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Nerves - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,414
AN: Hey look! I’m not dead! Thanks for being patient with me these past few weeks, I was in a weird place and it’s just been hard for me to get into the mood to write, but it seems as if I’m back in the groove. Yay! This was written for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski‘s lacrosse week, so make sure you watch their blogs for some more of our favorite team, the Beacon Hills Cyclones! Also special thanks to those of you who have been encouraging me like @celestial-writing, @ninja-stiles and @thelittlestkitsune. And thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me when I got stuck, I love you all!!

“I’m so nervous.” Stiles said quietly from beside you, his knuckles white from his grip on the steering wheel.

It was his first lacrosse game, the first one where he’d actually be playing on the field, and he was extra fidgety. You reached out to rub his shoulder soothingly as he drove the familiar route to the school. “You’re gonna do great, babe. You and Scott have been practicing so much, you’re not a bad player.”

He sighed. “I’m gonna get out there and choke, I know it.” He pulled into a parking spot, turning off the ignition and sitting back, his hand over his eyes. “Maybe I’ll just fake sick.”

“No way.” You unbuckled your seatbelt and slid closer to him, your hand moving to grab his wrist and uncover his eyes. “The team needs you. You can do this, I know you can.”

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the anonymous wall (teenlock)

Based off this headcanon  (from @grumpy-swoop)

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Mike had known that something good would come out of this stupid Anonymous Confession Wall, and now he had proof. Amongst all the I spent thirty-two hours watching a tv show for seven-year olds last weekends and the If you’re reading this, go to the corner of the boys bathroom on the third floor near the chem labs and the cute doodles, there was the smallest, shyest, and most interesting confession.

I’m gay and hopelessly in love with the rugby captain

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to the tune of “I realised it was hinakage day at 22:30 at night when I was still trying to finish something else” I give you: handmiration

Kageyama’s hand is hanging at his side, fingers gently curled, utterly at ease, and Shouyou can’t stop looking at it. While he looks Kageyama is listening to their coach speak, head slightly tilted, enough that Shouyou can’t see his expression from next to him.

Shouyou isn’t. Listening, that is. He’s thinking about Kageyama’s hand, how peaceful it looks and how… heavy, at the same time, the way it seems to weigh down his whole arm. Shouyou wants to lift it just slightly, see if it’s really that heavy or just normal. He’s not sure how much a hand would weigh, or how you’d measure it, but his eyes trace the shape of it anyway, and he can’t get over the knuckles standing out, how big they make Kageyama’s hand look. He wants to flatten it out, then curl it up again, move it every which way until it stops drawing his gaze in moments like these. He wants to touch his thumb to the bump of Kageyama’s wrist bone, manoeuvre the hand in his. If he lifts it now…

“Got it?” their coach calls, to affirmative yells. Shouyou doesn’t yell; he’s still thinking.

In the next moment, in the buzzing movement of the team disbanding around them, he reaches. It’s second nature, to grab for the things he’s interested in, but it surprises him all the same. Suddenly he’s standing in the gym grabbing Kageyama’s hand like he either means to shake it or… or something. But he doesn’t shake it; he just holds it, and Kageyama’s eyes flash to his face.

“Nh?” Kageyama says, looking as surprised as Shouyou feels. He looks down at his hand being held, then up at Shouyou’s face again. His expression is all blank confusion.

Shouyou pulls the large, knuckley hand up. It’s heavy, but that might just be the weight of Kageyama’s arm hanging from it. He brings his free hand in so he’s gripping Kageyama with both hands, like an earnest businessman.

The confusion in Kageyama’s face intensifies, and embarrassed heat crawls up Shouyou’s neck.

“Congratulations,” Shouyou says, because it’s something people say when they shake hands. What am I doing? he thinks, but this is damage control. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing as long as it delays Kageyama’s inevitable explosion.

Kageyama’s expression wrinkles further.

“Well tossed,” Shouyou says, affecting an accent, “like usual.”

Kageyama’s mouth opens. Shouyou ought to drop his hand before the yell can come, but he doesn’t want Kageyama’s hand to fall like meat from his grip, so he sets it back where it was when he gripped it, gently, like it’s a delicate object. He pats it back into place. Good hand. Nice hand. Stay there.

He chances a glance up, cowed, but Kageyama is speechless. Shouyou has succeeded in using weirdness to cover his weirdness. He should feel proud, but instead he just feels like he wants to weigh Kageyama’s hand in his again. The experiment was a failure; it gave him no answers to any of his questions.


Shouyou’s head comes up. He stares at a red-faced Kageyama, whose throat is working furiously.

“Thank you?” Kageyama finishes. He looks supremely confused.

Shouyou holds barking laughter at bay, because the distance between a confused Kageyama and an angry Kageyama is less than a step. He chokes on his breaths, swallows spit hard. “You’re welcome.” He pats Kageyama’s hand, wonders at his own confusion. “Any time.”

Open Ending | R.M.

 imagine requested by @ladyannikki

Summary: In which you get paired up for a project with Reggie friggin’ Mantle, and you just so happen to witness the duration & the aftermath of the scene in 1x02

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Happy birthday, Neil Armstrong! Though Armstrong died in 2012, his reputation as the first man to walk on the Moon ensures his place in history. Born in 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Armstrong worked as a naval aviator, engineer, test pilot, and administrator before being transferred to astronaut status in 1962. On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft launched from Cape Kennedy with Armstrong as commander, accompanied by Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. The team aimed to accomplish a goal set by President John F. Kennedy in 1961: to land on the Moon and return to Earth. Indeed, on July 20, 1969, Armstrong took “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” On July 24, the team landed back on Earth—in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii—victorious.

Check out more about the Moon landing here:

Preference #18- Details of Your First Kiss with Them

Warnings: Probably a swear word or two

Tony: It was sloppy. The two of you had had a bit too much to drink at the party Tony had thrown after yet another successful mission. Alcohol was making the both of you a bit more cheeky than usual and it led to the two of you locking lips in his lab. You two had sneaked away to his lab to get away from all of the people and then it just sort of happened. The kiss was short while being full of clashing tongues and Tony almost missing your mouth. It may have been a bit sloppy, but it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Steve: You hadn’t expected your first kiss to be with Steve after a mission and you certainly didn’t expect to be the one who initiated it. Steve had once again been reckless in the mission and it had scared the hell out of you. When you all got back on the jet, your eyes were blazing with anger at the blonde haired man. The two of you hollered at each other until your throats were burning. Steve was in the middle of a long-winded rant when you couldn’t take it anymore. You grabbed him by the back of his neck and smashed your lips to his. This stopped his rant completely as he kissed you back. That was one hell of a first kiss.

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Do you want to know what new China is like?

It is like a ship far out at sea

whose masthead can already be seen from the shore.

It is like the morning sun in the east

whose shimmering rays are visible from a high mountain top.

It is like a child about to be born

moving restlessly in its mother’s womb.

We’ll stand on the ship and see the sunrise together.

Secrets: Liam Dunbar

requested: by @fluffystiles

pairing: Liam Dunbar x Talbot!Reader

word count: 2k

warnings: fluffy, a lil bit of angry Brett, and minor season 4 spoilers

summary: Liam wants to go public about your relationship, while you’re hesitant your brother, Brett, won’t be as accepting as others.

a/n: This one was a lot longer than I expected! Keep sending in those requests you guys!!

There wasn’t a word that could describe the bond that had formed between you and Liam.

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Drabble Request - Unsafe

Ok, anon! Thank you for your patience! Here is the re-write after one long fucking day! I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this at first but your excitement is adorable and infectious, I got real carried away with this prompt. This is not even a drabble anymore, I don’t know what the hell this is. I somehow found myself with an enhanced reader, which you totally didn’t ask for… I hope you like it anyway.


Warnings: All the violence, a lil swearing.

Word Count: 1261


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You stood off to the side leaning on the wall, watching Bucky carefully. He was pinching his eyes closed and gritting his teeth as if this was physically hurting him. Wanda was hovering just beside him as soft red wisps ghosted from her fingers, swirling around Bucky’s head and back to her. They had been poised this way for nearly 45 minutes. She must be exhausted.

You had been in on several of Bucky’s sessions with Wanda, watching intently while she pulled on his memories, trying to find a way to free him from the words that held him captive. A prisoner to anyone who knew them.  Steve had decided that you were best equipped to… handle Bucky if things went south while they were working together. You had both been hesitant at first, but you had agreed on a trial-basis. So far the sessions had been pretty mild, but Wanda was really pushing today.

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Tai: Hey guys, maybe you should slow down.

Raven: Uhhhh, esscuze me? Yuh dun eve know wuh eh issn whu fo whu for? Uh-Uhhhhh.

Summer: Essacly! It dussn even mader!

Tai: Uhhhhh

Qrow: -wheeze-

Drunk Raven and Beyond Drunk Summer.

The group all goes out to celebrate Tai and Raven’s engagement. It was Qrow and Summer’s idea to go bar hopping after dinner.

What ends up happening is that Qrow is his normal streamline of drunk, Tai is buzzed…his fiancee’ and team leader are TRASHED. Shots sneak up on you.

Qrow will save Tai…in a few minutes. After recording his sister and Summer slurring their words and tearing Tai a new one.

Summer can hold her liquor, but decided a shots drinking game with Raven was a good way to start the night. Raven is an “in your face” drunk, which is okay since she also becomes incoherent, slurring her words and repeating unfinished ones like “wuh” and “fo”. Summer, on the other hand, is usually a happy, energized drunk. Here, though, she is just defending her bestie…I think. 

The fuck are you talking about, Raven?

Shoutout to Chris D’elia whose comedy drunk girls bit I used in this. He is amazing.