buzz's girlfriend


[title]: Attention

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[summary]: The reader’s nephew, whom she adores, comes for a visit to meet Bucky. 

[warnings]: none

[a/n]: based off of my real feelings for my favorite little guy named Edison. He and I are homies.

           It wasn’t always easy to gather the attention of [y/n], and maintaining her focus in its entirety was an even greater feat. However, there was a few things that were able to gain and keep her attention effortlessly and among those things was her one year-old nephew, Theodore.

           And now her sister was coming around to the compound and she was going to bring Theodore along with her, bearing the knowledge of how [y/n] adored the small boy and would probably wish to introduce him to her boyfriend.

           Bucky, on an utterly distinct hand, had never met Theodore before and was hesitant to acquire the excitement that buzzed about in his girlfriend’s mind. She’d been talking about it for weeks beforehand and it wasn’t that he was opposed to the idea of meeting someone that was important to the woman he loved, it was just that he didn’t know how well he’d be with the little boy or if the child would be afraid of him and how [y/n] would react if that did happen.

           But despite the dread the subtly drifted about in the depths of his mind, the day did arrive. The doorbell rang, proudly announcing the arrival of [y/n]’s sister and her beloved nephew.

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