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Ice Cream Shop AU with Seungkwan please!!

- okay so you’re a regular customer at an ice cream shop
- three boys named seokmin, soonyoung and seungkwan work there and they seem to be the only employees since you’ve never seen anyone else
- you discovered this place during a really hot summer day and you needed something cold asap so you decided to enter the first shop you saw which just so happened to be this ice cream shop
- seungkwan was the one at the counter while soonyoung and seokmin were in the back probably doing something stupid AS USUAL
- so you order an ice cream cone and after getting it, you leave the shop because no one else was in there and you felt awkward being the only customer
- you walk through the door and disaster strikes immediately
- it’s boiling hot outside if you haven’t noticed so your ice cream melted EVERYWHERE in the span of FIVE SECONDS
- seungkwan saw the whole thing from where he was and when you walked back inside and asked “yeah uh is it all right if i get a new one?”
- he just lost it
- you ended up laughing along with him and the sound of your laughter caused soonyoung and seokmin to rush to the front, and when they both saw you covered in melted ice cream they laughed too
- you started coming by more often and you eventually became a regular customer
- and not only that…. you also developed a crush on seungkwan
- so you enter the shop after a long day at your workplace, excited to eat some ice cream and see your friends
- seungkwan grins “ah (name)!! you’re here, we’ve been waiting” and soonyoung and seokmin both greet you too
- when you walk over to the counter, seungkwan asks “so, flavor of the day?” and you say “of course”
- you and seungkwan liked to play a little guessing game
- since you already tried every flavor of ice cream at the shop, he would make you guess what the flavor of the day is to see if you remember the ice cream’s taste and name
- so you close your eyes and he takes a sample spoon and scoops up some of the ice cream of that day’s flavor
- he feeds it to you and after licking the spoon clean, you say “is it….. vanilla toffee bar crunch??”
- and the three boys all cheer because you got it right!!
- soonyoung takes a cone and gives you a scoop of the day’s flavor and hands it to you once you paid for it
- “oh it’s been a while since i had this one!!” you exclaim as you take a lick of your ice cream
- soonyoung screams “IT’S THE BEST FLAVOR BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE ONE” and seokmin goes like “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? THE BEST ONE IS THE CLASSIC COOKIES AND CREAM” and they both begin arguing while you and seungkwan are just like omfg SHUT UP
- seungkwan’s like “you’re right in front of each other’s faces WHY DO YOU BOTH HAVE TO SCREAM”
- and you’re just laughing on the side as they all argue and jump on each other’s backs and yell in each other’s faces
- they’re just so much fun to have around. you’re so glad to have become such good friends with them
- when you finish up your ice cream, you leave the shop and unknown to you, seungkwan watches you go with a smile on his face
- soonyoung and seokmin notice this and just start nudging each other until seokmin says “oh seungkwan what are you looking at hmmm?” wiggles eyebrows
- “or should we say who??” soonyoung grins
- and seungkwan’s all embarrassed and says “am i not allowed to look outside??” and his co-workers just giggle between themselves and seungkwan runs to the back to hide his red face
- the next day you come by at your usual time and say “flavor of the day please!!” when you reach the counter
- and seokmin came prepared ok he saw you walking towards the shop and already scooped up a bit with a sample spoon
- he slides over to you behind the counter (think of his dance move in pretty u when he’s sliding from one side to the other behind the couch) and says “say ahhh!!”
- and seungkwan gets so jealous so he quickly picks up a sample spoon, scoops up some ice cream and pushes seokmin out of the way
- you laugh as you lick the ice cream off of seungkwan’s spoon and when you’re not looking seungkwan shoots seokmin the deadliest glare
- you say “oh i know this one!! is it strawberry shortcake supreme??”
- and soonyoung passes you an ice cream cone with the scoop of the day’s flavor on it already because he knew you were going to get it
- but when you receive the ice cream, you look down at it with a frown and the three boys all notice immediately
- “is there something wrong??” seungkwan asks
- and you say “no no it’s just that i’ve tried every flavor here already a bunch of times, do you know if you’ll be getting any new ones??”
- soonyoung throws a hand over his chest and says “(name) getting sick of our ice cream?! THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING”
- seokmin breaks out into a smirk when he says “oh…. actually we’re getting a new flavor tomorrow”
- soonyoung says “we are?” and seokmin steps on his foot and he immediately straightens up and says “oh yeah!! i remember now!!”
- your eyes light up and you exclaim “really?? i can’t wait to try it tomorrow!!”
- soonyoung says “oh you won’t be disappointed, it’s a really good flavor from what we’ve heard. i can already tell it’ll be your favorite”
- seungkwan’s just like “how come i didn’t know about this??”
- after talking with them all for a while, you finally finish eating your ice cream and exit the shop
- seungkwan turns to his two co-workers when you’re gone and says “oh yeah so what’s the name of the new flavor??”
- they both just look at each other and smirk at him and tell him “ok look seungkwan you better not mess this up….”
- you come back to the ice cream shop the next day and exclaim as you walk through the door “i’m ready for that new flavor!!”
- soonyoung says “coming right up!! seungkwan will get that for you, seokmin and i have to replace the empty tubs with full ones” and they both run to the back while giggling LIKE THE FIVE-YEAR-OLDS THEY ARE
- seungkwan looks pretty nervous you notice but you just shrug it off as you lean over the counter and you laugh “should i still close my eyes even if i’ve never tried this flavor??”
- and he quietly says “i think i’d be more comfortable if you closed your eyes”
- you don’t really know what he meant by that but you just shrug and proceed to close your eyes
- seungkwan says “no peeking!!” and you nod as you patiently wait for him to tell you to open your mouth so you can eat the ice cream
- but he never says it
- instead you feel something on your lips, and when you open up your eyes, you see seungkwan kissing you!!
- and then he pulls away after a while and says “i….. kind of liked you for a while now….. do you maybe want to go out on a date with me this weekend?”
- your shocked expression fades upon hearing his confession and you lean over the counter to kiss him again
- seokmin and soonyoung (who were eavesdropping) peek into the shop from the back and when they see you and seungkwan kissing, they had to cover each other’s mouths to stop the other from screaming
- when you pull away, seungkwan asks “so is that a yes…..?” and you’re like “YES SEUNGKWAN” LOL
- flavor of the day: boo seungkwan

thank you for your request!! ^^

andrew hussie is my deadbeat dad who walked out on our family when we were struggling and cohen edenfield is my nice new stepdad who knows i dont think of him as my Real Dad and we have trouble connecting emotionally but he buys me nice things and comes to my dance recitals so its ok hes trying

i lov how jenna marbles genuinely listens to feedback

like her bf posted a vlog abt a hamster they got n they showed the frankly awful setup n ppl were in the comments telling em to get a better cage n husbandry n stuff
n now she uploaded her main vid n was like “k this is what we did to the best of our abilities, thanks for the feedbackon the vlog, we’re gonna keep u updated and change his setup asap”

which is like

real cool

grocery shopping with jimin

no one requested this but i saw this pic and i was like why not lmao

• you guys would just be chilling one day

• and his stomach would rumble rlly loud

• you would look at each other you would start laughing at him

• “y/n stop laughing!”

• you wouldn’t stop though

• but then your stomach rumbles as well

• jimin starts laughing his ass off as well

• “ok ok i’m sorry for laughing!”

• “we need to go food shopping.”

• you both wrap up nice and warm and head over the the supermarket

• his hand finds yours as u walk in

• “shall we buy a lot or just enough for today?”

• “just today i think.”

• hah no

• you should never go food shopping when you’re hungry

• jimin would start pushing the trolley round really fast

• like super fast

• he crashes it into some snacks

• “oops.”

• “well, we need them anyway.”

• he keeps calling u sir as u tell him what to throw in the trolley

• “jimin i love you and everything but stop calling me sir.”

• “sir yes sir!”

• 100% done with him

• “i’m kidding babe.”

• he grins and his eyes go all cute and smol

• you melt inside

• so many puns though

• jimin grabs some packaged meat

• “jimin i swear to go-”

• “hey y/n it’s nice to ‘meat’ you!”

• “stop jimin nO”

• you laugh anyway bc it was pretty good

• you both end up buying 3 of the 82846 things you need

• “it’s ok y/n, we can order pizza later!”

yikes ok so this is really bad i’m sorry if you cringed bye

requests are open ;)
Best Friend Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- you met jihoon in high school and you’ve been best friends ever since
- you already knew about him but you never talked to him
- jihoon was known as that gifted kid like he gets straight a’s and wins all the awards in almost every category because he’s super hard-working and a perfectionist
- everyone’s intimidated by him because all he does is work and since he hardly talks people get the wrong impression and label him as cold and snobby
- one day you were looking for a quiet place to study after classes
- the library’s full and your house is loud and like a bunch of classrooms are occupied for club meetings and stuff like that
- you give up searching in that building because it’s always filled with people so you’re like i’ll just go to the other building then it’s a long walk but wtvr as long as you get studying done right
- when you reach that building you’re twisting every doorknob to see if any aren’t locked when you hear BEAUTIFUL piano playing and you’re like??? who’s playing that???
- you follow the sound of the piano and find yourself standing in front of a door left ajar and when you peek inside you see JIHOON PLAYING THE PIANO
- you’re like HOLY CRAP HE’S AMAZING!!! and you’re listening in but somehow you lose your balance and fall forward and the door swings wide open
- jihoon stops playing and looks down at you who’s on the floor and you’re looking at him too and it’s just quiet
- but then you scramble to your feet and start clapping and you pretend that you never fell in the first place
- then you’re like “you play the piano so beautifully!!!! you’re really talented!!” and jihoon just blinks and says nothing and you’re like omfg i shouldn’t have said anything it’s over now he thinks i’m a creep
- but then he smiles and says “……thank you” but then he goes serious again and says “how did you find this place?”
- and you’re like “i was looking for a place to study because everywhere else was fully occupied…. and then i heard you play and followed the sound. you’re really good. what song is it??”
- and jihoon just says quietly “…i made it.”
- you’re like NO WAY YOU COMPOSED THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG??? and he just nods
- he says “i call it adore u. no one ever goes in this part of the building so i just go here to practice. i only have the first verse and chorus down though, i’m still trying to complete the song”
- you compliment him a few more times and then sigh when you look at the time “anyways good luck with practice i have to go look for a place to study now”
- before you go exit the door jihoon says “wait” and you stop to look at him and he says “you can study here…… i hope you don’t mind me playing piano in the background though”
- and you just smile and go like “oh thank you!! and i don’t mind i listen to piano covers while studying anyway it isn’t any different”
- when it’s time to go you and jihoon say goodbye to each other and you’re like…… he’s not as bad as people say
- the next day you go back to the piano room and you grin when you see jihoon there
- you say hi and start studying while jihoon continues to practice his song and tries to come up with the beat for the second verse and bridge
- you guys meet up there every day and eventually become BEST FRIENDS WHOO
- jihoon used to eat lunch alone but now you would sit next to him with your friends seungcheol, jeonghan and the famous booseoksoon trio and you’re happy to see that he’s slowly coming out of his shell
- since jihoon’s a straight-a student he doesn’t mind tutoring you in things you don’t understand
- he’s scary when he’s angry so when he is you know to stay away from him
- when you make fun of his height, he silently sabotages you
- like you’ll tell him “holy crap my textbook was missing a page so i couldn’t finish the class exercise in time!! seungkwan scanned it for me but now i have to finish it as hw ughhh i have so much to do already”
- and jihoon just says “oh…. i wonder why you don’t have that page….”
- cringes at every lame joke you tell him
- but sometimes you actually do manage to make him laugh and he gets so angry
- “laughing hurts my pride”
- when he’s really stressed, he takes it out on you sometimes and it makes you sad
- but then he feels really bad about it afterwards and treats you out to lunch or buys you something
- you do lots of aegyo just to see his reactions and he either walks away or cringes really bad
- remembers every single one of your achievements, and unfortunately every single embarrassing thing you’ve done
- “hey remember when you did—” “I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER THANKS”
- honest and never sugar-coats anything
- “why would you do that are you stupid???” “thanks jihoon that’s exactly what i wanted to hear”
- he only gives genuine smiles to you and all your classmates are like holy crap how did you do that???
- jihoon teaches you how play the piano and you get so excited
- but then you learn he also knows how to play the guitar and drums and 17394 other instruments and you’re like just wow
- you guys share your favorite songs and artists and you guys sing along to them together and that’s when you find out about HIS VOICE
- he always studies and works until like 3am and you scold him for it because JIHOON YOU HAVE TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP OK
- always buys things for you but never for himself
- like it’d be extremely cold and your ears are freezing and his are too but he’d only buy earmuffs for you
- so in return, you buy him a bunch of random things and he pretends he doesn’t like them but when you meet up with him after school to hang out he’s wearing the wristband you got him and you tease him about it
- he never wears mittens in the winter and you’re like “jihoon i will break your fingers YOU PLAY INSTRUMENTS YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS”
- and he sassily replies back “if you break my fingers i won’t be able to play either” and you’re like “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”
- you buy him coffee whenever he’s feeling down or stressed
- you make an extra lunch for him because sometimes he skips it to study or practice piano
- you ask him how it is and he replies “it’s edible” but he always finishes the whole thing (basically HE LOVED IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS)
- he may not show it often but jihoon really is glad you’re in his life
- he can’t say it to your face because he gets really embarrassed
- but once when you slept over at his house, you were trying to fall asleep and jihoon, who thought you were already asleep, says “i’m glad i met you, (name). i adore u.”
- and of course you laughed and jihoon couldn’t face you for three days
- finally finishes composing adore u and performs an acoustic version of it on your birthday
- “oh shut up”

Just how friggin meta is Yuri’s choreography?

Ok, let’s talk about free skate programs and their meaning.
And I’m sorry, I know y'all have been reading YoI analyses all day, and this one is super long and features zero kisses, but I have a point to make.
Please bear with me. I’m attempting to blow minds here.

Yuri!!! on Ice is very blatant in showing that every choreography tells a story: from the loverboy and the prettiest girl in the town, all the way Beijing assassins as played by the world’s most innocent cinnamon roll.

You have also undoubtedly noticed how Yuri!!! on Ice (the anime) and Yuri on Ice (the song) have the same name.
The free skate program is officially a representation of Yuri’s skating career but I would like to contend that it goes way, way deeper than most of us see.
You see, Yuri on Ice (the choreography) isn’t just a narrative of Yuri’s previous skating career, it’s a meta-narrative of Yuri!!! on Ice (the anime).

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nakamoto sisters ~ himeka & suzuka

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rucas for the ship thing :)

AHHH nice thank you hilde i was hoping someone would ask rucas, i can always count on you 

  • who hogs the duvet: riley fjdkaf riley is such a snuggle bug, that she always always wraps herself up in the blankets, and lucas would be annoyed, but riley always cuddles herself up next to him when she’s all wrapped up in the blankets, and she’s just so darn cute about it, he can’t be mad. so he just wraps his arms around her and uses her body heat to keep him warm. 
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: both of them, but riley does it far more often. i’m diving a little more into hc territory and @friarlucas‘s fic, but this happens especially during junior-senior year of high school when things aren’t Great with lucas, so riley is always just texting him, asking him how he is and giving him little encouragements to get through the day. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: riley! lucas and riley are both hella pro gift givers, and always give each other very sentimental things that usually make the other one cry, but riley’s are always out of left field and lucas never, never sees them coming so when she gives them to him he’s like “????? i love you ????? how did you do this?????” 
  • who gets up first in the morning: riley, lucas doesn’t get up that much after her, but riley usually is awake with the sun and she usually spends those early morning minutes before lucas is awake just Admiring him while he sleeps, because he looks so at peace. most of the time she’ll end up like stroking his face while he’s asleep which eventually ends up waking him up. 
  • who suggests new things in bed: fdjkaf probably riley. it’s always kind of sheepish too, like she’s always a little embarrassed about it, but her and maya are always reading cosmo and what not when they’re together and riley will see stuff and be like “huh….that’s……something” and it will take her like a week to finally bring it up to lucas but he’s always super cool about trying it, luckily at this point if they try something and it doesn’t work, they’ll just end up collapsed on each other in laughter. sometimes lucas almost never suggests things because he always gets worried about riley’s comfort, so he’s always afraid to make her uncomfortable. 
  • who cries at movies: riley cries at pretty much every movie her and lucas have ever seen, like she cried during some stupid comedy movie that they saw together and lucas was like “riley are you ok what happened” but that’s just bc riley is one of those sympathetic cries so if someone even lOOKS upset in a movie, she’s already in tears. however, whenever lucas and riley watch a movie where an animal gets hurts, lucas will  have to subtly wipe the tears from his eyes. they also both cry at disney movies, always. 
  • who gives unprompted massages: this is the same as i said in my zucas one, but lucas. with his fidgety hands, he’s always looking for something to do with them, and they almost always are doing Something relating to riley, whether that be braiding her hair or unbuttoning and buttoning up a shirt that she’s wearing, but one day while they’re studying, she casually mentions that she slept on her neck wrong and keeps moving it, so he just starts giving her a message, and it’s a win win situation, it gives lucas something to do with his hands and he gives really good messages to they always make riley feel better. 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: they are both extremely, extremely guilty of this. both of them get fussy and jump into nurse mode when the other one in sick, the biggest difference is that when riley is sick, she lives for lucas taking care of her and he’s so good at it, always making her soup and bringing her medicine and making sure she always has a cold washcloth on her forehead and she loves it and it always makes her feel better to have him take care of her, whereas lucas gets VERY stubborn when he’s sick and for the first day he refuses to let riley take of care of him because “he’s fine!!” but then when he gets too weak to protest, riley is finally able to treat him with the same care that he treats her with when she’s sick. 
  • who gets jealous easiest: while riley has been prone to get jealous, lucas gets jealous a little more easily, mainly because he’s So scared of losing riley that it comes out more than he wishes it would. also lucas’ jealousy is usually completely impulsive and he’ll feel it even though he knows he has no reason to. this is something that really only happens in the earlier stages of their relationship, by the time they’ve been together for a while, they get much more confident in their relationship. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: lucas ajfkdaf lucas doesn’t think that he has embarrassing taste in music, but sometimes one of his songs will come on shuffle when they’re studying together and lucas will start humming or singing to himself and it’s some country song or weird 80s song that riley has never heard and she’ll just look at him across the room, and when he sees her looking at him, he’ll just start singing louder and getting more into it before riley just bursts into laughter and lucas is giving her a full on performance while trying to keep his own laughter in check because they’re NERDS 
  • who collects something unusual: while neither one of them have necessary unusual collections, they both keep pretty much EVERYTHING from their relationship. like riley has a box under her bed that has notes that lucas has written her, the riley sign he made during rah rah, movie ticket stubs, funny little drawings that maya has drawn of her and lucas, or that lucas has made for her, his valentine’s day cards, etc and lucas has a drawer in his desk that’s the “riley drawer” where the orange leaf sits, along with the little name tag she made him in sneak attack and just everything she’s ever given him or things that remind him of her. they both just have everything from their relationship, they’re hella sentimental. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready: riley, while lucas is extremely fussy with his own appearance, riley takes showers every morning and always takes a while to pick out her outfit, she doesn’t take all too long, but she takes a little bit longer than lucas, especially because she’s usually still getting herself ready when she fixes lucas’ hair and shirt the way she knows he likes them and then once riley has fixed his shirt and hair, lucas doesn’t touch it so then he just has a wait a couple more minutes for riley to finish up getting herself ready. he doesn’t mind though, because he loves watching her get ready in the morning. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised: neither one of them are “unorganized” per se, but lucas is definitely the more organized one of the two of them. he gets very weird about things being too out of order and it almost surprises riley how Clean his room is when she sees it for the first time. riley doesn’t let her room or locker get too messy, but if something is out of place, she doesn’t bother fixing it right away, unlike lucas, who kind of always needs things to be in their rightful place. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: riley! lucas doesn’t dislike christmas, but it was never a favorite holiday of his (especially with his weird kind of disconnected family), whereas riley has always loved it. she loves decorating their apartment and usually sets aside the first saturday in december for her and lucas to decorate together, they both make sure they take the day off, get a tree, make cookies so on and so fourth. lucas grows to love christmas as him and riley continue their relationship, but his excitement level never really competes with riley’s. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: i’ve answered this before, but oH MAN lucas is almost always the big spoon, he’s very Protective of riley and while he’s well aware that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need his protection, he worries about her sometimes so when he’s the big spoon and he can just hold her in his arms, he feels at Peace because he knows that she’s safe. however, when things get Hard for lucas later in high school, sometimes riley is the big spoon and lucas likes it because riley feels like home and it makes him feel so much better. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: riley! riley is very competitive sometimes (she gets that from her mother), and while she never gets particular competitive when she’s playing a game with lucas, she gets competitive on behalf of lucas, more than once she’s been talked to by the baseball coach for getting too aggressive from the sidelines of his baseball games and yelling at the refs. this only becomes worse when they have children and their children are involved in activities. 
  • who starts the most arguments: riley, however, it’s never because she actually wants to argue with him about something. they hardly ever argue to begin with, but sometimes if riley really needs him to Hear something, she’ll get really frustrated and just kind of immediately jump to the argumentative place. she hates arguing with him and fighting about things, but sometimes it’s the only thing that seems to work.  let it be known though, this only happens like FOUR times their entire lives bc they both hate fighting and are v v good at communication, so they can usually talk through their issues.  
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: ok so here’s the thing, lucas is a vet so he LOVES animals and he’s down with getting a pet, but he wants him and riley to do it together, and they both are just always busy so they don’t get a chance to go to the shelter together, however, one day while lucas is at the clinic or in his internship, riley happens to stop by the shelter, not because she’s going to ADOPT but just to look, but then she meets the absolute cutest little dog in the entire world and he’s a puppy and needs a home and she just can’t say no, she she adopts him right there on impulse, names him pluto and then surprises lucas when he gets home later that day. luckily, pluto and lucas immediately bond and he’s only a lil angry at riley for like .5 seconds for not telling him before pluto has him wrapped around his little paw. 
  • what couple traditions they have: riley and lucas LOVE to take naps together?? this is something that starts about sophomore year of high school and just continues throughout their relationship, they’ll come back to her house after school, he’ll give her his sweatshirt and they’ll just nap together. they also love to go to the movies together on their date nights, and lucas will get popcorn and chocolate and riley will get jellybeans and they’ll split their treats up and just stare at each other while the movie plays in the background (neither one of them ever remember what the movie was about), also STUDYING together, they love doing that. 
  • what tv shows they watch together: riley is the only, i repeat only person who is allowed to watch cuddle bunnies with lucas, it’s one of their favorite things to do if they’ve both had kinda hard days but aren’t able to fall asleep and take a nap, they’ll just cuddle on her bed and watch cuddle bunnies together. real talk, they love to watch just like goofy kids shows together, because it makes them both happy. and while riley is always trying to get lucas to watch the knicks with her, he usually tries to avoid it because knicks fan riley kinda scares him a lil bit. 
  • what other couple they hang out with: rucas and smarkle double date like all the time, especially when zay and maya are both single, bc they’re the couples of the group. they never do anything crazy but they always have a good time, later in life, they hang out with joshaya all the time too, especially when there’s a big matthews family gathering, like joshaya and rucas will just stand in the corner and judge the rest of riley and josh’s family. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple: riley and lucas do basically everything together, like they’ll study together, watch movies, bake together, eat together, take naps, talk ALWAYS, they don’t actually Go out that much but any moment that they get to spend together they love. 
  • who made the first move: i mean technically lucas did?? he was the one that asked riley out in first date, so he kinda jump started the whole romantic aspect of their relationship, but she kissed him first, so they both kinda made the first move. 
  • who brings flowers home: lucas!!!! he’s such a sap!!!!! he always brings riley flowers!!! like there’s this one flower shop down the street from them that has the prettiest purple roses and once a week lucas always brings her flowers, not for any reason in particular but when she asks, he’s like “oh you just look so pretty today” or “i brought one of your cookies to work and it made me really happy so i brought you these” like he’s such a sap he just wants to buy riley flowers every day of his life!!! 
  • who is the best cook: lucas and riley both like to cook, but lucas is way better at it than riley is. baking is much more riley’s speed. so usually lucas will cook dinner and riley will bake something for desert and then they’ll do the dishes together. 

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I LOVE YOUR P5 HEADCANONS !!! Can i request how the phantom thieves would be like on a date with their s/o ?

:) I feel loved Anon thank you 

and here you go:

not my best but my brain died sry


  • Akira is quite the romantic when he wants to be
  • he’ll buy s/o gifts and take them anywhere they desire, anything they want all they have to do is ask
  • he’ll also show alot more emotion when on dates compared to his usual self, hugging his partner here and there, smiling softly when every they laughed or enjoyed themselves
  • all he’d care about is showering them in love for however long the date lasts
  • he’ll also make a habit of staring at his s/o when they’re not looking
  • not like a blank stare or anything, but more of a “oh my god I love you” kinda stare
  • and he 100% walk them home and give ‘em a kiss at the end


  • A date with Best Boi Ryuji will most likely start off as awkward (since he’s never been on a date before if you couldn’t guess)
  • he’d honestly prefer a date to the arcade or theme park, but he’s more then willing to go anywhere his s/o wants
  • he’d be a bit hesitant on PDA at first and so holding hands is as far as it’ll go best boi is shy ok
  • but after awhile he’ll become more and more (physically) affectionate
  • he’d also tend to smile at them for no apparent reason like:
  •  “what are you smiling at?”
  • “oh, nothing~” 
  • just the image of s/o being happy with him, that’s all
  • and he’d shower his s/o in gifts, things that they wanted or he won, it’d all go to his partner
  • he may also try to be romantic, but it’d most likely  go something along the lines of:


  • Ann(e) would be so excited about it
  • honestly if it was planned for the next day she wouldn’t sleep at all 
  • and you can bet ‘cha ass she’s gonna take forever to get ready, I mean, she wants to dress 2 impress her s/o
  • and she’d drag them everywhere: from the theme park, to the shopping mall to the park and everywhere in between. She’s just sooooo exited and bouncy
  • Ann(e) would also be very affectionate, giving hugs and small kisses every few minutes, the love increases if s/o buys her something (preferably candy but anything else will do)
  • however, Ann(e) would also enjoy snuggling up to her s/o while watching a movie at their place just as much as she would going to the movies or anywhere else
  • heck, she may enjoy that a bit more


  • A date with this fancy boi will certainly be one to remember
  • he’ll be a real gentleman the entire time and would smother his so in affection
  • once again trying to go outta his way to please them (even if he has to spend what little money he has)
  • Yusuke has most likely planned almost everything out to ensure that their date is special and memorable 
  • but he would also be open for surprises (if s/o’s got any ideas..)
  • overall, thou his dates would be calm and relaxing, 
  • holding hands as they walk about the planetarium, a quick kiss as they have lunch etc
  • he would also greatly appreciate anything s/o gives him (x10 if it’s art related) 
  • overall he’d be very romantic with his partner and would do whatever it takes to make them happy


  • At first she’s a tad bit introverted, holding hands is the most she’d do tbh
  • very polite and thankful that s/o wanted to spend time with her and even take her out somewhere
  • but after awhile she’d open up and begin enjoying herself, laughing and smiling, gently holding onto their arm and resting her head on their shoulder 
  • she’s soooo cute m9 you don’t understand
  • she’d also refuse to let s/o buy her something, saying things like:
  • “no, it’s ok”, “you really don’t have to..”, “thank you but, you really shouldn’t have”
  • Makoto would love a nice, calm, quiet setting for her dates, however she is willing to step outta her comfort zone just for her s/o if they wanted to
  • Makoto would wish that the date would never end and will do her very best to show her love and appreciation for her partner


  • the most date-ish thing she’d do is invite you to her room for a horror game
  • buuuuuuuut, she will bring lots of sweets and have lots of cuddling sessions
  • however, (with enough persuading) she might decided to go the the arcade for a day
  • and the entire time she’ll be cling to her s/o in pure fear of the amount of people
  • though once she spots a game she likes she’s off don’t worry just follow the noise of salty teens who got their high score beaten
  • so long as she has her “Key item”  and a good game she’s over the moon and will gladly show her partner just how happy she is in hugs and food
  • also, buy her stuff. Lots of stuff. 
  • Overall, Futaba will be very affectionate (when she’s not focused on a game) and very excitable for the most part
  • so long as s/o’s there ofc


  • he doesn’t get alot of time to spend with is s/o, so he’ll treasure every moment
  • The date is most likely somewhere privet, just for the two of them
  • and 50% chance it’s at a fancy diner for some interesting food Akechi wanted to try AKA a whole lotta pancakes
  • 10/10 he’d be a real gentleman for s/o, completely bending to their will in order to please them,
  •  just for today..
  • because today’s about them, and he doesn’t know how much longer he has with them…


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