pointless fluff because honestly after that last one, i needed this


Your name is Dave Strider, and—oh hey, your phone is buzzing.  Better check that shit out.

[text from: the rad gf]: are you home?
[text to: the rad gf]: yeah

There is no response after that, so you assume Jade is on her way back to the apartment.  She’s probably tired and all from her work at the lab, so… yeah, it’s a Friday evening, so fuck it, you’re gonna order pizza and just chill tonight.  Once you place your order for a large pizza with like five kinds of cheese on it, you toss your phone aside, letting it land on the pile of cushions by the couch, and then you go get a can of Coke from the fridge.

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I will literally never understand people who fall asleep straight after getting into bed, like I have to contemplate the meaning of life, direct a movie, fantasise about my future, get up to pee at least thee times and write a thousand word essay before I can even think about sleeping

He’s getting married but not to you

"Where are you?"
You rolled over in your bed as your phone buzzed.
You exclaimed sitting up straight in bed as you read the text. You had three missed calls from Luke, about sixteen from Liz, Ben and jack.
Once again your phone began to ring, saying jack was calling you.
Quickly you picked up.
“Y/N! Thank god, where the hell are you?”
“Yes. You’re late to my wedding. It’s about to start.”
“I’m sorry I was out drinking with a friend last night and I kind of overslept, but I’m getting ready now and I’ll be at the church in half an hour.”
You ignored the pain in your head from last nights hangover and the pain in your heart from the fact that your best friend and the boy you’ve been in love with ever since he defended your superman cape in kindergarten. So yes, your heart has been broken a million times ever since.
Luke had this adorable first girlfriend you absolutely hated, for no real reason, because she was nothing but nice to you. You just hated her because you wanted to. As did you his many of following girlfriends and never bothered holding your opinion back in front of Luke.
As you turned 24 you decided it was time to grow up and get over it, so when Luke introduced his new girlfriend to you - which is now his fiancé and soon his bride - you decided to be the bigger person and welcome her with open arms. You still hated her. In fact she was the worst of all his exes, but you kept quiet, knowing you didn’t get a say in this.
Twenty minutes later you were rushing into the church, sunglasses covering your hungover face from the sun and people who had already started to arrive at the church.
You wore a simple lilac summer dress that ended just over your knee and matching heels. Your hair was hanging loosely over your shoulders since you didn’t have time to put it up, like you intended to due to lack of time.
As soon as you entered the back entry of the church you were greeted by Ben.
“Thank god! You’re here!”
He breathed out and you chuckled at his relief.
“She’s here!!”
He yelled trough the hallway and seconds later a very nervous Luke stumbled out of his room.
“What the hell took you so long?”
Damn he looked handsome in a tux. And damn he looked hot whisper-yelling at you.
“I’m sorry I overslept, but I swear I came here immediately. All I did was have a quick shower and get dressed. I’m not even wearing makeup.”
“You’re not?”
“No? Why?”
“Never mind. But still you took hours getting here.”
“You called twenty minutes ago and it’s a ten minutes drive, so…”
Luke said glancing at his watch.
“The ceremony is about to start”
Luke looked up into your eyes expectantly as if he expected you to reply something.
“Yeah. You ready?”
You fake beamed at him, a little too over excited, but Luke just looked down at his feet, mumbling.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“You guess?” You tried to loosen up the tension.
“You’re about to marry the love of your life, Luke. Brighten up!”
You pinched his cheek and he smiled at your touch. His smile not reaching his eyes. God he must be nervous as heck.
“Hey! Look at me. There is no need to be nervous at all. She’s already yours remember? And you can’t really screw anything up. By tonight you’ll be a married man, Lucas Robert Hemmings.”
Luke wanted to reply something, probably some sassy comeback for calling him Lucas, but he got cut off as Liz suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
“Y/N! You look beautiful!”
Liz cheered excitedly. She was practically beaming and why wouldn’t she be? Her youngest was about to marry the girl he loved. She took your hand in hers and swirled you around taking in the dress.
“The dress is gorgeous.”
“Thanks Liz, I love yours though.”
“Wanna switch?”
She joked.
Luke chuckled at the sight of his two favorite girls joking around and giggling.
“Liz, can you please help me look halfway representable? I didn’t get time to put of makeup because I slept in.”
“Yeah I heard. You were out the day before the big wedding? Not a great idea, I mean today you could meet one of Luke’s handsome bachelor friends. It’s time we got you a proper man, lady.”
Luke’s face hardened at his mums words, but he followed you back into his room in front of the mirror.
“Ok, first what do you want to do with your hair? Do you want me to pin it up?”
“No! You should leave it like that.”
Luke interrupted and you swore you saw his cheeks flush a bit, but shrugged it off.
“Alright, so let’s get to the makeup then.”
Luke watched his mum covering up the circles under your eyes, even though he loved your puffy eyes. Luke watched his mum highlighting your cheekbones, even though he loved the softness of your face. And he watched her putting on lipstick on your lips, matching the color of your outfit, even though it would be sticking all over his lips once he kissed you.
Woah, what? He did not just think that! He was getting married today, for Christ’s sake. But to the wrong girl, he thought.
“Geez, y/n what did you do last night? It’s almost impossible to cover up those circles under your eyes.”
“Sorry Liz, but I was out with a friend.”
Luke jumped in, taking you and Liz by surprise.
“Umm… You don’t know him.”
“Him? Is he cute? As in boyfriend material? Why didn’t you bring him?”
This time it was Liz to jump into the conversation bombarding you with questions, but before you were able to answer the door flung open making all of your heads snap towards the door.
“It’s time.”
Andy informed you walking over to Luke, who looked like a nervous wreck by now, to pet his shoulder.
“You ready?”
Luke replied and Liz clapped her hands in excitement. You chuckled, following her into the ceremony hall. As soon as you entered it hit you. Today was it. Luke was going to marry another girl. Up until now you had convinced yourself this wasn’t happening, but now there was no more way denying it. You walked over to your seats next to the hemmings family, but you weren’t really there. Your thoughts were going crazy and before you knew it the doors flung open again and the music began to play as the bride entered, everyone turning to look at her.
“I can’t do this.”
You mumbled more to yourself than anyone else and saw jacks head snap at you immediately, but you refused to meet his eyes as you stumbled out of your seat and nearly running for the door ignoring the people staring at you.


So I thought about writing a series of that, like all of the boys, what do you think? xx