buying new clothes

I’m going to turn myself in a fucking bombshell.

I want to be a better me and I ain’t getting to 10k looking how I’m looking. 

I’m getting a new wig.

I’m going to up my exercise routine.

I’m going to buy new tighter clothing, modesty ain’t doing shit for me.

I’m getting some expensive wispy eyelashes

I’m getting veneers.

I’m going to wear heels at all times. To the grocery store, to the bank, to the financial aid office at my school lol.

I gotta look like money man because I want to be snapped up.

I want to be a solid size 8 with a size 6 waist. Right now I’m a size 10 with a size 8 waist. 

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I want to look like a trophy instead of feeling like a consolation prize.

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💄- Do they wear makeup?
👂- Do they have any piercings?
👚- What color do they wear a lot of?
👓- Do they have contact lenses or glasses?
👜- Do they carry a bag or purse?
👙- What kind of swimsuit do they have?
🎩- Do they ever wear hats?
🕶- Do they like to wear sunglasses?
👗- What’s their opinion in dresses/skirts?
🎼- Do they wear clothes or accessories for their favorite bands, movies or TV shows?
💻- Do they prefer to shop online or in-store?
💵- Does price ever factor into deciding to buy clothes?
👞- What’s their favorite pair of shoes?
🎀- What kind of accessories do they like to wear?
🛍- How often do they buy new clothes?


Hey all,

I would like to apologise for my absence from CrossDressing and posting on this blog. I do still have pictures to post from BWBG and I still love dressing. I’ve just had no desire to dress for quite a while now, and I do not know when I will next dress in my own clothes or home.

Ever since visiting Cindy the first time I have thought differently about CrossDressing, and I’m glad. It’s made me realise that I want more out of it, I’ve been taking pictures hidden in the bathroom for too long. I was constantly buying new clothes, wigs and shoes to keep things ‘new’, this is not what I want from my hobby. Especially as every item I buy doesn’t even get worn for even an hour a month, it just doesn’t seem worth it. The most ‘at home’ I have ever felt with my hobby has been with Cindy, as it is an accepting environment. However back at home I’m hiding in the bathroom trying to get as many pictures as possible late at night, which just isn’t enjoyable for me anymore. I want more from my dressing however I don’t know what that is, I’ve thought about the idea of modelling ever since Cindy said I would be great at it. That put a huge smile on my face and is probably the happiest moment I’ve ever experienced whilst dressed.

It was also amazing being dressed and having a social aspect to it, at home it is very isolating and the only social aspect I get is online and mostly anonymous. Most of it is also simply complements on how I look dressed up, and not directly about me as a person. When I dress up I’m expressing my natural femininity as an image, my feminine personality. It’s not a form of escapism or another persona, it’s another image of who I am. It’s not another persona or a way of escaping for me, it’s a way of expressing more of who I am. Plus I really love 'women’s’ fashion.

However the fact that fashion is 'mens’ and 'women’s’ really gets to me in a way, it’s more accepting for a woman to be masculine than it is for a man to be feminine. I also think that clothing should be masculine or feminine, so individuals can wear what suits their personality, not clothing simply assigned to their gender.

I do know I would like my CrossDressing to be a lot more social and known. Due to the way it is viewed by society it cannot be simply told to someone like it could most other hobbies. It is best told one-to-one and even that is hard, you cannot be aware of how they will respond. It isn’t simply accepted or disliked. If it is accepted, they may not even ask what dressing means to you or any other questions like that as the fact that society drives you to approach it one-on-one makes it seem that your sensitive about it therefore they do not want to ask anything that may be too personal. This means you have to take time to explain your personal reasons behind it. It may also simply be a result of prejudice, and they may think they know all the answers already where in actual fact it’s unique to every individual.

Even when I want to talk about it with someone who knows, I have to wait until I can talk to them privately to avoid being overheard by others. So even though they know and I’m with them, I’m still hiding it. I do not feel safe talking about it with someone who knows in a public place, which is still very isolating.

It is said to “be the change you want to see in the world” however with societies views on CrossDressing I really have no idea what could even be done or how to even start. As it’s forcing most CrossDressers to stay in the dark, therefore it is not known or understood by most people. If it was seen more often, it would likely reduce prejudice etc. the only hope I can see currently is that some Transgender individuals are beginning to be accepted. This is not the same at CrossDressing but it does give hope that society may one day understand it and accept it.

It’s so in the dark that I myself as far as I’m aware haven’t even seen another crossdresser in person, ever. Just myself. CrossDressers are a lot more known online, however I myself am afraid to step outside dressed up or even tell others about it in a public place. I always worry it could easily cause a scene. I wish a lot more people would see it as interesting like quite a few that I have told do and not something to be concerned about, like it needs 'fixing’ or is some kind of personality disorder.

The fact that I cannot even affect how it is viewed within my own home or family gives me no hope whatsoever that society as a whole will change its views anytime soon. Which I hate, as I do not want to continue hiding it and feeling isolated. I do not agree that it is something that should be, however we’re driven to hide it no matter what we believe. This also means I’d have difficulty going out dressed up as I couldn’t even walk out the door whilst dressed up without letting anyone know I would be doing so.

I have no reason to go out dressed up but if I ever did I don’t know how I’d go about it due to this. I’d also be worried that being dressed up outside may cause a scene or make others feel uncomfortable if they know I’m CrossDressed and do not accept it. I also worry that some may act out irrationally because they see it as 'abnormal’ and others may frown upon it because of their religion or culture.

If anyone who knows me personally has read this, please contact me. Talk with me about it, I wish so much for it to be more social and to not feel isolated offline. Due to the fact that nobody does, I find it hard to talk about it even with people that know because I have no idea how they feel about it and how interested they really are.

If anyone else who has read this feels as I do, understands or has any thoughts. I’d love to talk, on here or on Kik (PinchedSlinky).

Thank you all for making me feel welcome here <3

Dating Lucifer Morningstar would include...

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  • You look beautiful, darling.
  • the constant look of lust in his eyes for you
  • trying to win you over by playing the piano
  • it works lmao
  • holding your waist and pulling you close to him
  • a LOT
  • OF SEX
  • up against walls is honestly his fav
  • and yours
  • Tell me, what do you desire?
  • “For you to fuck off.”
  • Well, first off that’s rude. What side of the bed did you wake up this morning?
  • him being there for you when you’re stressed out
  • knowing that you are changing him
  • but he doesn’t mind, it’s just everyone around him
  • ‘who can be more snarky’ competitions
  • lucifer buying you new dresses and clothes to surprise you
  • them being very expensive
  • I own a bar. Don’t be so humble, my darling. 
  • “You are too good for me, Morningstar.”
  • I know I am.” with his little smirk that he’d have plastered on his face
  • which would make you laugh and hit him playfully
  • knowing that he’d have to flirt with other people to get what he wanted but trusting him enough to not do anything with them
  • him being so careful whilst on cases with Chloe, not to give anyone that impression 
  • because there’s something about you that he likes
  • maybe even loves, about you.

love yourself!!!! whenever you feel self-conscious just think about all the companies and celebrities that profit from making you feel that way. they WANT you to hate your body so that you’ll idolize thin celebrities & watch their tv shows & follow their instagrams & buy makeup & new clothes & gym memberships & low calorie foods & workout clothes & workout equipment & magazines & so much more.

Yoon Bum headcanons

-is super into romantic stuff
-no really, he follows his favourite book/tv series religiously which is all heavily based in the romance genre
-he likes happy endings
-actually a decent cook, but he rarely has enough money for ingredients
-prefers baggy clothes and always buys a size up
-which works out cause he doesn’t buy new clothes very often
-studies/studied IT
-really good with computers
-would be able to give you hardware advice and cheapest places to buy
-had bad experiences with drinking and never smoked anything
-doesn’t listen to a wide variety of music, mostly plays his favourite album songs on repeat for weeks

Tried to keep this SFW lol

A New Beginning 1/?

A magic creatures AU - About 3k, watch for the cut!

Late growth spurt, the doctor had said without looking up from his tablet. Steve had been sitting on the exam table, paper bunched up under his thighs, four inches of ankle sticking out of his pants. At 22, he’d expected to be five-foot-nothing, one-hundred-nothing pounds for the rest of his life. When he’d started noticing that his pants seemed short, he’d blamed Bucky for ruining a load of laundry – it wouldn’t have been the first time.

“Late growth spurt,” Steve muttered under his breath as he tried on a new pair of pants. It was the fourth pair of jeans he’d had to buy in the last three months, and he was getting tired of spending his wages on clothing. He hadn’t had to regularly buy new clothing since middle school, and until this late growth spurt, he’d had the same pair of comfortable (slightly careworn) jeans since the first day of ninth grade.

“Steve! C’mon. How long does it take to button a pair of jeans?”

“I’m sure you hold the record, Buck,” Steve called back. He tugged on the waistband of the pants, picked up his knees, and then folded forward to grab his toes. “I think these are too small,” he said, nudging the door open with his hip.

Bucky was sprawled in the folding chair set against the wall, his legs taking up most of the narrow walkway between the changing rooms. One of his hands dangled between his legs, and the other was propped up on his thigh with his phone angled up, thumb flicking over the screen. He looked like an edgy magazine ad with his hair pulled up in a messy bun, his thin button-up shirt rucked up to show a peak of a tattoo on his hip. The woman at the counter kept tossing him speculative looks.

“Really?” Steve asked with his lips pursed, hands automatically landing on his hips.

Bucky smirked and ran his tongue over his lower lip as he straightened up. He gave Steve a speculative look. “Are you doing squats in your sleep or something?”

Steve threw his hands in the air. “Yes, Bucky. I am getting up in the middle of the night and sleep-squating. That’s a perfect explanation.”

“Hey, don’t bite my head off, I’m not the one who’s grown eight inches and put on thirty pounds in the last three months.” He stood up and gave Steve a thorough once-over. “You’re either going to have start working out, or stop biking to work. You’re getting all…” He made a vague gesture with his hands. “Pear-shaped.”

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(ED/weight tw) help ezra get thru eating disorder inpatient/residential treatment
(a wishlist!)

hi everyone its me. as most of you following me probably already know (but if youre seeing this and you dont follow me you dont know!) i have anorexia which i am currently in inpatient treatment for. the amount of time i will be here isnt certain – it could be anywhere from two weeks to two months. i dont know! what i know is that i live here for the time being. a few people have asked if they could send me things to make my time here a little easier/brighter so i made this wishlist. 

a few things about this list

1) youll notice that many items on this list are clothing.this is because while i am here i am going to be going thru refeeding/weight restoration during my stay, and very often this results in having to buy new clothes. getting them thru amazon isnt IDEAL because i cant know the fit for sure, but most of the items on this list are loose fitting or stretchy comfortable clothes which is what i need.

2) other items on this list are things 2 keep me from going stir crazy, such as coloring/sketch books, crochet stuff, journals and whatnot. i cannot overemphasize how boring treatment is most of the time. 

3) a lot of the stuff on my list is skin care/beauty/toiletries. this is because i like them! and i dont want to see any rude anonymous messages about my frivolity! i am in a damn institution let me have my masks.

uhh ok yeah thats it! if youd like to buy me something else, like books or whatever, all my other wishlists are accessible from this one (at the left of the list on computer at the bottom on mobile) 

ok thank you so much everyone. thank u for your support !! (imagine a strong arm emoji here)


writing: 100s-1k is $4
2k-3k is $6
4k-5k is $8
6k-10k is $10
11k-above is $20

my art tag is here and my ao3 is here

hey guys!! I’m doing commissions again bc we really need the extra cash to help us save up to buy a car and a new computer— anything helps!! my paypal is, and my chase bank quickpay account is thank u in advance!!