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Get get the gang back together… for an adventure!

Today has been SO productive for me! Even though it’s almost 2:30AM… Whatever! Here we have a gift for the lovely Podquisition circle, drawn as D&D-style characters in a merry band I’ve affectionately dubbed Guildquisition!

I’ve been DYING to draw @laurakbuzz for the longest time and I thought, what better time to do so when she’s in painful recovery from surgery? Gavin a.k.a. Miracle Of Sound never fails to blow me away with his brilliant music & Jim Sterling is, in my mind, a brilliant satirist/journalist (who has the power to romance all the dicks with his magical powers!)

These creators own their likenesses, obviously! I simply own the artwork and design you’re looking at with your eyeballs! -Megan Fabbri

Fic: In The Air

I headcanoned some Hogwarts!Klaine the other day and just had to write it. Obnoxiously fluffy, PG, ~1000 words.

Excited murmurs buzzed through the dungeon as the sixth years waited for their first lesson of the year to begin. It was well-known that Slughorn always started his N.E.W.T. classes with a demonstration of powerful potions that the students had yet to encounter, but he switched them up every year, so the incoming class never knew what they were about to see.

“What do you think he’s going to show us?” Blaine whispered. “I’m hoping for Felix Felicis, personally.”

“I’ve heard Slughorn’s Veritaserum is so clear it’s almost invisible,” Kurt whispered back, leaning in close. They were huddled so tightly that Blaine could smell Kurt’s hairspray and signature Gilderoy Lockhart cologne - the man may have been a scam artist extraordinaire, but his beauty products were still top-notch. Blaine himself used Lockhart’s raspberry-freesia hair gel to control his frizzy curls. “Maybe he’ll show us how he does it.”

“Ooh, that would be-”

Blaine’s quiet agreement was interrupted by Slughorn’s loud, genial cry of “Good morning, class!”

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