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Get To The Point

Category: HPB Missing Moments/AU
Rated M

Professor Sprout’s voice was nothing more than a buzz in the back of Ron’s mind right now. He barely heard her say class was dismissed. The only thing that clued him in was the sight of Hermione hastily packing her bag. She wasn’t fast enough, she kept her notes out until the last second, whereas everyone else were already on their way out the classroom.  

Keeping her eyes down Hermione tried to be speedy with packing her bag. She could feel Ron’s gaze burning a hole through her as she did so. He had been trying to talk to her all morning, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction cornering her.  

She headed toward the door to the greenhouse only to find Ron already blocking the door.  

“Move.” She demanded still not looking him in the eyes, they were too much of a weakness for her.  

“No.” He crossed his arms defiantly.  

With an annoyed huff she pulled out her wand and levitated him out of the way. The shock on Ron’s face was quickly replaced with anger but Hermione was already out the door before he could find the right words to shout at her.  

She ran all the way to the castle only slowing when she reached the hallway with other students bustling about to class. Hermione thought she was free until she felt a force tug her backwards by the strap of her bag.  

Ron hadn’t needed to run to catch up with her. His long legs and quick walk sufficed. As soon as he caught up with her his anger flared again. Without thinking her spotted a broom closet, grabbed her bag, and pulled her in.  

Next thing Hermione knew she had her back pinned to the closed door. Her wand was somewhere in a dark corner and Ron was pressed against her looking furious. The position alone was nearly enough to forget she was ever mad at him.  

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Destined To Be

Lucifer x Reader (Supernatural)

A/N: So, this takes place during Season 5, Episode 10: Abandon All Hope.

Fear filled the air like a foul stench. It was not your fear, however, but the fear of your friends.

Castiel had disappeared with barely a word. Hellhounds had begun closing in on you, Sam, Dean, Ellen, and Jo. As far as you could tell, everything was hopeless.

Then why weren’t you afraid?

Why did you slowly walk away from your friends and follow that little voice that had been buzzing in the back of your mind since the moment you arrived in this hellish town?

The answer was simple: Lucifer.

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They all look like they’re having fun
Joe’s drink seems to be really tasty🍻😊
Oli’s buzzing in the back😊
Anth’s into the photo
Conor… who ever know what the hell he’s doing😂😂😂
Jack… same😂😂
Josh isn’t really into this picture😔😒
Caspar looks like he’s just farted😊😂
And Mikey’s just smelt it😂😂😂😂

Pandemonium buzzed and twirled around him, the party winding down and people beginning to leave as the bells had been and gone ringing in the New Year for all. Alec had taken up watch at the end of the bar since his capacity for social interaction had been reached a while ago and the flirty fae woman manning the bar had been steadily feeding Alec colourful fizzy cocktails for the past hour. To say Alec was was feeling pleasantly buzzed was a bit of an understatement.  

Alec’s hands felt fuzzy like a layer of static fluff under his palms making everything feel soft and furry when he touched it. He tried resting his face on the bar because his head felt heavy and because a fuzzy nap sounded nice.


That hurt.

Alec frowned. That didn’t seem right. His hands resting against the bar felt nice. But his face hurt. There was a connection there, a failed one but one nonetheless. Something buzzed at the back of his mind with an answer like a frayed sparking wire.

“Alexander are you alright?”

Alec used the bar as leverage to twist his head towards the speaker. 

“Magnus!” Alec cried out a touch to loud. He shushed himself because he was polite like that. His mother raised him to be polite. Alec frowned. He needed another drink. To drown out his mother’s face and words and voice. Alec stretched out his hand for a glass near his head and almost knocked it off the bar with his clumsy fingers. Alec pouted and tried again. The glass was picked up and moved out of his reach with a fond chuckle. 

“I think you’ve had quite enough darling let’s get you home shall we,” Magnus said softly running a hand through Alec’s hair. Alec’s eyes shut as he purred under the attention. 

“Yeah, home,” Alec mumbled happily. 

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Lost in The Wild || TBS

Originally posted by sangsterworld

Request: hey i love you’re writing!! could you do an imagine where you just found out that you’re bf cheated on you so you’re flying home and thomas is in the seat next to you and you guys talk and stuff but you’re deathly afraid of flying so he calms you down and then y'all go for coffee in the airport after or something? lots of fluff and cuteness!! ❤ much love 😌😌

Requests are open.

Note: just because the reader lives in London doesn’t mean she’s British. ;)

A buzz on your phone stopped you from turning it off for the flight.

Baby, I’m sorry. PLEASE come back.


I’m not worthy of your forgiveness right now - but you’re the only one for me, Y/N. I won’t be able to fall in love again.

You ignored the third buzz and turned your phone off.

Flashes of last night haunted your head.

Your boyfriend, Jack, hovering over a blonde girl.

Half naked.

Him kissing her passionately.

How he held her protectively when you caught them.

As if you couldn’t get more overwhelmed, the plane began to move.

You froze in your seat.


You turned to your left. “What?”

“You’re trembling,” he said matter-of-factly. “are you alright? I have pills for-”

“No,” you cut him off. “I’m just… afraid of flying. I never flew alone before.”

He nodded. “Well, you’re not alone anymore,” he smiled. “I’m Thomas.”


He handed you his neck support pillow. “Try clutching to that… maybe it will calm you down.”

Desperate for relief, you forgot your manners and took it, holding it to your chest.

After a few minutes of him watching you in silence, you broke it. “Thank you, Thomas.”

“No problem.” he smiled. “Can I ask you a question? You know… maybe I can distract you.”

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“If you’re so scared of flying alone… why are you alone?”

You shut your eyes, losing control of your breaths.

“Bad question?”

Not being able to be impolite and refuse him an answer, you replied, “My boyfriend cheated on me last night so I’m going home. I mean, I don’t know how long he’s been cheating… but we’ve only been together for a few months.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

You nodded.


Thomas stayed silent for a long time, too.

Too long, in fact.

You looked to him, trying to see if he had fallen asleep.

He looked back at you and smiled.

You handed him his pillow back, but he refused.

“You may clutch to it all you want for the remainder of this trip,” he reassured. “Do you have a place to stay in London, Y/N?”

You nodded. “That’s where I really live. I only flew over to visit him.”

“I thought you were scared of flying alone?”

“He came to London just to accompany me back to America.”

He offered you a sad smile.

“It’s okay… I mean…” you sighed shakily. “No, it’s not okay.”

He rubbed your back soothingly this time; but didn’t respond.

You fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

And drooled on his sweater.

You hid your face in your hands when you found out, but he insisted it was okay, and that he was glad you got some rest.

Thomas exited the plane with you.

“Thomas… your pillow-”

“I put it in your backpack,” he replied. “I’ll get it from you after I get you something to eat. No buts.”

You settled for a little cafe in the airport. And after fighting over it, you let Thomas pay.

He didn’t even let you see how much he had to pay.

“What are you planning on doing now that… you know,” he asked once you were sitting face to face, sipping your cups of coffee.

“I quit my job since we were planning on moving in together - so I guess I’m going to look for a new job. I won’t be able to pay rent.”


Oh, no.

What is it?” Thomas leaned forward. “You’ve gone pale.”

“I haven’t paid rent yet…” you cursed under your breath. You checked the day on your phone. “I have to get my stuff out by tomorrow.” You rested your face on the table, sighing.

“Hey, hey, relax,” Thomas sighed. “You can stay with my sister for a while. She lives in the same building I do, she won’t mind.”

“No, Thomas. Absolutely not. No buts,” you quoted him.

He sighed. “Okay, Y/N,”

“Anyway… I have to get home. You know, pack up.”

“You want some help?”

“You could be a murderer,” you teased.

“At least you’ll get out of your apartment on time,” he shrugged. “I’ll help you out. I’ll drop my stuff at your place first, I have some errands to run.”

“Thank you, Thomas.”

He winked at you.

He’s kind of handsome…

To your surprise, Thomas paid for the taxi fare as well.

“Don’t start without me,” he warned. “relax a while. Get changed. Do what you need to do. I won’t be out long.”


You showered first, then you got started on a midnight snack for Thomas - sandwiches and tea would seem to suffice, for now.

It has only been twenty minutes when Thomas returned.

“The tea smells nice, Y/N. Thank you.”

You smiled.

“I have a surprise for you.”

You eyed him suspiciously.

“You don’t have to pay rent… for now.”

He handed you a check, amounting to  £10,000.

“Thomas. No.”

Take it, Y/N. I know how much you need it.”

Desperate once again, you took it carefully. “I’ll pay you back,” you swore.

“Whatever.” he shook his head. “It smells like vanilla in here… it’s not the tea, is it?”

You shook your head, sniffing your hair. “I think it’s my shampoo.”

He chuckled.

You began to pour tea into the cup, when Thomas shrugged his jacket off.

Oh, my…

HOT… literally.

“Y/N!” Thomas shouted urgently, pointing to your chest.

Apparently, due to your ogling, you had spilled hot water on yourself.

Your senses returned to you slowly. Your skin burned at the sensation, and instinctively you lifted your shirt to your head, taking it off.

This is embarrassing.

Thomas looked conflicted on whether or not he should look and help.

He helped anyway, his eyes on your face the whole time.

He told you to dab your… chest with a damp rag, but it hurt too much.

“Let me do it.” he suggested. “May I?”

Well… he didn’t look like a pervert.

He was gentle with you, his eyes on yours the whole time.

The perfect gentleman.

“I have a shirt here, it’s big so it won’t irritate your skin.”

You nodded, letting him put his white shirt on you.

“I’m so sorry, Thomas. This is embarrassing.”

“Hush, Y/N. You’re… lost. It’s okay.” surprising you both, he took you into his arms.

You didn’t cry.

This surprised you, too.

“Thank you,” you muttered into his shirt.

You felt him nod in turn.

“Would you like me to serve tea instead?” he asked. “No, don’t answer that. Go do something else while I clean up.”

This was what you wanted.

Someone who would take care of you when you’re broken.

Someone who loved you enough to clean up after you when you can’t.



When you were with Jack, you saw paradise. Sitting with your children in the front porch, visits to the beach, romantic nights…

But with Thomas, you saw reality. His heart when all things go wrong. When you’re at your ugliest.

Thomas finished cleaning by then, facing you with that damn dazzling smile.

You kissed him.

He kissed back.

Not bliss, but real life.

You felt the muscles on his back as he hoisted you up and off your tip-toes.

“Thank you,” you muttered against his soft lips.


“I’ve got a bonafide leopard hide jacket baby
I’ll let you wear it all day if you say that you’ll be mine”

Cameron Avery
Watch Me Take It Away
Baby’s All Right NYC

Birthday Wishes // Lin-Manuel Miranda

Authors Note: Yes , I know Lin’s birthday was yesterday and I started this yesterday but of course I didn’t have the time to finish it. Anyways, this is a one shot tribute to Lin turning 37 yesterday!
(Also a little side note; in this Lin was never with Vanessa, and I don’t know who and who doesn’t have a Twitter in the cast since I don’t get on often, so don’t mind me)

Word Count: 1,583

Plot: You and the cast go all the way to make a surprise party happen for Lin. In the end you guys finally succeed at confessing and shit

Warnings: Cussing

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Why do I keep getting back together with him, you ask?
Have you ever gotten so drunk off of vodka that the next time you smell it you feel nauseous?
And yet, you still drink it anyways
just for the buzz?
—  endless cycles, excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10
insecure: jealousy;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff, (very) slight angst, au

words- 1,352

summary- you cant help but get a little jealous of taehyung & jungkook always being toegther. polyamorous!au

a/n- here is the fluffy version! i hope you guys like this one too! i hope they aren’t too similar! 

Originally posted by taekookie-bts


Usually, you aren’t the jealous type. In fact, it’s crucial for your relationship not to be. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when it’s swim season. 

It started with Jungkook. He likes to be active all the time, which is why he’s on both the school’s baseball and swim team. When Jungkook went to the first optional swim practice, he came back buzzing about how much fun it was and how Taehyung would love it. Next thing you knew, Taehyung was going to practices with Jungkook, which ended up in both of them making the team. Of course, your boys are talented (and they both happen to look fantastic without a shirt on). Once they were both on the team, it was weekends without them and evenings spent waiting for them to come home. And you hate it. 

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This is the third time you have been 'sick' this month Maggie...

Summary: Maggie texts Alex repeatedly until she convinces her to come over and take care of her.



Alex ignored her phone and continued to stare through her microscope at the sample that had been collected at a crime scene earlier that day. Thirty seconds later, her phone buzzed again. She sat back and glanced at the device, biting her lip. One text is probably nothing, but two?

She removed her rubber gloves and rolled her chair over to where the phone was sitting several feet away. Both of the unread messages were from Maggie.

Alex I’m sick

Danvers did you get that? I’m sickkkkkk

Alex sighed and typed out a response.

This is the third time you have been “sick” this month Maggie.

The instant that the message was delivered, three blinking dots appeared on the left side of Alex’s screen. A new text appeared soon after that.

I’m serious this time babe.

A second later, the phone buzzed again. This time though, it was a dark picture of Maggie lying on her couch with a bright red and runny nose and flushed cheeks. Alex examined the picture for a second and then stood up.

Okay, I believe you. For now, but so help me, if aren’t severely ill when I get there, I will kick your ass.

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Sleepy Kisses - Part Two (William Nylander)

Masterlist  Part 1

Word Count: 1104

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warning/s: Mild swearing, Fluff

A/n: Part 2 for @pookie-cleary, gif from T-User @ttessavirtue

That evening you ended up spread onto your couch like a starfish. You had pushed back all of your thoughts hoping he wouldn’t come over that night so you had time to figure out what to say.
He couldn’t be offended on a personal level, could he? The sound of your phone buzzing got you back into reality, realizing that the show you had been watching had switched to the next episode.
You quickly grabbed your phone seeing you had two messages.

Scott: Yeah maybe next time. I talked to Josh on the phone. He promised to behave.

Nyler: Can I come over?

Your heart stopped beating for a very long second. So long that you were basically planning your own funeral. But when it continued beating like normally you realized that you were fucked. 

To Nyler: Sure

Nyler: Ok, gonna be there in ten

You put your phone back onto the table, trying not to freak out. Mentally checking everything, from your shorts and shirt to the way your hair looked, you controlled if you could actually confront him the way you looked. The conclusion: You looked okay. Perfect.
So for the next ten minutes, you tried your hardest not to have a panic attack. You couldn’t focus on the show at all and your mind was all over the place.
You were losing it over something you did when you were half asleep. Nobody could judge you.
The way to the doorbell was as if your feet didn’t want to move. With a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, you took a deep breath and opened the door.
Greet him? No, too weird to say hi. Joke? Good idea.

“Look who finally decided to ring like normal people.”, you grinned, opening the door enough to let him in, taking a step back.

“Very funny.”, he replied sarcastically while entering.

“So how was practice?”, you asked, trying to sound casual as you walked back to your spot on the couch and turned down the volume of the TV.

“It was good. Gonna play against the Caps this Friday. And your meeting with Y/BFF/N?”

Small talk seemed okay to start so you just went along and told him about how Y/BFF/N was freaking out because of her midterms and how she had met a guy in a bookstore, which was actually what she had told you a few days ago, but you didn’t want to mention the situation.

“Huh, seems like she wants to go out with him.”, he concluded.

You were about to say something when his expression turned into a small grin with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Or kiss him, huh?”

And there it was. The topic was there and you could do nothing but to roll your eyes and bite your lip in embarrassment while you blushed. And he saw it, you knew he did, that’s because he kept grinning.

“So you actually do remember. Wasn’t sure about that!”

“Yeah, I do.”, you admitted.

“Just being a nice person, wishing you a good night and you smooch me right on the mouth. Seems like you have fallen for my charm.”

Okay, he was having way too much fun with watching your cheeks get even pinker.

“Oh shut up. That’s not fair! I was so tired that I had a debate with myself if hair can be adorable and I’m pretty sure I thought it was a noun at first. So it doesn’t count! Besides, I didn’t smooch you right on the mouth.”, you said, erupting in laughter.

“So you think my hair is adorable?”, he asked.

“Hey, Mister, who said I was debating over your hair? Don’t be so proud of yourself there.”

“Have you seen my hair? I can be proud of that!”, he insisted

A moment of silence washed over the two of you, as you awkwardly focused your gaze on the phone on the table.

“Can you stand up for a second?”, he asked.

“Uh- sure. Why?”

You stood up, standing in front of the couch, your arms hanging on both of your sides. You were ready to ask again when he didn’t reply but you couldn’t get your head to work, almost like the night before. You just watched, with a mix of nervousness, fascination, and curiosity, as Will got up himself and closed the distance between the two of you.
You watched his hands as he positioned them on your hips. When they had found their place you looked up with Will’s face just inches from yours.
His light blue eyes were almost glowing as you watched them. Waiting for what he was going to do. A part of you wanted to kiss him again and another part of you, the part that was worried your friendship was at risk, wanted to hug him and say sorry.

“What are you doing?”, you faintly whispered, still captured by his eyes.

“Just to make it count.”, he whispered.

He leaned in for his lips to catch yours, coming even closer to you. And this time it wasn’t just the corner of his mouth but his lips. And they were so soft that you practically melted into the kiss, putting your hands around his neck.
Your eyes were closed and all you could think about was the warmth of his body that was so close you could feel your bodies touching.
Will actually deepened the kiss when he felt that you were kissing him back. He separated his lips from yours, a smile appearing on his face.
He didn’t bring any space between the two of you, so you just stood there for a second, looking into each other’s eyes and enjoying the closeness. 

“I like you way too much to just ignore that you kissed me.”, he confessed.

“You like me?”, you mumbled in reply.

“I do.”

You smiled while you kept the eye contact before realizing he was looking at you as if he waited for something. After noticing you didn’t get the hint he opened his mouth to speak, your eyes flashing down to his lips.

“That’s the part where you say something.”

“I like you too.”

Will leaned in for a second kiss, that was way shorter but as sweet as the first. And when he pulled back you started laughing.

“You know you could’ve started the conversation this way, right? Without me blushing?”

“Yeah, I know. But I like the way you look when you blush.”

Look what I bought yesterday!! Sorry that it’s a lil crinkled, I couldn’t wait to wear it last night, and even though I was kinda cold, it was so comfy. It’s too bad the others aren’t on it, but I still love it!! Thank you Primark😘
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Like a Little Black Dress

Gabriel x Reader (Supernatural)

Warnings: This is a little NSFW but it’s not really bad by any means.

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

It all started with a little buzz in the back of your mind. You didn’t think much of it, blaming it on your lack of sleep or the adrenaline still pumping through your veins after your last hunt with Sam and Dean. However, the next morning when you were fully rested and relaxing with a nice book in the bunker, you felt it again. It was like a fly that you couldn’t find but every once in awhile it would buzz past your ear.

You didn’t notice any actual changes until later in the day when you were washing up for supper. Just a quick look in the mirror turned into an all out inspection. You looked good. Really good. Smirking to yourself, you slipped out of the bathroom, suggesting a night at the bar should be in store for the boys. They readily agreed, though eyed you weirdly at the cocky behavior you were displaying.

Gabriel dropped by when you were just about finished up.

“Looking good,” he whistled jokingly, teasing you like the two of you often do.

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Distant Skies

Title: Distant Skies

Pairing: NozoEli with a hint of NicoMaki if you squint. 

Summary: When Nozomi receives a young fox hybrid as a companion, the two become an inseparable pair. Until one day, the said fox asks her for the one thing she’s not sure she can do. Let her go so she can finally be free.

Note: I was partnered with @nico-nasty (she’s the real mvp for putting up with me) for the @lovelivebigbang. You can click here for her artwork (I’ll link the 2nd one when she posts it at a later date). My writing is pretty rusty, even I don’t know how this surpassed 11k words. 

Lying on the floor, sprawled out on her stomach, 12 year old Nozomi snoozed peacefully on top of her folded arms. A sliver of sunlight peaked through the curtains and shone on her back. The buzz of the cicadas filled the silence as the girl continue to nap into the afternoon.  The house was empty, leaving her as its only occupant.

She roused for a moment, turning onto her back with a soft sigh. It wasn’t long before she fell back into a peaceful slumber. But when the door clicked open and a chorus of voices belted out in a merry greeting, the young girl lazily opened her eyes and sat up. Wiping away the small trail of drool from the corner of her mouth, Nozomi groggily got to her feet.

Her mother was the first to enter the living room, smiling warmly at her. Nozomi mustered up a small smile in return, still slightly disoriented. She padded up to her mother, giving her a firm hug. She buried her face into the soft flesh of her mother’s stomach and sighed contently as a hand gently stroked her hair.

“Nozomi-chan, your father and I have something for you.” Her head perked up, eyes lit up with curiosity, as she met her mother’s similar green orbs. The older woman patted her head and she approached her father with a hesitant smile.

The man nodded to her in a silent greeting, puffing his chest out with pride as he entered the room. She caught sight of a rope in his hand as he gave it a yank, grunting when he met resistance. The rope strained, pulling back against his force. His expression soured slightly as his eyes narrowed.

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Listening To Scattered Traffic Buzz Back And Forth With The Wind

Watching shadows dance along my walls
Restless in bed
Words slowly spiral out into a vast nothingness
My bones grow hollow
4 A.M.
Hacking and tossing and turning
With a stuffy nose and a dry mouth
Gasping for air
Poetry sleeps on a dusty shelf
The poet sleeps in the bathtub
Clear my mind
Clear my lungs
Clear my name
Scream psychedelic ambient hardcore bullshit at the top of your lungs
Passively twitch strange doodles until your fingers fall off
Vomit unmetered duets with homeless men into the face of oblivion
10,000 artists
10,000 faces
10,000 points and 10,000 anti-points
All trying to get fucked
All offering fortune cookie wisdom
All pricking their fingers so they can say they once bled for art
I see the sun start peek from the treetops
I hear the homebodies getting ready for work
I sigh aloud
Listening to scattered traffic buzz back and forth with the wind