~ Sebastian’s never read Harry Potter but is pretty clear on what his patronus would be ~
Kaye Toal: So the patronus is like the animal that would represent you and fight off the things that make you sad or uncomfortable.
Sebastian Stan: Oh, that’s amazing. What a great… I think it would probably be a wolf.
Kaye Toal: OK, why?
Sebastian Stan: Because I feel like I’ve got one living with me at all times anyway. [x]


‘I have a big phobia of public bathrooms. I’ve been harassed a lot, like, just like verbally harassed. Someone’ll be like ‘oh, this is the girls bathroom’, like ‘oh I am a girl’. They could just leave it at that, that’s fine. ‘You aren’t a girl’ like ‘how dare you come in the bathroom’ and then ‘I don’t believe you’. I don’t blame people for being surprised, I just don’t know what to do when they “overreact”. Do you want me to show you?? I don’t know what else to do.’ - Amber Liu