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Yes Sir Part 14

Yes Sir Part 14: Merry Christmas Baby

John makes up for his mistakes as they spend Christmas weekend away.


Warnings: The usual NSFW, Explicit, Mature content. WC: 7651 On AO3
A/N: Enjoy this fluffy adorableness. I love feedback! 

A few nights after the President’s Dinner, Charlie invited us to meet her and her girlfriend at the bar. We had a lot to celebrate- my graduation, John’s new job, and our freedom as a couple. It felt exhilarating to be in public with him. I wanted to show him off as my man and have him show me off as his girl.

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cute lesbian couples I saw today

hi guys just wanted to share that I saw a lot of cute lesbian couples in Boston today. I saw a butch gal with an awesome buzz and her femme girlfriend trying on clothes in urban outfitters. then I saw two ladies with cool snapbacks holding hands in Boston Common. finally there was a couple on a date at the Public Garden taking a photo together next to the famous Make Way For Ducklings statues. thanks for listening, i hope your day was equally beautiful and very gay :))

anonymous asked:

I know you're w|w but I'm m|m and those w|w anons buzzing abt their girlfriends makes me giggle like a dumb dork abt my bf and I wanna join the we're all gay and excited abt our partner(s)/crush(es) party

COME HERE DUDE! mlm are also welcome to this party! this is gay solidarity on it best

staos, ch3: at least this can’t get any—

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ok so i don’t feel great about this chapter and today has been a kind of awful day, but i start senior year tomorrow (muffled anxious screaming) and i have no idea how heavy my workload is going to be.

i don’t really like this at all but take it while you can.

Marinette makes a face at her phone as it rings. “What?” she grumbles after she answers.

You read the messages. And I just have to say… WHAT THE FUCK!” Marinette yanks the phone away from her ear as Alya screeches into the speaker.

Marinette rubs her eyes. “Al, do you know what time it is? It’s too late for whatever this is.”

It’s not too late for you to be out with Chat Noir.”

Marinette is awake.

She is wide awake, heart racing, blooding pumping loudly in her ears. “W-what?!” Tikki hovers nervously, having been woken up by Alya’s scream. Marinette gives her a terrified look.

Alya knows Alya knows Alya knows Alya—

Mari, someone got a picture of you and Chat on your balcony.

All the tension leaves Marinette and she slumps against the back of her chair.

Alya doesn’t know.

Marinette hadn’t even transformed today because of the Ladybug and Adrien thing—

Oh shit.

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Happy Endings

Ship: Nalu (Slight Nali, NaCa and LoLu too)

Story Type: Oneshot (Idk if it’s fluffy or not)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Lisanna Strauss, Cana Ablerona, Loke

Summary: “It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you just don’t get the happy ending,” she said. He looked at her, then with a small smile, he said,“You always get the happy ending. It always comes eventually. You just have to have faith.”

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Long Distance - Josh Pieters Imagine

Requested: “I am craving Josh Pieters stories, but there aren’t that many :( Any way you’d write a bit where Josh meets you at Summer in the city or Vidcon and you guys have a secret thing going until one of the boys catches Josh asleep with Skype open on you sleeping?? LOVE YOUR PAGE!”

“Hello? Can you see me?” You heard Josh’s voice come through from your laptop, shortly followed by his face appearing in the center of your screen.

“Yes! Can you see me?” You asked back.

“…No not yet.” He replied, eyebrows furrowing. You pressed a couple buttons and Josh’s face suddenly lit up with a smile.

“There you are!” He said and your heart melted at his excitement. He was really such a cutie. It was too bad you were stuck thousands of miles apart. You and Josh had met at Vidcon about a month ago at one of the youtuber parties and hit it off immediately. Josh was so sweet and had you in stitches from laughter within minutes of meeting. The only problem was you lived in California and Josh lived in London. At the end of Vidcon, neither of you were ready to just say goodbye, so you decided to keep in contact over Skype and see where that led you. You were finding out that it was just leading to you falling for each other even more.

“Conor and Jack have gone out for brunch so we should have a good hour to talk before they’re back.” Josh explained to you. Since your relationship was so new and undetermined, you’d decided to keep it a secret from your viewers, not wanting them to get excited over something that might end at any moment. Unfortunately, that meant keeping it from your friends as well. You didn’t want them to have the burden of trying not to out you guys in any of their own videos. You’d certainly seen it happen before.

“Wait what time is it there?” You asked. “Isn’t it incredibly early for Jack and Conor to be awake?”

Josh laughed. “Yeah it’s 10 AM here. They have to get somewhere by noon and wanted to have breakfast beforehand. Seeing Jack awake before midday was really something special, I wish you could have been here.”

You laughed at the thought of Jack being awake early, but it was bittersweet. You wished you could have been there too.

“Alright so tell me about your day!” Josh said, noticing the change in mood and wanting you to be happy again. “What did you do while I was asleep?”

It was 2 AM in California so you’d already had a long day and were about to go to bed after Skyping Josh. You told him all about your day, the good bits and the bad bits, Josh taking everything in as if he could substitute your stories for actually being there with you. Of course it wasn’t the same, but it was something, and for right now it was enough.

While talking to Josh, you had gotten all cuddled up in your bed. The two of you had both been staying up until strange hours just to catch times where you were both awake and free to Skype. It was nearing 3 AM for you and Josh had stayed up until 3 the night before to be able to talk to you at 7 PM your time. Josh was telling you a story about something that had happened when he was in South Africa when you let your eyes close. Josh’s voice was so soothing and before you knew it, you were fast asleep.

Josh had noticed your eyes close but he didn’t say anything, carrying on the story to let you fall asleep to the sound of his voice. He left Skype open for a bit, watching you sleep, appreciating the calm on your face. He knew you’d been stressed recently, juggling your Youtube channel with trying to make things work with him, so he was happy to see you this relaxed. Apparently, Josh had lost more sleep than he realized, because he was soon fast asleep on the couch in his flat, your sleeping face still open on his laptop.

Conor and Jack got home from their brunch to find Josh in this position. They recognized you from Vidcon, remembering that Josh had hit it off with you and they immediately knew what was going on. They didn’t wake Josh though, instead choosing a more evil option. Conor pulled out his phone, taking a picture of Josh, making sure to get his laptop in the shot, and sent it to the buttercream squad with the caption:

“Josh has a girlfriend????”

Within minutes, the group chat was blowing up with all the boys, incredulous that Josh- human highlighter Josh- was the only one of them with a girlfriend. The buzzing of notifications on Josh’s phone eventually woke him up from his nap. He ended the Skype call for you and checked his phone.

His heart dropped when he saw the original picture from Conor. So much for keeping things a secret.

“Conor! Get in here!”

“Josh!” Conor called excitedly, waltzing into the room. “The man, the myth, the legend.”

“What the fuck, Conor? We were trying to keep things secret!”

“Why would you want to keep this a secret from your best mates? We’re happy for you!”

“We don’t want you guys outing us to our viewers!” Josh explained. “It’s brand new and we have no idea if it’s going to work. She lives in California for God’s sake. I just really don’t want anything to ruin it.”

Conor realized what Josh was trying to tell him. “Mate, you really care about her?”

“Yeah… I do.”

“Then I’ll keep the boys quiet about it! Not a peep from us!”

“Thanks Conor,”Josh said, relieved.

“Oh and congrats,” Conor said, slapping him on the back. “She’s a real catch.”

“Trust me, I know.”

Forgotten **Nate Imagine**

You and your boyfriend, Nate, had been invited to a party. It wasn’t one of those exclusive Hollywood parties,but more like get together type of thing.

You were upstairs getting ready,while Nate was downstairs getting some things situated.

“Ma, hurry up we gotta meet everybody at Derek’s house.” Nate yelled up the stairs.

“Coming” you yelled back.

Soon after, you walk down the stairs in cropped Maloski hoodie, acid washed jeans, and a pair of Jordan’s. You get down the stairs,and see Nate smirking.

“And to think that all if this is mine.”

“Well it is babe.”

Nate drives you guys to Derek’s house. When you got there most of the squad was there,so you guys all headed out in Uber’s because everyone would be too wasted to drive.

You arrive to the club,and Nate helped you out of the car. As soon as you walk in, the stench of weed hits your nose. You didn’t have a problem with Nate smoking weed, you had a problem with him getting high. It was just something that bothered you alot. You could sense your body getting a little more agitated,by the scent of it. It must’ve shown on your face,because Nate asked what was wrong.

“Babe there’s weed here. I don’t want to be a party pooper or a controlling girlfriend,but I just don’t want you getting high. Is that to much to ask for?”

“Not at all ma. You know I got you.”

Hearing that made your night all by itself. As the night progressed,you took several shots and danced the night away. Soon, you started to feel a headache coming on. You began to look around for your boyfriend. After walking around twice, you began to get worried. You blew up his phone,until he answered.

“Ayee it y/n. What’s up boo?”

“Nate where are you? I’m looking all around the club for you. I’m ready to head home now.”

“What you mean? I’m at home with D getting ready to roll up. ”


You didn’t even have energy left to scream that last part. You hung up the phone, while Nate was still trying to apologize. You dialed the number for Uber, hoping they would be quick because you were so tired. Your phone dinged, letting you know the Uber was outside. Your driver was nice,and got you home fast.

When you walked in, you saw Derek and Nate sitting with their feet up on the table. You were beyond pissed at that very moment. How could he be that chill when he left his buzzed girlfriend at a party?

“Nate we need to talk,like right now.”

Derek sensed your anger,and walked out of the room.

“What’s up babygirl?” Nate said,trying to approach your side.

“Uh besides the fact that your promised me that you wouldn’t get high,but you did. On top of the fact,that you left me to get even more high. What happened to that not being too much to ask for? Honestly I can’t even deal with you right now. I’m going to go upstairs and go to sleep. You can sleep on the couch until I feel like looking at your face.”

Nate was left speechless. He hadn’t realized how his actions affected you. You walked upstairs,and hopped in the shower. It felt all of your stressed was being relieved little by little in the shower. When you get out, you undo Nate’s side of the bed, and through his pillows and a blanket out to him. You curl up into a little ball,and casually drift off to sleep.

In the middle of the night,you feel the bed dip and a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“I thought I said sleep on the couch,Nathan.”

“Ouch,full name? Ma I know that you are mad at me. You have a right to be I broke my promise to you, and I feel hella bad about it. I want you know that you are my priority,and I love you soo much. Baby I will try to work on my smoking,if that means I won’t lose my boo.”

As he was speaking,his nose was snuggling into your ear making sure you heard every word. You didn’t respond to Nate, but curled your smaller figure into his bigger one.

“You better make me breakfast in the morn.”

You finally said,breaking the silence.

“What chu want boo?” Nate said laughing.

So I was reading about the Playboy Mansion being sold and saw that the neighbor who bought it was only 33 and was impressed and had a WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE MOMENT but then I saw his picture and…

if that’s the trade off for being the son of a billionaire and the super wealthy co-owner of Hostess at 33, I think I’ll pass and enjoy my small one bedroom apartment with too many chairs.