The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

I’m not worried about TV, not worried about the crowd, not worried about the pageantry or the ambiance of what the tournament is about. I’m humbled by it all. Extremely grateful for my wife and the sacrifices that she makes and for our four children, growing up as sons and daughters of coaches is very volatile and extremely emotional.

A country kid that just hung in there. Hang in there, hang in there, hang in there, throw a good pitch, throw a good pitch. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, show up and go to work and do it every day no matter what’s surrounding you. That’s really hard, man.

You got to be a lion chaser to be married to me. She’s tougher than all them kids we play with. It’s really humbling, really humbling.

— Buzz Williams’, Marquette’s coach, response when asked why he went up in the stands after the win and kept the tv cameras waiting.

March Madness gives us a lot. Cinderella stories to great (if not slightly odd) postgame interviews like this.


“The 12 Days of Christmas” sung delightfully out of tune by the Marquette men’s basketball team.

I just finished reading Spare Parts A Marine Reservist’s Journey From Campus To Combat In 38 Days. The book, by Buzz Williams, put an interesting perspective on the Marine Corps that I had not considered before. If you’re interested in the Marine Corps, already enlisted or just like to read a good book I would definitely recommend it! It took me two days to read so it goes by pretty quickly, but you’ll find yourself interested in the story line the whole way through! So pick it up!


“We win because of our heart” — Marquette Coach Buzz Williams’ locker room talk after the Golden Eagles’ comeback against Davidson, 59 to 58, on March 21, 2013. Three-minute video by Marquette Athletics.

“Regardless of the perception of me, of our team, whether we’re supposed to win, whether it’s supposed to be an ugly game — in the end none of those things matter. What matters is the trust that was involved by most of those single-parent moms that said, ‘Buzz, I trust ya. Take care of my boy. ‘Cause he’s all I got.’ So regardless of my attitude toward you guys, I have to be accountable to those mothers. And in the end, that’s how I’m going to be judged.” - Buzz Williams

Frank Beamer to headline Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am

Frank Beamer to headline Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am

Tournament Officials announced this week that college coaches John “Doc” Holliday and Dan D’Antoni from Marshall University, Tony Gibson and Ron Everhart from West Virginia University, and Frank Beamer and Buzz Williams from Virginia Tech will participate in the Wednesday Pro-Am at The Greenbrier Classic.

The Wednesday Pro-Am at The Greenbrier Classicwill take place on July 2, 2014 at The…

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He’s the absolute best. If he didn’t have such a good mom, I’d try to adopt him if it wasn’t against NCAA rules. He cares, and sometimes his body language, if you don’t know him, it comes across as he’s being a jerk. No, he’s not being a jerk. He’s about as good a kid as there is.

Buzz Williams talks about Vander Blue

Like Buzz, Blue wears emotions on his sleeve | Paint Touches


Buzz Williams = swag

Investing well has led to tourney success for Marquette

“…You can’t give all your money to the opponent,” Williams said. “You do have to pay your tithe, but you better make sure you that take care of your kids because as much as (the media) and our fans think it’s about today, today was created because of what we did a year ago. Today was created by what we did two years ago. It should be the rule of 72 in investment – every seven years your money ought to double.”

Cadougan will be playing in his 10th NCAA Tournament game. Blue and Davante Gardner will play in their ninth. Derrick Wilson, Jamil Wilson and Todd Mayo? Their sixth. Chris Otule will play in his sixth as well, but he’s been with the team for six others. Juan Anderson will play in his fifth.

Conversely, the entire Miami Hurricanes starting five will be playing in their 15th collective game – all played this year…

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Marquette head men’s basketball coach Buzz Williams makes a half-court shot at yesterday’s practice for the NCAA tournament in Phoenix. He then celebrated with a swimmer dance.

Why Buzz Williams is sitting pretty at Virginia Tech, via WaPo:

“If fired without cause by Virginia Tech, Williams would be owed his salary for the remainder of the contract. There is no clause in the contract stipulating Williams be paid the difference in salary should he get another job. So he could potentially earn a full salary from two schools if fired by Virginia Tech, which is unusual in college coaching contracts.

Williams could also earn a significant amount of outside income at Virginia Tech thanks to another creative incentive. The contract stipulates Williams can “incorporate himself into a personal service corporation” and that income derived from camps, endorsements or speaking engagements will be “paid directly” to Williams.”

Hudson has huge day, Hokies survive Wake Forest in ACC opening round

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Jalen Hudson is playing hard — and that earned Virginia Tech at least one more day at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament.

The freshman hit a jumper with 11.7 seconds left and the Hokies followed that with a defensive stop to seal an 81-80 victory over Wake Forest on Tuesday in the first round.

Hudson finished with a season-best 32 points — the most by a Virginia Tech…

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