The Arena

Not two days after Christmas and Voltage found himself in a ravine surrounded on all sides by badniks of every variety, ready to try to turn the hedgefox into nothing but a memory. In the air, floating just out of range of his shockwave was the man commanding the horde, Doctor Eggman. The evil genius cackling loudly as the fur on the hybrid’s neck and back bristled, quills puffing outward defensively with a warning growl, but none of that seemed to faze the human.
No, what set off the doctor was the smirk that slowly grew on Votlage’s face as he reached for his handheld, turning on the music he had saved to the device. While the beat began, so did his movement, the hedgefox moving his feet in harmony as Eggman sent the charge.
To the outside and untrained eye, the teen looked like he was dancing as he spun, flipped and kicked at the badniks that would get in range. His tail good for bludgeoning the charging Motobugs, the Buzzbombers from above had him backflipping and using handsprings off of Rollers to take them out. After landing back on his feet from kicking one of the flyers into its buddy, his iridescent purple eyes took in the rest of them. Slow but heavy panting could be heard from him, mentally kicking himself for not taking the sheer number into account before the fight started.
The cackling laughter caught his attention and Voltage looked to see Eggman floating in his Eggmobile still out of range.
“I’ve got you now, you Fluffy Pincushion! This time you don’t have your friends or teammates to help you.”