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I think someone should start a blog / fictional story or maybe not so fictional story on a Public Relation persons life. The inns and outs of working for a studio and actor. That will make their heads blow.. It sure seems like a lot of lines are crossed in that job. I don't know anyone who works in the t.v. pr buzz but I would love to know what "really" goes on. Maybe, this is the next thing we need to change after getting = pay.

Any PR people out there that want to do this?! Sounds interesting.

bram and simon are definitely the type of couple to go on really cheesy dates together all the time

  • they have many more mushy-oreo-cup-thingy dates where they sit in bram’s car and hold hands and listen to elliot smith
  • they go bowling together and one of them definitely wraps their arms around the other from behind and tries to pretend like they just wanna help them bowl properly (sidenote: it’s 100% simon who does this - sometimes he purposely wraps bram’s arms around him and makes bram help him)
  • they probably go ice skating in atlanta at christmas and hold hands the!! Entire!! Time!!
  • sometimes they just have dates at one of their houses where they build a pillow fort and have harry potter movie marathons
  • they go to the cinema All!! The!! Time!! bc a) they like the cinema b) there is no better popcorn then cinema popcorn and c) simon can hold bram’s hand the whole time and no one will care
  • they go to the same fair when it comes around again and they don’t ride the Tilt-A-Whirl but they do ride the ferris wheel and eat candy floss and bram wins simon a giant purple giraffe at one of the stalls (simon puts it at the foot of his bed and hugs it when he’s feeling lonely)
  • simon goes to all of bram’s soccer games!!!! and afterwards they usually go to a diner or somewhere to get food and all of their friends go too probably but it still counts as a date????
  • they go an aquarium one time and they both agreed it was the Best Date!! bc they spent ages wandering around the aquarium and sitting watching all the fish and talking and laughing and then they shared an enormous lunch in the ridiculously overpriced restuarant in the aquarium bc they didn’t have enough money to buy separate meals there. they got ice cream on the way home and bram kissed the ice cream off of simon’s nose and then they made out in his car
  • their favourite (and least expensive) dates though are the ones at each other’s houses, when no one else is at home and they curl up watching movies and eating oreos and they can make out all they want and just have so much fun together (the most memorable one of these dates resulted in simon’s friends teasing him about the hickey on his neck for a week and having to borrow (steal) nora’s and his mom’s concealer hide it)
  • they probably go to a concert at some stage bc simon has never been to any and they order so much merch beforehand and wear!! matching!! shirts!! or something equally as ridiculous and adorable bc they’re just That Couple™

i can’t think of anymore rn but feel free to add on!!