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White supremacist Richard Spencer has gym membership revoked after woman confronts him

  • White nationalist Richard Spencer has been kicked out of a gym in Virginia following an altercation with a woman about his white supremacist beliefs, BuzzFeed News reported.
  • In a post on Tumblr Wednesday, fellow gym member Christine Fair recounted how she approached Spencer at Old Town Sport & Health in Alexandria, Virginia, writing, “I exploited the full range of my First Amendment entitlements by telling him that this country does not belong to white men.”
  • “As a white woman, I find his membership at this gym to be unacceptable. I found his membership at this gym to be an unfair burden upon the women and people of color — and white male allies of the same,” Fair wrote. Read more. (5/21/2017 1:20 PM)
Reasons to love Agents of SHIELD
  • The women: Badass women who need no men to save them. They’re often the heroes, and have saved the lives of the men on the show more than once. They also have a strong friendship with each other. There is no rivalry or jealousy.  
  • Diversity: It’s not only racial diversity, but every character has a different background and personality.
  • The fandom: There’s not a lot of hate and toxic, people keep to their own tags (for the most part). There is a lot of great fan art, metas, manips, fanfiction, videos…ect. Also, it is a pretty big fandom, and there is more or less a community for each ship and character.
  • Every character has their own arc and storyline alongside the main storyline, and they change a lot over the seasons. Instead of their traumas being ignored, they’re dealt with, and they change the characters.
  • The cast is amazing? Honestly? Cast goals? 
  • A lot of surprises and twists and turns
  • Has references and ties to the Marvel movies
  • The show gets better by the seasons (and s4 is the best season so far)
  • The team is a family, and loves eachother

(feel free to add more)