buying it with my student loan tbh

Honestly I’ve been doing so well since coming home. I haven’t bought *anything* that’s non-essential except for getting my new Fitbit. I’ve been making all my credit card payments at least 3 weeks in advance, staying on top of all my budgets for food and gas and having some leftover to help out my parents and get them things they need

It makes me feel sooo good to not be back at my apartment and be constantly stressed about my parents’ finances. Because now I can be home to fill the gas tank or buy groceries for them and I know how much they appreciate it

Excited for when I start working 32+ hours a week starting next Thursday so I can save up more, make bigger payments on my credit cards and start saving up for student loan payments

TBH, you’d think all this stuff would majorly stress me out but as long as I can be in control of all of it, it really doesn’t. It actually is pretty soothing to know that even though I’m in debt and my parents are in a tough place, I can take action to make a dent in it, even if it’s only a small one

I’m really not stressed at all and I think that also makes my parents’ days easier so that’s good. My focus rn is family, family, family