckland Based illustrator Ben Carroll. The zine has a frenetic energy about it, jumping from drawings of mutant figures screaming/vomiting/dying into darkness/obscurity, to a ‘where’s wally’ of demented faces melting/being pulled off, full of boredom, death, malice and fear. All of the illustrations could work independently as an art piece, but in the zine they have a compound effect adding to the maddening feel of it all.


This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 2

Your time has come! Everyone should totally buy one of these and colour in one of my #illustrations for yourself as well as 59 other dope #illustrations and #doodles that i was lucky enough to get picked amongst. Even got a sneaky piece of mine onto the front page :) (the geometric shape bit)

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