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I just love this I swear I’ll go viral
From the burbs’ to the streets now, it’s a revival
The spirit is found in the idealistically idle
The age of excess

Western Kids - Hippo Campus

You’re Spiderman?

Request: Hi! I love your imagines and I was wondering could you write an imagine where reader and peter are in college and peter tries to balance his college and superhero duties without letting the reader know about his secret but it doesn’t work out and the reader finds out.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Very mild language.

Word count: 1,310

A/N: I am seriously running out of gifs. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that often, but I’ll try to. Also: I’m gonna post some exciting news for Star Wars fans later so…

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You’re Spiderman?

You felt your foot bump against a rock on the ground as your body lurched forward, sending thousands of papers and binders spilling out on the ground in front of you.

As you fell, you extended your arms to lessen the impact, but to no avail.

“Dammit.” You mumbled as you hit the ground, raising your head to see if any one had seen you fall. Luckily enough, everyone kept minding their own business, the whole campus buzzing with activity as college students hurried in every direction to get to their lectures on time.You propped yourself on your elbows, trying to lift yourself off the concrete pathways. Pushing your knees against the ground you finally stood up, steadying yourself so you wouldn’t fall again.

Looking down at your possessions that were now sprawled over the floor, you realised that nobody seeing you fall wasn’t so good after all, because it meant nobody would help you pick your stuff up. Grumbling, you knelt down, collecting a few papers in your hand.

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you’re so pretty (but why am I like this?)

jikook, pg13 // college au, nerd!jimin & popular kid!kook, to be crossposted to ao3

a/n: this is 100000% self-indulgent fluff because i’m just so goddamn deprived ; u ; comments are very very much appreciated and if you have to know, jimin has sweater paws & rounded glasses somewhere along this fic (cause it looks so good on him gdi) akakjkjskadksshfgha!!! also @kitsune-no-ko come cry with me && sorry this is so late!!

is that where your heart lies? because my arrow keeps missing your target.

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Dr. Harper Higgins is determined to land a tenured position at Boston College and is counting on curating a major university art exhibit to do so. But when her showcase artist cancels, a desperate Higgins turns to her new dog walker, Tom Stone, who, unbeknownst to anyone is an astonishingly talented painter. Transforming Tom into a credible, respected artist becomes an even greater challenge as Higgins’ initial white lie snowballs into an outlandish story that has the entire campus buzzing about the show.

The Benefits of Attending an HBCU 

by Zipporah Osei

art by Kerly Noisette

When historically black colleges and universities were first created, they were a safe haven for black students who wanted to get a higher education but could not attend them without putting themselves at risk. Times have changed since the first HBCU opened its doors in 1837, but HBCUs remain great choices for black students and other students of color as well. Aside from providing some of the best programs in the country, HBCUs create a positive environment of support and community–something anyone could use when heading off to college.

I spoke to Howard University freshmen, Anaja Pinnock-Williams and Meghann Davis, and Howard alum Evyan Durham about why they chose to go to an HBCU and why they love their decision.

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