Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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anonymous asked:

You confessing to Wonwoo but he doesnt accept it at first because he has his sights on someone else. But then it turns from angst to fluff and idek how it will go (i have faith in you guys!) A long scenario if it's not a bother? Thank u!

Ay this was a really nice request and I hope you like how I went about it! Longer requests are always welcome - I hope this is long enough for you ^^

Note: If you happen to have a cat allergy, let’s agree that you’re taking some good meds in the scenario… 

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 5,983 words

From the very first time you met him, Wonwoo had held a special place in your heart. There was something captivating, something inviting and something very familiar about him that really appealed to you, and not once did say or do anything that had your heart faltering - quite the opposite, really.

The first time you met, you had raised your eyebrows upon seeing a man randomly crouched in the middle of the street, which wasn’t exactly your everyday sight. When you walked closer, however, you could see that he was playing with a kitten, a small smile on his face as the small cat meowed and tried to reach for his hand.

“Is it yours?” you had found yourself asking him, and the man had turned to look at you in surprise, still smiling, and you had taken note of how you could’ve sworn you’d seen him before.

“No, I just found it from the street. But I’m contemplating…” his voice had trailed off as he had turned back to the kitten, giving it his hand to lean against, which it did while closing its eyes. The man’s smile softened. “I don’t want to leave it here. It won’t live long if I do.”

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Nothing Was The Same

She knows bro.

Your girl isn’t stupid. She just loves you. She let’s it slide. Bites her tongue. Lies to herself. But she knows.

She knows you. Always around you. Accepted your flaws. Even saw the cuteness in them. Appreciated the kinks in your armor. Made you realer. To her at least. So she knows when you’re not yourself. When you’re hiding something.

You started acting distant. You thought you weren’t. You thought you played it off. She knew. When you got home late and went straight to the shower. When you didn’t wanna kiss her. You said your battery died. When you said you were tired. All the times you cancelled on her.

She knew bruh.

You were out with her. It was all good. Actually having fun together. Drinks come. A few more. 1am. You’re still with her but you’re not. You’re buzzed. You’re on your phone texting the whole time. She’s pretending not to be upset. Trying her hardest not to look at who you’re texting. Your close friends are actually out with yall.  So…Maybe it’s family? It’s 1am.

She knew bruh.

You push her away like you pushed her away before. Because she’s always there when you’re done. She’s loyal so you take advantage of it. You got a rope. So you use it.

You’re so busy doing you, that you don’t realize it. Yea she comes back. But every time you push her away…you push her away a little further.

You see when you’re with someone…you rub off on them. From music, food, slang, likes….and yea…even your insecurities.

She tried to bring it up. You weren’t trying to hear it. Manipulated the situation. It always works. Maybe?

She stops answering as much. Shorter answers. Stops looking for you as much. Now you notice the change. You bring it up.

“what’s wrong with you…why are you acting different?”

She smiles. A mild mocking laugh.

“nothing. I’m great. How was your day?”

But nothing was the same.

You see everyone has a limit. You can’t hurt someone anymore than they are willing to hurt themselves. Once you pass that fine line of their threshold of pain…the hurt becomes anger and embarrassment. They’re embarrassed they let you. She doesn’t even tell you anything anymore. Doesn’t complain.

Now you’re stuck. Mad she’s not acting the same. You’re like “I’ve always been me…why is she trippin NOW?” You front. Still do you. Texting mad bitches. You love the attention. Like why do I need HER? They love me. Hanging out. Living the dream right. Till you wake up.

You realize something that the younger you would troll you for.

Having mad bitches is the loneliness shit ever.

But the younger you never had someone loyal like that. Someone unconditional. Someone who actually cared.

Time passes. You still front. Don’t show emotion. You say shit like “whatever” or “Fuck it” or “it is what it is”. You know. The shit you said for years. The same years that you didn’t make it work.

Until you see her. Somewhere. Anywhere. With someone.

You text her. Twice. Talking shit. You’re buzzed from a night out with bitches that you don’t care about.

She doesn’t answer.

You call. Twice. You’re livid.

She doesn’t answer.

You think the worst. Is she with this dude? Homie looks like a bitch. Is she fucking him? Wait…even worse…did she suck his dick?

You’re sick. All this you wanna ask her. All of this you shouldn’t. Cause all of it is true.

Maybe you thought she would always wait. Maybe you thought nobody else would want her. Word? Nobody would want someone that attentive? Someone who cares and loves? Someone loyal? Someone who was down? Someone touched you like no one else did?

You front. Text bitches. None of them answer. It’s 3am and you’re outside your girls crib. Well she’s dudes girl now. Her car ain’t there. You front. Say fuck it. You’re no longer buzzed. You drive home. Sick.

She would always answer no matter when you hit her up. Not anymore. Nothing was the same.

She always knew bruh.

Crossing Lines

Summary: AU Jensen and reader moved to LA so he could pursue a music career. A new tenant just moved into their building.  His name is Chris and he’s an up and coming actor.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Reader, Chris Evans

Word Count:  2322

Warnings: SMUT, angst, fluff, cheating

A/N: These are my two faves and my mind wandered as I thought about what it would be like to have to choose between them. This is the result. This will be a multi-part series.

Thank you to @trexrambling for betaing this for me!

All images are from Google Search, credit goes to their owners.

2004, Los Angeles, CA

You walk into the kitchen and over to the sink, plugging it before pouring in some soap and turning on the faucet.  You notice Jensen’s plate sitting about eight inches to the right of the sink and you sigh.

“Seriously, Jay?” you call to him.

“What, babe?” he asks, coming up behind you and resting his hands on your hips.

“You couldn’t have gone another eight inches to the left?” you ask, gesturing to the plate.

“Hmm, eight inches.  Is that all you need?” he whispers at the shell of your ear.

Electric currents race down your spine, settling at the base with a tingle.

“I’ve got more than eight, right here.”  He brushes your hair to the side, kissing your exposed neck as he grinds against your ass.   You arch into him and his hands slide up from your hips, caressing your breasts as you reach back, clasping your hand around his neck.  “How ‘bout I say thank you for washing the dishes?”  He nibbles the side of your throat.

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Thanks Kitty - T’Challa x Reader

Okay y’all I been thinking of a prompt and I came up with this! Big thanks to @pocmarvelworks​ and @multi-fandom-fiction​ for being my inspiration! This is for you!

“T’Challa, taste these yams!” you ordered, holding out a spoon weighed down by sweet orange mush out to the King of Wakanda.  To many, he was just that - the Black Panther, King of Wakanda but to you? He was your sweet boyfriend.  “Mnandi, this is not necessary.  The food looks great,” He assured you.  “Okay, but does it taste great though?”  T’Challa sighed as you inched the spoon closer to his lips.  He let the spoon enter his lips, and you watched him as he tasted its content.  “Delicious,” he said decidedly, “It has a fantastic taste.”  

“Mhmm - bet you’d like to taste something else,” W’Kabi murmured as he took a quick sip of his wine.  T’Challa smacked him in the bad of his head as he and Okoye tried unsuccessfully to cover their laughs.  You would’ve laughed too, but you had other things on your mind.  “Did you two finish with the decorations?”  “Would we be sitting here if we didn’t?” Okoye responded as she rubbed the ears of Chaki, T’Challa’s pet panther, “(Y/N), you must relax.  This dinner is going to go off without a hitch.”  “Yes,” W’Kabi agreed, “Keep panicking like this and you’ll give yourself an ulcer.”  Chaki purred in agreement.  “I am not panicking.”  “Mhmm, sure,” W’Kabi said sarcastically.  “I think what W’Kabi and Okoye mean is that you are doing so well with the preparations.  What could go wrong under your supervision?” T’Challa amended.  You sighed as you let him wrap his arms around you and kiss your temple.  You knew he was right, but you still weren’t feeling confident enough.

It was the first dinner you were having with your family and T’Challa’s.  Your mother Janet, your grandmother Michelle, your younger sister Aisha and older brother John (along with his four old babygirl Tia) were visiting you in Wakanda for the first time.  They were annoyed at first, as you and T’Challa had to wed in secret due to the risk of assassination at a public wedding, but he did make the announcement a week later (after you had returned from a very steamy honeymoon).  At least your family was forgiving.  And you were so excited, yet so panicked.  Your family visiting your husband’s family in Wakanda for the first time? Wow.  Unfortunately, Bast loved to play tricks.  Your chef, Mumbazi, had gotten sick on the day your family were supposed to be flying in.  Luckily, you were a chef when T’Challa had met you, and old habits do die hard.  

“Okay, I’ve got the Turkey - John’s favorite, I’ve got the Collard Greens - mom’s favorite, I’ve got the yams - grandma’s favorite…wait, where is the Fufu?!”  “Right here,” T’Challa soothed bringing it to the dining table, “next to the Cranberry Sauce - Aisha’s favorite, I know.”  “Okay.  Is the hallway clean?”  “Yes my queen,” one of your other helpers around the palace, M’laka, answered.  “Okay, good!” You felt a lot better now.  “Just in time too, your family’s here,” Ayo called.  You swiftly rushed to the throne room, handing on of the other helpers your apron before they ran off to ready the rest of the food.  T’Challa followed you as you fluffed your puffy afro and straightened the wrinkles in your dress.

You walked into the throne room, looking fabulous and saw your family there with big smiles on your face.  T’Challa smiled as you happily hugged them and kissed them, it was nice for him to finally see you relaxed for the day.  Once your reunion had finally calmed down, Tia noticed Chaki staring at her with inquisitiveness.  “A kitty!” she shouted with joy running toward him with childish joy on her face.  Chaki backed up with distrust and Tia stopped, now sad that the animal didn’t like her.  “He’s just a bit defensive,” T’Challa assured her as he knelt down her level, “Panthers tend to run or bite when they get scared.  Don’t ever run up to one if you don’t know them, okay?”  Tia nodded.  “Good, now make a fist like this,” T’Challa said balling up his hand.  Tia did as he said.  “Good, now we’re going to let him sniff it okay?” “What does he do that?” Tia asked T’Challa as Chaki’s nose lined her fingers, trying to get a sniff.  “Well Panthers have a very strong sense of smell.  He can tell who is who by how they smell, and who he likes.”  Tia laughed as Chaki licked her fingers and purred at her touch.  T’Challa laughed, “See, isn’t he sweet?”  Tia nodded as the panther wrapped himself around her, his body still vibrating with purrs.  

“I see Tia’s met Chaki,” John spoke walking up to T’Challa, “And good too, she’s been wanting a cat.”  T’Challa smiled and the two got acquainted, “Nice to meet you, I am T’Challa, (Y/N)’s new husband.”  “So this is him huh?  He is as cute as you say.” “Aisha,” you chastised.  Your sister had a habit of having literally no filter.  “It’s alright love,” he said, shaking Aisha’s hand, “I have heard much about you too.  It is a pleasure to meet all of you!”  “Likewise,” Aisha said as servants came to take their luggage to their room, “And you got servants too? Damn!” “Oh lord,” your grandmother, Michelle sighed at her daughter’s language.  Tia and John just giggled.  You glared at your older brother, “Do not encourage her.”  Being your older brother, John just continued to snicker.  “Oh yeah,” Aisha said as she linked arms with your husband as you all walked into the palace, “Since we’re pretty much family now, let me all of (Y/N)’s most embarrassing stories.”  “Aisha!” You snapped, glad your melaninated skin was good at hiding your blushes.  “What? He’s your new boothang.  He needs to know.”  “Yes (Y/N),” T’Challa said with false innocence, “I need to know everything about you.”  You glared at the sneaky look he slipped you.  Oh you ain’t gettin’ no pussy for a goodass week, you thought.

Things were soon settled in, and now it was time for dinner.

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Everyone was soon sitting down in their assigned seats and eating, joyfully laughing and talking with on another.  It was pure harmony.  Your mother was talking with T’Challa, who - using his charms, swiftly wore down her anger over your not-wedding.  Your sister was flirting with W’Kabi, who returned it just fine.  And even your grandmother was getting along with Ramonda, both of whom were chatting about their lives.  Yeah, pure harmony.  Your mother, however, soon caught your niece paying a little too much attention to a certain panther.  “Tia, stop playin’ with Chaki and eat ya’ food,” she chastised.  “Sorry grandma,” she apologized, getting couple more rubs in before she and Chaki dug back into their food.

Everyone dismissed it as a child being a child and laughed it off, going back to their food.  However, things swiftly took a turn for the worst.  


Aw shit, you thought catching sight of an unusually large yellowjacket swirling near one of the light, 3….2…1…and…  

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  Everyone was startled by Tia’s screaming.  John swiftly tried to calm her down as she buried herself deep in his arms.  Chaki growled at the flying insect that brought discontent and fear to his new friend.  T’Challa whistled, catching his pet’s attention, “Chaki! Fetch!”  The panther glared back at the bee before readying himself in his seat.  Once ready, he sprung through the air, catching the bee in his paws, and narrowly missing the light before gracefully landing on all fours.  He beat the insect to death, crushing it over and over with his heavy black paws, giving it one last deafening roar for good measure.  Chaki slowly turned back to us.  I feared the reaction my family would have, but it turns out I was worrying for nothing when they broke out in rousing cheers and applause, followed by the rest of the table.  

“Yay Chaki!” Tia cheered as the panther in praise smugly sauntered back to his seat.  “That is a very impressive panther you’ve got there!” Your mother noticed.  “Oh he doesn’t need me,” T’CHalla spoke, connecting eyes with Chaki, “He does it all on his own.”  Chaki gave a sweet grumble T’Challa’s words.  “Thanks Kitty,” Tia mumbled, kissing Chaki’s nose, making everyone ‘aww’ at the sweetness.  Yeah, you thought, taking a sip of your wine, Thanks Kitty.  

AND that is all folks!  Once again,@pocmarvelworks and @multi-fandom-fiction​, I hope you both especially like this!  I was SEVERELY inspired by the two of you!  Please, please enjoy!  AND PLEASE SHARE AND REBLOG!  I wanna see what other people think!

Ronan and Noah at a rave
-Noah playing with glow sticks. He has 20. He makes Ronan a crown. Ronan looks damn good in it.
-Ronan and Noah dancing to crazy electronica music and both actually being awesome dancers.
-Ronan drinking and then having Noah take some of his energy, and it actually gives Noah a buzz? Like, Holy shit, Ronan, drink more I haven’t been drunk in years!
-Someone throwing glitter and Noah fucking covering himself in it.
-Noah and Ronan losing their shit because someone made a dance version of the Murder Squash song and they are seriously never going to listen to anything else ever again ever.
-The waitress who almost kills them because they come into the diner at 3am drunk and covered in glitter and she does not get paid enough to deal with this shit.
-Ronan finally passing out in Noah’s room in Monmouth because he is not getting glitter in his room, but also because he knows Noah will like having glitter on his bed.
-Noah lying down beside him, trying to remember what it’s like to sleep next to someone after a good day.
-Ronan pretending he’s not awake when Noah lies down even though Noah’s really cold.

5) “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

yes no?  i dunno. sorta?

Will had promised himself he wouldn’t drink at the party. He knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it and that he would feel guilty if not horribly sick the next day.

So how in the world had he already started on his third Bailey’s glass? Granted, he thought it was coffee at first, but the first bitter sip told him it wasn’t. But his brother, Austin, told him not to be a wimp and made him finish his glass. And then he’d wanted another because he could feel the buzz and he liked the light, dizzy feeling it gave him. And when he was done with that one he wanted another just to keep himself teetering on that line between buzzed and shit-faced.

“Take it easy man” Austin said through laughter. Will nodded then laughed because as he nodded, the floor tilted and gave his stomach a ticklish feeling.

“What’s with Solace?” a voice asked. A very smooth lovely voice that made Will think of dark melted chocolate.

“He’s drunk.”

“Not drunk,” he protested. “I know what I am saying and what I’m doing. I just can’t remember it for longer than five minutes.” He drank more from his glass scrunching his face as the liquor burned down his throat and to his stomach, making him warm all over.

“Nice,” the angel voice said. “I’m probably five shots away from that. Speaking of which, Austin, do you want to play beer pong? We’re using tequila and shot glasses though.”

“You know how good I am at that game,” Austin warned.

“Yep. Give me a reason to get stupid drunk without anyone calling me irresponsible.”

Austin grabbed Will by the arm to steady him as he walked. Will could walk straight just fine. He just had to concentrate very hard. “Stay here bro.” Will nodded and watched as they began to play. The white ping pong ball bounced this way and that and Will followed it with his swaying body.

Eventually he stood up and tugged on Austin’s shirt, causing him to miss his shot. “Can I get another?”

“Go get it,” he grumbled. “You can serve yourself.”

Will pouted and felt the ping pong ball hit his arm. He stared at his arm for a few seconds before looking up at his attacker. A raven haired boy was stifling laughter through lidded eyes, using the table to hold himself up. “I missed,” he giggled. Will chuckled and walked away in search of his next drink.

He returned and watched the game, not really able to keep track of the ball anymore. He saw them throw it, but by the time he looked for where it went, the other had thrown it back. “Another!” someone shouted. Will wondered who it was. “Another!” Oh. It was him. “Austin.” His brother glanced at him. “I want another.”

“Go get it then.”

“Can’t walk,” he yawned. He didn’t know if he could fit another drink into his system, but he was going to try. Austin walked away and Wil started to lean over to lay down when he pressed his face against something cold. Leather. “You’re not a couch,” he accused the angel.

“Uh-uh,” he answered. “I’m Nico.”

“I know,” Will blurted. “I’ve had a crush on you since like junior year.”

“No way,” Nico said. “Bro.”

“No. No Bro. Very homo.” Nico burst into a fit of giggles and Will joined in. He knew he was talking. He knew what he was saying. But he didn’t know why he was okay with saying it and unable to stop. It was like the words were out of his mouth as he thought them rather than stopping at the part of his brain that let him figure out whether or not they would ruin his college career and the rest of his life.

“Me too” Nico said. “The homo part.”

No,” Will said incredulously. “Wha-at?” he said in a high pitch.

“You’re really cute.” Will laughed. “And super happy.” Will nodded. “I liked you since ninth grade,” he offered.

“No way,” Will muttered. “So like…. Wha-at?”

“I’m just gonna-.” He leaned forward and met Will’s lips. In the state he was in, he wasn’t quite sure what was happening. He couldn’t process the kiss. Couldn’t burn it into his memory to remember what it was like though some part of him really wanted to. But he did kiss him back. Belatedly, slowly, and sloppily.

“Aw dude, come on. That’s my brother,” Austin whined when he came back.

“Shaddup,” Nico snapped, as Will searched for his lips again. The party goers noticed them and began to cheer. It only encouraged Nico, who made Will fall back against the couch as he hovered over him.

“Oh ew okay, get off my little brother.” Austin stepped forward and dragged him off.

Immediately Will stood, making himself dizzy in the process, and grasped onto Nico’s jacket. “No! Mine! Off!” He snatched him back and grumbled. “Leave us alone,” he whined.

“You’re drunk off your ass, Will. I’m not leaving you al- oh come on, the cheerleaders just got here. Uh… Fine. But you stay right here. Both of you keep your clothes on.” Austin disappeared and almost immediately, Nico was back on top of Will.

He wasn’t sure when he’d fallen asleep. But when he woke up, his mouth was dry, his head foggy, his stomach burning. Will groaned and sat up, wondering whose bed he was in. He threw the covers off and stood, overwhelmed by the nausea that rolled through him. “Oh God,” he grumbled. He shuffled, somewhat shakily to the door and down the hall of the frat house. There was a mess everywhere.

He saw his brother asleep on the couch and shook his head. He looked for water and nearly jumped out of his own skin when someone came into the kitchen after him. “Dude! You’re freaking hilarious when you’re drunk! And a total flirt. Man, get it!”

“What?” he asked, wincing.

But the guy was gone and Will didn’t have the strength to chase him. He went to the bathroom and took the longest piss of his life before washing his hands. When he looked in the mirror, he gasped so loudly, he choked on his spit.

At his neck were several dark purple marks, trailing to his chest and shoulders. “What the?” he stumbled out, and woke his brother. Austin blinked and groaned staring at Will angrily. “What is this? How did I get these? What did I do last night?”

“Dude,” Austin grumbled. “Stop screaming. God, relax, you were totally safe.”

“How did I get these?” he asked again.

“How do you think, smartass? They’re hickeys, you can’t really get them any other way.”

“But who-?” Someone else stumbled into the living room, shoved by another guy. Will caught his breath when he saw who it was. Nico di Angelo, the boy he’d been crushing on since he was in fifth grade.

“Jesus, stop pushing me, Cecil!” he snapped.

“Well stop bombarding me with questions this early! Go ask your boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” he questioned. He glanced around the living room until his eyes came to Will. “Oh. Hey. You’re… you’re Austin’s brother, right?”

“Dude,” Austin said lifting his head from the couch. “Cut the crap. You already told him everything last night.”

“Wh-what?” Will asked as Nico paled. “What’s going on?”

“Oh. Oh. Oh no,” Nico muttered.

“Congrats to the happy couple now shut the hell up and let everyone else sleep,” Cecil said before turning back.

“What he said,” Austin said, muffled by pillows.

Nico stepped toward Will slowly, nervously. “Did… did I do that?” he asked, looking at his neck.

“I don’t know,” Will admitted, looking at the marks against Nico’s neck. His face flushed and he cleared his throat awkwardly. “I don’t remember anything.”

“Me either,” he admitted. “I guess… we should help each other out?”

“O-okay,” Will stammered.

Shut. Up,” Austin growled.

welcome to middlebourough land

bmc requested by: @localbruha

post-squip; jeremy is buds w/ rich and michael isn’t really, so jer is like “hey you should also be friends with rich” and michael agrees so he and rich becomes friends but jer then feels jealous bc mike is hanging with rich more and more


Monday. Great.
I walk down the hall to meet up with Rich- yes that Rich, the same Rich that bullied me for a year, the same Rich that set a fire and burned down a house.
That’s all behind us now that the Squip is gone. Ever since that happened, everyone has been pretty chill and not as douchey.
I see Rich up ahead, with Jake, and go towards him.

“Hey, Heere!” Rich calls as soon as I reach him.
“Jeremy.” Jake nods.

“Hey, Rich, Jake.” I say.

As they continue to talk, i take my time to look around.

I see Chloe texting someone, and Brooke trailing behind her like a lost puppy. There’s Jenna talking to Justin Croft about something drastic that has happened.

And walking through the door is Michael. Michael has been my friend, since I can remember. Walking with him, is Christine. I dated her for a while, but we just didn’t click. I was heartbroken for a while, but Michael helped me through it.

“Heere? Heere? JEREMY!” Rich yells as i snap back to reality.

“Um what?” I say (awkwardly shall I add).

“Why don’t you ask Mike over there to hang with us?” Rich asks, also looking at Michael.

“Um, I don’t know, Michael doesn’t do well with new people. I-I could try though, heh.” I say.

Rich gestures to get Michael and I take a deep breath and go to him. Ever since I broke up with Christine, I’ve been closer with Michael. Yeah sure, I was close with him before, but it’s different, ya know?

I get to Michael, “Hey buddy! Rich wants to k is if you want to hang with us?” I ask.

Michael darts his eyes towards Rich and Jake and then back to me.
“Umm, I don’t know man. I promised Christine to help her with math.” Michael says scratching the back of his neck.

Christine interjects, “No no! It’s fine! Really. I’ll just ask someone else.” She says smiling.

Michael laughs nervously and shrugs, “Guess I’m with you guys.”

“Hey,” I say putting a hand on his shoulder, “You don’t have to if you’re not comfortable.”

He gives me a warm smile, “It’s fine, we all need to get out of our comfort zone once in a while.”

We walk back to Rich and see that Jake had left to go talk to other people.

Rich sends Michael a warm smile, “Hey, Michael, how ya doin’?” Rich asks.

Michael shrugs, “Good I guess?”

Suddenly the bell rings signaling that first is starting.

“Nice chatting with you too! See ya at lunch?” Rich asks, walking away.

“See ya, Rich!” I call back, “You want me to walk you to science?” I ask Micheal.

“I’ll be fine. See you later, Jer!” Michael smiles and waves, and then he’s gone.

I wave back and then I’m off to first.


Lunch, best part of the day. I can finally eat food without getting in trouble. You can talk to your friends without being told to be quiet. You can wonder aimlessly outside. Do whatever in these 30 minutes.

I walk to where Michael and I usually have lunch and spot Michael and Rich looking at Rich’s phone.

I’ve gotta admit, I feel a pang of hurt, but quickly push it off like nothing and head over to them.

“Hey guys, hope you didn’t eat all the food without me,” I joke, sitting next to Michael, who is now i’m the middle.

“Dude, you have to see. Rich just showed me a video of Jake fall and dropping his Slushee!” Michael says between laughs as Rich hands over the phone to me.

To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to the video. I pretend to laugh and i glance at Michael and Rich’s legs touching. Weird, I know. it i still can’t help feeling… envious? I don’t know, but I don’t like it, whatever it is.

I hand the phone back, “Sooo, Michael, my dad is going out this weekend so it’s just me and I wanted to know if you wanted to sleep over or something? We could play games, you’ll be my player two! Like old time,” I smile awkwardly at Michael.

Michael eyes widen, “Oh! Uuhh well, actually, Rich kinda already invited me over and, uh, I said yeah?” Michael scratches his neck.

Ok now that hurts.

“Oh, that’s fine. You two have fun,” I sadly smile.

Michael looks at me for a second and turns back to Rich to finish their conversation.

For the rest of lunch, I stay quiet.


Last day till another week of hell.

And the last day till I see him again.

His tan skin, black hair. His brown eyes and that same damn red sweatshirt he wears everyday.


I hear my phone buzz, and I shit up from my bed to retrieve it.

It’s from him.
Of course it is.

Player 1: jer, u ok????

I quickly text back:

jerbear: ya?????? why wouldn’t i be????

Player 1: u seemed off on fri…

jerbear: bro,,, i’m fine,,, really
jerbear: aNyWaY
jerbear: how was hanging w/ rich?

Player 1: oh
Player 1: we never ended up hanging out…

jerbear: oh??? why?

Player 1: i just,, didn’t feel like it.
Player 1: it’s not that same

jerbear: ??? explain

I turn off my phone and go downstairs to get lunch while waiting for a reply.

Once I get downstairs, I see my dad (without pants) making something that we’ll probably eat for dinner.

“Hey they, Heere!” He greets.

“Hey dad.” I reply, getting left over pizza from the fridge.

“Why do you sound so… meh?” He asks, turning around.

“Why is everyone asking that!?” I snap, slamming the fridge door shut.

“Woah, Jeremy, just askin’.” Dad says, putting his hands up defensively.

I sigh, “Sorry, I’ve just been…” I trail off looking outside the kitchen window.

“Huh, so you like someone?” Dad says smiling.


“Jeremy!” My dad cuts me off, “I was just asking!! But by the seems of that answer… you do like someone!” He laughs.

“Ugh, dad, I- I don’t know.” I say sitting down at the table and putting my head down.

“Well, if you do like someone, I’ll be there to help you sort it out.” He reassures me, patting me on the back.

I sigh once more, and head back upstairs with my cold pizza.

Once I sit back on my bed, I check me phone for any answer, and I’m surprised to see multiple texts from Michael.

Player 1: its just whenever im hanging round rich and ur not there it doesnt feel the same
Player 1: like ya rich is cool and all that jazz but its just two dudes hanging out
Player 1: but w/ u it feels more personal and kajdjsjdk
Player 1: ugh sorry i’m venting
Player 1: ill stop bothering u

I immediately reply.

jerbear: nonono tell me, i want to know

Player 1: its complicated bro

jerbear: there’s nothing you can’t tell me
jerbear: i’ll be there for you

Player 1: but what if u hate me???

jerbear: there is nothing you can do to make me hate you man

Player 1: okok hold on it’s a lot to write

And with that, he starts typing away and I am left to wonder.


An hour later and I still haven’t gotten a reply, and it’s starting to worry me.

Finally, my phone buzzes and I quickly go to read it.

Player 1: i like you

Wait.. was that it!? That’s what took an hour to write!?

But wait, does he like me? As a friend or… more??????

jerbear: i like you too bro

Player 1: no
Player 1: i mean i LIKE you

jerbear: oh…

Ok, that wasn’t the right to to send.

But the question is… do I feel the same way?

Player 1: jeremy??!!

jerbear: give me a min to think k

Player 1: !!!!


It’s now Monday morning and I’ve been looking at that message all night, trying to figure out what to say.

I begin typing.

jerbear: 1) sorry i haven’t answered yet, i needed time to think
jerbear: 2) i like you too
jerbear: 3) i think i’ve been lowkey jealous of you hanging with rich

Player 1: woah man
Player 1: sweet
Player 1: wanna go out on a date????

I smile at the text.

jerbear: sure :)

Player 1: :))

jerbear: :))))
jerbear: date meaning you and i get stoned in your basement and watch a movie

Player 1: were gonna watch Docot Stange

jerbear: bro
jerbear: that’s gonna be so trippy

Player 1: ikik

jerbear: let’s do it

Make you feel better - Jungkook Smut

Warning: Smut, teasing, a little angst. Roughhhhhhh <3

Words: 1774

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Originally posted by aestheticvbts

You had been BTS’ friend for a long time. You really loved them and they loved you, too. You were always joking and playing around with each other. But you had a boyfriend, so you had to resist your impulse to fangirling and contain the attraction you felt for them, since you were still an army.

 However, Jungkook flirted with you all the time. You really would like to answer but you could not. You were not a cheater. But, despite you were not a betrayer, your relationship had become a real shit. You always fight, he always tried to tell you what to do, and always used to tell you to stop seeing the boys that much, but you never did, you were much close to them.

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Dance with Me

|| Dean x Reader ||

Word Count: 449

Warnings: swearing, drinking, mild injury, brief mention on gore, fluff.

Author’s Note: This was written for Karissa’s 200 Follower Challenge! Congrats on 200 followers, @imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms! My prompt is “Come over here and make me.“ This is my first entry for a challenge, so I hope it doesn’t suck!

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After your fifth shot of whiskey, you were starting to feel a hearty buzz. All your life, you had been a lightweight, but it wasn’t until recently that the boys had found out your little secret. 

 And since that day, just a few weeks ago, they were doing everything in their power to get you drunk. Except, today, it had blown back in their faces. Now all four of you were drunk and running around the bunker like a bunch of toddlers hopped up on sugar. 

 "Oh, I’m gonna get you to dance with me, sweetheart!” Dean shouted as he chased you down. You shook your head as you jumped onto the table.

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Bachelor Party

Author(s): justrae2010
Rating: Mature
Summary:  It’s not every bachelor party that you’re treated to a strip tease from your fiancee.

“Phichit,” he said, drawing Phichit’s reluctant pout to him. “Where’s Yuuri?”

He could be lying in a ditch somewhere, drunk off his face, or in the arms of some other man - obviously not Yuuri’s choice, but if Phichit was like this then Yuuri must be so drunk, and-

Phichit batted Victor’s hands away from his face, shoving on his shoulder. Victor tilted his body, but didn’t take his eyes off Yuuri’s best man for a second. He didn’t have to though, barely remembering how to do anything more than blink as tanned fingers reached for him, chin pinched between Phichit’s thumb and forefinger with surprising accuracy for the haze dancing in those grey eyes.

They angled his face to the stage, Phichit’s warm breath sighing over his ear in a way that sent shivers down Victor’s spine. “You’re looking at him.”

Victor’s eyes widened.

Suddenly, he knew exactly why the moves on stage looked familiar…

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Legit MiA AU

All the effects of the Curse are really mundane.

  • First Layer: Itchy back.
  • Second Layer: You get a snotty nose.
  • Third Layer: You lose your keys.
  • Fourth Layer: You keep stubbing your toe.
  • Fifth Layer: That feeling where you want to yawn but can’t.
  • Sixth Layer: There’s a really annoying buzzing noise.
  • Seventh Layer: Oh shit did you leave the oven on?

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