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I know I run a book blog so maybe this isn’t the right platform for this, but girls: Please look out for other girls. Tonight I was stuck at a bus stop in Shoreditch circa 2 AM and saw another young woman getting harassed by a drunk, aggressive dude, and at first I thought, “She’s got it under control.” But then he started touching her and I went “No, that’s definitely not right.” So I barged over and shoved him out of the way and said, “Beth?? Oh my God, how are you, I haven’t seen you since grade school!” And this girl I’d never seen before in my life threw her arms around my neck and whispered, “You are an angel, thank God.” We talked for fifteen minutes, the creep lost interest, I watched her get on the bus and I will sleep so much better knowing she got home in one piece. If you see something weird happening, intervene. The worst that can happen is embarrassment, and I think that’s worth the risk when you consider the alternative.

I think one of the greatest gifts writers can give each other is the act of simple witness. To say to each other: I believe you and I believe in you and I want you to keep on keeping on because that’s the only way. Write that story or poem or essay or novel or play or advice column that you feel compelled to write, no matter what the market says.
5. “Racist writing is a craft failure.”

Kwame Dawes pointed this out at AWP. I’ve quoted it before, and it bears repeating again and again. We talk about these issues like they are a moral/political issue alone, but stereotypes are clichés. If you write them, whether characters, plot points, or contextual cues, you are writing some shit that has been done again and again. It’s boring and you can do better.
—  12 Fundamentals Of Writing “The Other” (And The Self)
I agree with Daniel José Older on most things.