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So, as you all already know, toppdogg will release a new song and a full album next week (November 7th).
More than never we need to help them.

First, watch the MV as many as you can (720p). Don’t watch via playlists. Refresh the page and clean your cache.

Share the MV (link) with your friends, your family, strangers, in your social medias, youtube chanels, everywhere.
Be annoying in a good way. Spam them!

Ask youtubers to react to the new mv, mainly the most famous (JREKML, KSpazzing, Aidens Life, etc).

Ask to youtube chanels to translate the music and do color codes.

Buy the new album! Even if its the digital, try to buy it.

Vote for them in M!Countdown, Inkigayo!, The Show, and more! Please, this helps a lot.

Attend events and projects that the fanbases will surely do.

If you are in korea, go to the fansigns, meets, showcases, tv shows.

Ask to play the main song in your local radio! Yeah, send them a sms or a tweet or submit in their site, i will talk about this project later.

Give them lots of love and talk about them!

We can do it! ToppDogg and ToppKlass Fighting!!!! ♡

So with a new comeback there’s going to be a lot of posts about voting, streaming, buying, and things like that to support the group for this one. We here at thatssobap just want to make sure everyone who does not have time or money to do so knows that you are still valid fans.

You do not HAVE to do anything other than like B.A.P’s music to be a fan.

If you have work/ school and have to wait to watch a repost of a show instead of watching it live, it’s alright. Take your time. Use the pause button while you squeal over things you like.
If you have any personal reasons to not share links, pictures, or videos of B.A.P on your other social sites then that is understandable and valid. You do not owe anyone an explanation for it. You should feel safe and comfortable on your social sites. Always.
If you don’t have the money to buy the album as soon as it drops it’s okay. You’ll get it when you can. Until then enjoy listening in other ways like YouTube videos or audio posts on Tumblr.

You are valid and as important a part of our fandom as anyone else. You are supporting B.A.P in your own way.

Keep up the amazing work, Baby! We’re super proud of all of you!

What your Overwatch main says about you:
  • <p> <b>Genji:</b> 14. Think you're hot shit. Maybe a weeb. 1v1 mE fUckEr.<p/><b>McCree:</b> Your name is Chris. Going to school for engineering.<p/><b>Phararah:</b> Either a very dedicated person or shitty.<p/><b>Reaper:</b> //Welcome To My Twisted Mind//<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Two open monster energy drink. likes Eminem.<p/><b>Sombra:</b> We are anonymous. We are legion.<p/><b>Tracer:</b> Gay. Kind. Gay. Excited to be here. Gay.<p/><b>Bastion:</b> Probably a nice person. Owns a bird.<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> Owns a bunch of knives.<p/><b>Junkrat:</b> *Google search* can you legally buy dynamite<p/><b>Mei:</b> Voted Trump.<p/><b>Torbjorn:</b> Is a nightmare person from the void.<p/><b>Widowmaker:</b> 20-45 year old man. Stuck to the chair currently.<p/><b>D.Va:</b> You're a divorced dad and you miss your daughter.<p/><b>Reinhardt:</b> Kind of looks like your dad, huh?<p/><b>Roadhog:</b> Now she's with that tough prick from the bar.<p/><b>Windston:</b> I'm not upset, not at all.<p/><b>Zarya:</b> Strong, like you're mother.<p/><b>Ana:</b> Why did you take her Jennifer!<p/><b>Lucio:</b> Either helpful or aggressive. Has a soundcloud.<p/><b>Mercy:</b> Mommy issues. Just wants to help.<p/><b>Symetra:</b> Owns security cameras.<p/><b>Zenyatta:</b> Dude, you gotta hit this.<p/></p>

you: support liberal companies by buying starbucks! delete uber! vote with your wallet!

me, an intellectual: “The claim that consumer choices resembled the verdicts of a jury helped rhetorically rebalance the bargaining power disparity between consumers and producers like in a democracy: producers had to offer themselves up the shrewd judgment of consumers, whose power of choice allegedly put them in the driving seat of a free market economy. Advertising agencies and market researchers could thus symbolically proffer themselves as the vanguard of an idea market democracy that achieved a rational balance between the needs of consumers, workers, and producers, thus forestalling the threat of reordering this power balance through government or revolutionary action.” (Schwarzkopf 2009)

i had this dreadful feeling the past few days, that something really bad might happen to jackson right before the comeback and after reading what had happened to him during the fanmeeting, i can feel my heart drop. it honestly pains and sickens me to think that got7 really pushed themselves in between their schedules so they can go through this comeback. i wish they didn’t, i wish they just take one month of rest before jumping back to work, i wish they just don’t overwork themselves to death so they can make us proud. i don’t know about you guys, but i’m already so so proud of what got7 has really achieved not only as a group but as individual members. but i know that got7 knows it’s not enough what they have now. so what we can do as fans is to make sure that all of their hardwork doesn’t go to waste, and that we make sure to give got7 many awards and recognition during this era. i want got7 to be appreciated and loved to the point where they don’t have to throw away their health for us anymore. i want that to be our goal as igot7.

eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your top 3 favorite Eddy moments and why?

3)- Candidate Eddy  (For the Ed, by the Ed)

Eddy represents every politician IN THE WORLD, he lies, he tries to buy votes, he promises things he can’t keep. I just love this episode

2)-Edd and Eddy (Your Ed Here) 

I ship it

1)- Jonny you dropped your face (Laugh Ed Laugh)

Eddy goes totally insane because there’s nobody around to scam. The entire episode it’s pretty damn funny, specially this scene.

Support Yixing’s solo album coming this October 7th. Let’s get his solo debut to break records in both Korea and China. Buy, Stream, Vote and spread the word please. We need to make this album a huge success for the King of China
Kochs to withhold millions for health care 'yes' votes
In a last-minute effort to sink the Republican health care bill, a powerful network of conservative donors said Wednesday it would create a new fund for Republican 2018 reelection races -- but they'll only open it up to GOPers who vote against the bill.
By Theodore Schleifer, CNN

I’m fucking like… rooting for the Koch brothers and the Freedom Caucus right now bc they’re the best chance of sinking the ACHA, we live in interesting fuckin times

edit: like… ideally we could do this some way that isn’t next door to vote buying but since Trump threatened to sink the political careers of Republicans who voted against the bill I guess it’s fair play (also it would literally kill people)


The Nebraska Democratic party is doing some good yes, BUT what they’re giving the “refugees, and illegals” is a disgrace. A voter registration card. 

So what? you ask? This is how you buy votes. This is their loophole of saying… Here is a bunch of free shit… now vote for us. 


I'm an idiot

My car is old enough to drink, vote and buy marijuana in Washington state, and it’s on its last tire before it dies. It’s worth about $400 but I can’t really afford a new car right now so I’m still driving it.

Anyway, the last few days there’s been a super strong smell of gasoline, and I was pretty sure that I was going to blow up on my commute home today. My dad took a look at it and right away figured out the issue…

An old gas canister that I used ONCE in 2013 had gotten knocked over and spilled about 3 drops of gas right on the heating vent. So my car is still dying, but much less immediately and I feel like such a dingbat.

This is almost as bad as the time I couldn’t push the clutch in all the way and thought it was broken. Nope, the floor mat had just gotten lodged under it and was stopping it from going all the way down.

I am not cut out to be a mechanic.

Medici: Masters of Florence- episodes info

A little bit more about the eight episodes ;)

  • 1.01 Original Sin     The Medici family suffers a great loss with the death of its patriarch GIOVANNI. When the designated heir COSIMO discovers that his father was poisoned, he decides to put MARCO BELLO on the assassin’s trail.    
  • 1.02 The dome and the domicile     The war is throwing Florence into chaos.PIERO, Cosimo’s only son, is eager to fight. Meanwhile, Cosimo manages to “buy” the withdrawal of Milan’s troops, thus saving the city, but in the meantime Florence has again fallen into the plague.   
  • 1.03  Pestilence     Albizzi has managed to foment the citizenry against Cosimo,accusing him of the crime of usury.When Cosimo learns of the situation, he decides to return to Florence. Albizzi then invents a ploy to get Cosimo arrested and held for trial.    
  • 1.04  Judgement Day     From prison, Cosimo asks Contessina to try bribing a member of the Signoria, to buy votes in his favor. Albizzi starts poisoning Cosimo’s food through his prison guard. Contessina negotiates exile rather than the death penalty.    
  • 1.05  Temptation     While the Medici are in exile in Venice, the situation deteriorates day by day in Florence, with Albizzi imposing his rule over a city gravely depleted by the absence of the Medici.    
  • 1.06  Ascendancy     The return of the Medici to Florence is an out-and-out triumph, with Albizzi in prison for his attempt to become the city’s “tyrant”.
  • 1.07  Purgatory     The Signoria now has a vacant chair, and Cosimo is asked to choose who should occupy it. Piero thinks that his moment has now come, but the banker PAZZI, too, has his eyes set on that seat.  
  • 1.08 Epiphany     Pazzi has managed to convince the Pope to remove the Medici as Church bankers, but Cosimo is disinclined to surrender what he has worked so hard to attain.      

source: imdb

I gotta tell ya I hope when the primaries come around Bernie Sanders knocks it out of the park. I hope there are as many supporters as Tumblr makes it seem. I’ve been livin with my grandparents for about a month with the news on all the time and havent heard his name spoken ONCE. Not ONCE. (even though his portland rally drew the biggest crowd so far in 2015). The News only wants to talk about Trump and Hillary. They REALLY dont want bernie to be seen as a serious candidate and I just really hope the bernie supporters I see on social media pull through when the time comes. I want all these fucking news stations to be shitting their pants at the number of votes he gets I really do. Plot twist you bitches.

I appreciate how humble Infinite are whenever they receive awards. It’s very heartwarming to see how real and genuine their reactions are and how they are always so surprised that they have won something. 

I also appreciate how they always celebrate as a group, as one. They don’t just stand there in a line, clapping and mindlessly saying “thanks for the award”. They bow, they hug, they jump, their facial expressions are amazing to look at. They stay true and celebrate as one. They thank us Inspirits. They usually always go straight to Twitter to express their gratitude towards us. 

They also never forget to mention us. As an international Inspirit, I can’t do much except watch their MV’s, vote, and buy their official merchandise. So, it always makes me extremely happy knowing that they appreciate every bit of help we provide. 

I am glad to be an Inspirit, and I will never regret becoming one.