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We did it y’all! 5!!!!! matsu!!!! bros!!!! made it on the top 20 popular animu characters list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Karamatsu number 1 at that !!! my kArlmat$u!!!

I’m so mad that my baby totty is ranked 21 like that’s cutting it so close… why you gotta do this to my pin k baby my adorable totty

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I’m sorry I’m late but i keep hearing about how mama disrespected exo. How?

a) Most of the Venue was full of EXO Ls (because It was in China which is mostly EXO territory). MNET asked fans to not use the EXO lightsticks but use the MAMA lightsticks. It’s not enough that Chinese EXO Ls spend all their money to buy overpriced tickets to a glorified KCON, they now even have to deal with their shitty rules, disrespectful security (who were manhandling not just EXO Ls but ALL fans in general), bad camerawork and uninspired stages.

b) Performing towards the last of the ceremony is always a matter of honour/seniority because that’s the most anticipated part of the event.. but they were made to perform before Wanna One which is a rookie group.

I know one might think its not a big deal, but lmao this mediaplay about “EXO declining” and “ a generational shift” on the korean discussion sites is gonna give antis a field day.

c) EXO was leading the votes in all categories they were nominated in. Yet they got only One group award which is the Album Of The Year and was given to the very end!….(probably to keep the EXO Ls on the venue from leaving.) And tbh.. it felt like a consolation prize for attending the venue than a grand prize.

d) Best Asia Style is the Red Carpet Award we have been giving EXO every year since 2013/14 and its almost like a tradition. This year again, fans voted left and right, fanbases had especially prepared tweeting plans to win it and mind you… WE WERE LEADING THE VOTES IN EVERY UPDATE and even in the total twitter trend. Yet, that award went to another group. (Keep in mind this award is 100% voting based).

e) Chanyeol’s rap was cutoff during the performance. its not abt Soyou, but they couldn’t get Punch to perform with him (who is the original singer) mainly because they werent going to give em an award. Also, Stay with me wasnt given the best OST collab  even though it had a HUGE gap in votes and given the 30% weightage to votes, it should’ve won against Ailee’s songs’ comparatively smaller gap in digitals.

f) Xiumin was supposed to have a key performance… but… where was it?

g) EXO CBX in Japan were given the Best Style award (which was live voted), and the Global fanchoice award for EXO (which was the only category where EXO was leading and won , it being 100% voting based)In short, no merit based award and they still invited CBX over to attend the day just after the Elyxion- dead tired- and along with other popular groups, used them as bait to sell tickets and promote trainees from MNET’s own survival shows.

h) They also subtly copied EXO’s Elyxion’ VCR right in front of CBX eyes for SOTY. The stamp, wax and envelope anyone? whats more, it was a classic Chanel vs walmart lmao.

i) Remember the drama over deleting votes? EXO being in the lead for Best Male Group and then being accused of and shaded left and right about being favored or buying votes or how their career is a gift from SM? Guess all that MNET’s talk about “fairness” was clickbait to stir attention cause Best Male Group was again given to a third party.

I mean… why even make us vote and call it a 30% criteria when you just gonna give it away as you like??

j) Idk if i am being too extra now but in their opening VCR they wrote the sentence “One cannot be No. 1 forever” ? over Chanyeol’s shot in the VCR. Does this count as shade lol…??

k) The boys themselves seemed upset, tired and kinda low throughout the ceremony… with the camera panning into their faces every ten seconds to get reaction from the audiences and it was almost hypocritical knowing how mnet is just using them as a name to sell tickets and ratings and that’s it. 

Maybe I am being overdramatic, but the way the events unfolded…it was just disappointment after disappointment. I even thought they might not get their AOTY lol. And even when they got it… it tasted bitter.

And in general.. it is upsetting as an exo fan… you work hard for your faves who work equally hard , but you know that their company treats them and you.. like shit.. everybody is getting visibly tired of this. And even award shows that are supposed to atleast treat them decently as successful artists just treat them like money making clickbait and nothing more.

It hurts.

And people think we are whining over not getting the other daesang? It’s not even the point that upset us.

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What's ur opinion on the Venezuela situation. And while we are on that why do no leftists here talk about it

I think people are quiet because it is better not to speak about things you haven’t read much about. This will be short for the same reason.

The situation is this: Venezuela has been subject to assault on its attempts to build socialism from the early days of Chavez, from attempted coups (you can watch “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” which is free on YouTube, for an understanding of the 2002 US-backed coup to depose democratically elected Chavez) to collusion between the US and its allies to lower the price of oil specifically to weaken the Venezuelan economy. The current economic crisis is the result of a multitude of factors, but the intentional lowering of oil prices by the US and its allies is one of the most important, as well as the failure of the Venezuelan government to diversify its exports such thst its entire economy wasn’t tied so strongly to the price of oil. The resulting economic crisis (resulting, again, not from -socialism- in the generic, but from specific attempts to undermine the Venezuelan government) has, of course, resulted in widening anti-government sentiment, especially among classes whose ability to consume has been limited.

That last part is important- many of the most impoverished in Venezuela still support the government because their ability to eat, to go to school, etc, has been directly provides by Chavista policy. In some papers this will be talked about as buying votes, or bribing those without privilege. In reality this is the relationship between a government not of bourgeois character and those among its people who most need help and empowering- that these people’s livelihoods have been so tied to the government is evidence of the good work being done by its government, not indicative of bribery.

This crisis has been worsened by hoarding and price fixing by Venezuelan companies which are privately owned. The Venezuelan government, contrary to what many people assume, does not control all production and distribution within its borders, and many private companies seem to be able to produce some products and not others, intentionally stirring up discontent. In a recent Telesur video (which is propaganda and should be seen as such, but this merely means that it is supposed to teach you something specific and not that everything or even anything it claims is false on its face) explained that there seemed to be a shortage of toilet paper, but no shortage of other paper products like paper towels, paper plates, etc, suggesting that the problem was in production and distribution rather than lack of demand for products (who does not want toilet paper?) or lack of access to raw materials. There have also been numerous claims of things from toys to food being hoarded by the wealthy.

In response to this crisis (again, one intentionally wrought upon the country), the government of Venezuela has made several moves which I do not support in and of themselves in an attempt to combat the opposition and maintain its power, including the potential dissolution of the one governing body in which the opposition has a meaningful voice, and crackdown on protesters using means of violence I consider overkill for the tactics being used in those particular moments. But leftists need to understand that we don’t pick sides based on good guys and bad guys- and, even if we did, the opposition has committed its own unseemly and unnecessary acts of horrific violence as well, including literally burning people- but based on the class character of the actors involved. That, and that alone, is the basis of solidarity. The “opposition” is first and foremost a euphemism and a misnomer because it includes a number of elements from social democrats to the most extreme elements of the far right, but its hodgepodge of demands includes austerity, increased privatization, etc- the class character of the opposition is decidedly bourgeois, and the class character of the Venezuelan government is decidedly not bourgeois, even if you don’t want to go so far as to call it proletarian in character. That alone ought to tell us who we maybe not support but eye with more suspicion, see as the greater threat, etc. The class character of the actors involved is very clear, and it is on this basis that, whether you “support” the Venezuelan government or not, you should certainly not “support” the bourgeois opposition. Solidarity is not about good feelings and liking who we work with and so on, but about defense against right wing antisocialist and anti proletarian policy, and advancement of the goals of socialism. I do not think that Venezuela ever achieved socialism. I do not think that Venezuela is a perfect or even very good model for future socialist projects.

To be very clear here, what is being attempted by the opposition is the 2002 coup by other means and by counterrevolution as opposed to outright military coup- the goal is to unseat a democratically elected leader and to impose the will of the bourgeois and right wing elements of Venezuelan society on the people of the country. Regardless of how I feel about the decisions made by the government in the fact of this crisis, of course I do not support a mishmash of right wing elements attempting to undo the work of building something like socialism. I am no Chavista, but “Viva Venezuela” ya es el té, and I do not take kindly to seeing support for right wing elements passed around like it means nothing.

….is something an *actual human adult* is choosing to get angry about.

Tomorrow: why soup is misandric.

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guys get ready for this...

“Fifth Harmony” as a self titled album represents for what they’ve created over the past 5 years. It’s a reminder of what they’ve overcome to be finally established as artists that are FINALLY taken seriously and accepted for their craft. I’m overwhelmed. The vocals are astounding. I’m never usually speechless but, wow. Their talent is endless. This is their year. For them as a group, and Camila as a solo artist. Sophisticated, raw and lyrically flawless. However, we’ve had the second single “He Like That” drop with a video yesterday. Now, A lot of you aren’t going to agree with me, but for the first time ever, I felt uncomfortable watching the girl’s visuals. There’s a great difference between sensuality and sexuality. Their team should have made it sensual and flirty instead of exploiting sex. I felt like I was subconsciously watching an orgy. Imitating sexual acts and been touched inappropriately, is disgusting. That’s all well and good, but when you’ve got a majority fanbase built out of younger children and teens, that’s completely inappropriate. The fact Ally had to set boundaries, to make sure she was comfortable with the touching says a lot. There shouldn’t need to be any boundaries at all because the girls shouldn’t be put in that position. Ally being the oldest member of the group feels the most uncomfortable, and it’s the same age representation as in the fandom. Older fans feel more embarrassed about the blatant sexualisation that the younger ones, and this is why its worrying. We talk a lot about the industry sexualising young women, this video is your prime example, and it all points back to the label. The girls are worth SO much more than imitating sexual acts on dancers for views. I feel genuinely disappointed that young teenage girls will see this and think it’s okay to emulate their behaviour. If they want to address sex/sexuality in their music videos, it should be done morally. The second single release is so important. Their team should have released “Bridges” as the next single for sure. That song is present, real and empowering. It would have been much more fundamental than the video they just dropped. I do think there’s major potential to come from the album. Yeah, “sex sells” but Management need to put the girl’s talent before their assets. I hope this isn’t a taster of what’s to come because if it is, I’d rather not have a visual to the soundtrack, just the music. Anyway, it’s inevitable that this will be their third and final album. They’ve reached their peak as a group, therefore now feels the right time to experience their individual musical endeavours. It’s a now or never kind of thing. The whole group dynamic has shifted and regardless of what people say, there’s a huge void left in result of Camila’s departure. The girls are persistently uncomfortable, and you can tell Dinah is still hurting. This album is much more real this time around. The girls are cherishing every moment together, and we can see just how much it means to them. I still believe the girls are in contact with Camila and I’ll explain why. Camila was the “it” girl since day one. She’s been coached and granted special permissions by the label. I do believe this was out of her control. When I say this, I mean she was potentially forced out of the group. Yes, she was unhappy for months prior to her departure, but we could tell that wasn’t anything to do personally with the girls. It was as a result of mistreatment and injustice from the label, the same mistreatment that the 5H girls speak so openly about. I do genuinely believe that when they speak of this, they are including her within. None of the girls, including Camila, will be fully free from the label until their contracts run out. There’s not a chance Camila would have resigned with EPIC as a solo artist if there wasn’t some sort of clause in her original Fifth Harmony contract. The girls would jump to another label if they could, and they’d do it quicker than they could deny camren. Until those initial contracts are up, they remain puppets to the label. And when we talk about contracts, we don’t just mean to be in a group, turn up for every show etc.. We mean a label that controls their whole life in the mainstream media. Everything is monitored, there given a scripted narrative to follow to prevent fans harassing the label. Those statements released on December 19th were BULLSHIT. Management attempted to replicate the girls writing styles and ways of speech to sell the split to fans. What changed from Dinah’s post to Camila on December 14th “don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do. I’m so proud of you. I mean it. I love u” to “we begun to formulate a plan and constructive path for Fifth Harmony”. That’s management speaking and you’re ignorant if you can’t tell that. The only ones that “formulate” things are the label and the big dicks at the top. 6 days between Dinah’s post and the statement released. 6 days. Do people genuinely believe that in the space of 6 days, things could change THAT drastically between the girls to the point where we are at now? Prior to this, the girls are comfortable, happy and their interactions are genuine. So how did they go from knowing about C’s departure in November, to stopping any public interaction with her the day she left? Read the statement, then read it again. It’s not the girl’s words, and we know that. This isn’t the way they’d have written nor announced it. The words are insulting, manufactured and are fabricated lies. We’ve all got to continue routing for them. Remember, everything that happens is completely out of their control. Let’s keep buying, keep voting and keep sending love to all 5 of our girls.

Get the Kleenex ready kids, this next year is gonna be one hell of a journey.

remember to stream dna on korean sites and/or on spotify/itunes and watch the mv and vote for bts if you have time today ^-^

I just wanted to say that not buying the physical album doesn’t mean that you’re a bad fan. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure in our fandom to do different things to support the boys, and while all that is amazing, if you aren’t able to buy merch or don’t want to, you don’t have to feel guilty. I’m honestly really tired of the people in our fandom who make it seem like all of us are obligated to do everything for the boys: to buy all the albums, to vote, to buy all the other merch, to stream, etc. and then they make us feel guilty, like we’re not putting in enough effort if we don’t. Sure, some fans love doing all of that, but there are some who just can’t. And that’s completely okay. In my eyes, doing all the aforementioned things isn’t what makes you an amazing fan. Rather, it’s truly loving, supporting, and appreciating each member of BTS, valuing all of the members and the relationships in BTS, and keeping from spreading negativity that makes you one. 

Email template for FCC emails

Casual, non-personal:

- Hello ma'am/sir, I’m contacting you about something that’s been blowing up and has been concerning me deeply, net neutrality. The Internet as we have it today connects billions, starts friendships and relationships, helps people make a living, gives us news from other countries, the list goes on. But by repealing net neutrality, you’ll be taking that away. Relationships will be broken. Yes, there’s fees that can be paid, but not everyone has that kind of money. Not everyone has the ability to pay, and are barely stable enough to use the Internet on its own. People’s lives could and would be ruined if this goes through. Please think of us.

- Hi there. I’m reaching out to you for your vote on the removal of net neutrality. I’ve seen so many other posts on this, and it’s scary to think about such a big part of our world be locked up and the way to use it is to pay? And so close to the holidays, how are low income families supposed to contact each other, let ALONE buy gifts? Please vote no. Two members of your party have done so. It’s the right thing to do.

Passive-aggressive, non personal:

- Hey. I’m contacting you on behalf of net neutrality, and your votes towards it. You know that if this goes through, lives are going to be destroyed. People LIVE off the Internet, they make their money off it, contact their family off it, remain in long distance relationships with it, do you REALLY want to sever so many ties? These people depend on the Internet. Taking it away is taking away a right. This is unamerican. Please, don’t do this to your people. It’s not right.

- Hello ma'am/sir, I am reaching out to you about net neutrality removal. Without net neutrality, how are low income families and workers supposed to speak to friends? You know this big YouTubers who make all their money off the internet? Half, if not more of their audiences will be gone. Yes, lots of people can pay your fees. But a lot of us can’t! We should not be expected to pay for something considered essential for today’s society. Schools use it. Companies use it. Families. Colleges. You name it, they most likely tie to the internet. What you’re doing is unjust, vote no for the sake of the people.

- Causal, personal: (this may vary, use your own experiences to make a personal email if you’re comfortable, these examples will be of my own)

- Hi there ma'am/sir. As many others have probably done, I am reaching out to you about the removal of net neutrality. Now, as someone who’s friend group is mostly online, and serve as a strong support service, losing this would destroy me. I am also currently long distance, and due to circumstances, my girlfriend and I have been closeted and can barely talk at all. If this goes through, that’s the end of us. Her family wouldn’t pay the bills for her. We’d be cut. The friends I’ve grown to love and care about would slowly slip offline as paying bills became harder. I’ve had ambitions to become an animator. I want to make things and share them with the world, I want people to see my work and think “I could achieve my dreams too.” But I can’t do that if no one will be online to see it. Please vote no. As stated in probably many other emails, this will destroy lives. Including mine. Please.

Passive-aggressive, personal: (again, sprouting through experience)

- Hello ma'am/sir, and frankly, I think you’ve gotten enough emails to know what I am contacting you about. The removal of net neutrality. Now, I KNOW you’ve at least seen some of the backlash from the internet. Talk about how if this goes through, people’s lives will fall apart. I’ve seen this, and I know it’s true! Some people are so dependant that if this is repealed, I’ve seen people threatening to take their lives. If this goes through, I won’t have the money to pay most of these bills. You know what that means? My long distance relationship? GONE. Most of my friendships? GONE. My dreams and ambitions of being an animator? GONE! I have suffered from extreme loneliness and depression for years now. My friends on the ‘net make me feel less lonely. Listening to music off the 'net makes me feel happy. This bill will make me lose that. Millions of people worldwide will have connections cut from the people they love. Please, do the right thing.

Now, I’m not the best writer, but these are some thing that I just came up with, adjust them to make them more stable or personal, but don’t get aggressive. Yes, you can show your annoyance, but don’t be angry. Anger won’t change their minds. Remain civil and respectful. Let’s get out there and protect what we love.

Vote Seventeen!! Weekly awards + Mama

2017 will never come back again so let’s make 2017 SEVENTEEN’s year!

What can carats or svt lovers do?

1. Download the show champion / idol champ app and log in with either Facebook , Gmail or Kakaotalk and vote seventeen 박수. (You can vote 3 times with 1 ID)

*if you need any help with how to vote using this app just message me any time :)*

2. Go to mnet pre-voting and vote for seventeen 박수 (1 vote per ID)

3. Go to Mnet mama 2017 and vote for seventeen in any or all 5 catagories they are in.

Just like other kpop groups, seventeen work super hard for us carats and we should repay them with everything we can.

It only takes like 10 minutes ?

Do it for our sebongie VOTE VOTE VOTE! Let them know we appreciate them and love them too.

Reblog this!! so the words gets around and any help needed/questions just message me :)

Other fandoms please help vote for Seventeen’s clap (박수) to help them win weekly awards!! We will replay you too and thank you x

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Kpop is a genre of music.It’s not always about supporting your favs 100% of the time.If a group who you don’t necessarily stan has a song,performance or album you genuinely enjoy,its okay to buy it,stream it,vote for it etc;.You need to remember at the end of the day,it should be about the music.I see so many people saying things like ‘X’s song is so good but Y is my bias group so I HAVE to vote for them.’ and things along that line.You CAN support more than one artist at a time. :)