Do you ever go to take a nap thinking “Maybe if I rest for a little while my head/anxieties will settle themselves and then I can be productive and do stuff afterwards” but fall asleep for like 3 hours and just can’t bring yourself to do anything you wanted to do after waking up

that ADD feel when ur teacher says you have to read like 5 pages in the text book and write notes on them and you only have 15/20 minutes to finish it and you’re trying to read but you keep having to reread everything because it won’t sink in and you keep reading words wrong and nothing stays in your head because all the words blur together and you’re worrying so much about how bad you are at reading and your head hurts and you want to cry

  • yesterday's horoscope:Get together with friends and share your ideas openly to ensure you aren't met with interferences as you move forward.
  • today's horoscope:Self-deception will lead to poor decisions. Take time to re-evaluate your current position and your next move.