buzzed driving is drunk driving

Designated Driver (Sasuhina)

Sasuke wasn’t religious but he was praying to God to forgive him for any sins he has done because damn did he want to be cleansed right now. He’d been sitting in this annoying club for hours on end waiting for his drunken blonde best friend to finally call it quits on his “Forget About Girls” party. Sasuke didn’t understand how you’d go to a hetero club to forget about girls but that was besides the point.

Naruto was heartbroken and he himself wasn’t heartless enough to let the male wander alone. So he sat by the bar where he could still have his eyes on the drunken blonde and relax at the same time.

But then it all went to hell when he caught sight of her. She pulled up besides him and sat on the stool as she ordered her water. Her lilac eyes turned to scan the crowd again, seemingly looking for someone. She sighed in relief when a brunette with double buns on her head drunkenly waved at her.

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AU: Castiel works at a fast food joint, it’s open til 2 AM.

Castiel gave himself a mental high five as he finally passed level 327 in Candy Crush. He looks at his wrist watch and sighs as he still has two more hours til he can close. It was 11:47PM and he’s already dying to go home and get some sleep.

He catches a glimpse of Balth sitting on the floor and phone in hand. Balth feels Castiel’s stare and he looks at him. “Yo, Cassie. Finally beat that level?

"Yeah. Finally.”

“Bloody finally, mate.” Balth stands up and stretches. He leans against the steel island and continues texting on his phone.

“You’re not even European…” Castiel rolls his eyes.

Balth turns his attention back to Castiel with a grin. “I’m one-fourth Euro. I still have the right to speak in this accent, chap.”

“It’s not that sexy.”

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