Things You Might Not Know About Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” Video

Yes, those wolves were real.

posted on Feb. 9, 2016, at 5:36 p.m.

Candace Lowry BuzzFeed Video Curator

By now, Swifty or not, you’ve heard of Taylor Swift’s EPIC music video for “Out of the Woods.” She recently released a behind the scenes video, and it’s actually pretty crazy. Here are a couple things we learned.

Those wolves were real AF. A trainer had them growl, run at the camera, and look savage as hell.


The frozen scene was actually the warmest to film thanks to it actually being inside.

Her dress was dipped in wax to look like it was frozen.

All the underwater scenes were shot in a pool.

There was a lot less CGI involved than you think. The beach and forest scenes were mostly done on location in New Zealand.

The mud scene looked miserable… and it was.

Thanks for sacrificing yourself for the video view, T-Swift!

Source:  Buzzfeed

Here is my full piece, ‘Femerai’, for the upcoming 1001 Knights Anthology. I’m very happy to announce it was selected to be part of an exclusive Buzzfeed article about 1001 Knights!

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Mini Halftime Rant

I find it so disrespectful that so many news outlets and online articles think that it’s cool to slam Coldplay and make fun of their performance and even go as far as to say that Beyoncé or Bruno Mars were the real stars of the show. While I did think everyone’s performance was great, I think they should have a bit more respect for Coldplay and their music. It’s okay not to like a certain artist, but at least act professional about it.

Welcome home, friendbeast! Today, I have taken the liberty of preparing a rousing game of Fetchball for us! The rules are quite simple, you see.

First, the player with the ball must toss the Fetchball in any direction. Then, the member of the opposing team must retrieve said ball, and return it to the opposing team in as short a time as possible. There is no score kept, but I assure you, speed is of the utmost importance here. The winner is the player who can outlast their opponent.

Given that I have no thumbs, and am, as a result, rendered incapable of participating in the activity of throwing, I’m afraid you will be stuck on the throwing team in definitely. Shall we begin?

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Use ~all~ of the space in your kitchen by storing bulk foods in baskets on top of your cabinets.

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Both wire and woven baskets would look equally great. It just depends on your personal style!

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