buzzfeed cats

most people who hate cats 

  • have only met other people’s cats, who may be shy or aggressive around people they dont know. they have genuinely never met a cat that cares about them
  • have no idea about cat body language, so when a cat is giving off signals saying “leave me alone” “stop touching me” “im annoyed” they keep giving it attention and end up getting swatted or bitten
  • have never met a cat in their life and just go off the stereotype that cats are jerks
Find a Valentine This Year

Buzzfeed’s Supergirl Character Quiz is like a mini-supergay speed dating site:

  • Kara’s meet Lena’s or Cat’s
  • Alex’s meet Maggie’s
  • Lucy’s meet Alex’s or Kara’s 
  • M’gann’s meet everyone

Miraculous Buzzfeed Unsolved AU

I didn’t see anything about this so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make it.

  • Adrien as Ryan and Marinette as Shane
  • So we got Adrien “Scared of everything that fucking moves” Agreste and Marinette “What the fuck Adrien this is all bullshit” Dupain-Cheng
  • They once went to America to investigate The Sallie House and Adrien nearly cried when he saw a lamp fall over
  • “It was just the wind, Adrien.” “NO IT WASN’T MARINETTE IT WAS THE DEMON!”
  • They also investigated the Paris Catacombs and there are lots of pictures of Adrien curled up in a ball and just sobbing in the middle of the tunnel
  • In fetal position
  • Marinette still has them on her phone
  • Adrien decided to do an episode on alien abductions without telling her
  • Marinette was not okay
  • She stared at Adrien like “Bitch, really?” throughout the entire video
  • Okay but does Marinette say the iconic lines of Shane Madej?
  • The answer is yes
  • “Hey there, demons, it’s me, ya girl” “MARINETTE STOP”
  • “Hey ghouls, the teens are here!” “Marinette….”
  • “Hey! You demon fuck!” “YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH!”
  • “Rock and roll, Buckaroo!” “Marinette, please get off the pentagram”
  • Marinette once got him a gun full of holy water and a can of salt as a joke
  • He took both of them when they went to investigate the Villisca Axe Murder House
  • They covered the Black Dahlia case for a True Crime episode and Marinette jokingly made a bunch of L.A. Noire references to piss off Adrien
  • “I’ve played L.A. Noire over ten times. This case is solved, Adrien”
  • *Adrien just bangs his head on the table as Marinette laughs*
  • “Hi guys I’m gonna impersonate Adrien Agreste” *Marinette curls up into a ball and rocks back and forth with a scared look on her face* “G-g-ghosts! Where’s my holy water gun? Aliens are real. So is Bigfoot. I fear that he will come to my house and smash my head in with a rock every night” *Adrien stares at her like he’s on The Office*
  • Marinette recommended investigating The Valley of Kings in Egypt but Adrien turned that down instantly
  • He believes that the curse is real
  • Their show is a hit among their schoolmates and the entirety of France
  • It’s even internationally famous
  • Their forms of Boogara and Shaniac are Adrispook and Marihoax
  • Coward Shitfish is On The Fencies
Just plain odd Buzzfeed articles

This took a hell of a long time so i better get some heckin notes

In no particular order…

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be A Human Puppy (x)
  • What Is Your Inner Potato? (x)
  • Hedgehog Stories That Will Take You On An Emotional Rollercoaster (x)
  • How To Dress A Hedgehog For Halloween (x)
  • 19 Things Hedgehogs Are Not (x)
  • 25 WTF Disney Moments That Will Ruin Your Childhood (x)
  • 13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make (x)
  • The First Semester Of College, As Told By My Bar Mitzvah Pictures (x)
  • 14 Emojis Every “30 Rock” Fan Needs In Their Life (x)
  • 21 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sonic The Hedgehog (x)
  • 12 Disney Princesses As Lukewarm Bowls Of Water (x)
  • If “Parks And Recreation” Episodes Were Titled Like “Friends” Episodes (x)
  • 18 Times The One Direction Fandom Went Too Far On Tumblr (x)
  • 9 Fashion Tips From Stylish Hedgehogs (x)
  • Find Your “Sonic The Hedgehog” Doppelgänger (x)
  • What’s Your Personality Type Based On Your Opinion Of Eggs? (x)
  • FYI: Beans From “Even Stevens” Is Working At A Mall Now (x)
  • We Know Who Designed Your Eye Bags Based On Your Birth Month (x)
  • 12 Reasons Why Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows, Should Be Your New Favorite Cat (x)
  • 13 Things Everyone Who’s Obsessed With Creme Eggs Will Understand (x)
  • 13 Potatoes That Look Like Channing Tatum (x)
  • Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Haters In 1911 (x)
  • 18 Photos Of Albert Einstein Being Super Chill (x)