buying iphones

So, Apple removed the headphone stick from their iPhones a while ago and I was baffled and furious so instead of buying an iPhone 7, I bought an… iPhone 6S Plus which is the newest iphone that still has a headphone stick. I’m SO good at boycotting 🤦‍♀️

Well thanks to my idiocy, someone got into our account and used the info to buy an Iphone in California. Already talked to the bank and cancelled my card and already made a report. We should have a refund in a few weeks.

All I can think of right now (when Im not kicking myself) is that Im glad they didnt clean out our account.

Regardless my mood is shot.

I need time with my paramours.

list of heroes

the woman who dated 40+ guys, got them to buy her iphones, and then sold them to buy a house

the woman who traded one singular rick and morty sauce for a car

no offense but people who consistently buy the newest iphones the day they come out emanate a very unsettling energy… capitalism has such a strong grip on them i just want to help set them free

you know what cracks me up , when i read a story/ff with mark in it and it says that they were on ft , tf y’all ft on ? tango ? oovoo ? skype ? snapchat ? cause mark don’t own a iphone so ????? lmfaooooooooooooo

actual things that happen in the Book of Mormon/why it is the most Extra™ musical ever
  • “Have fun in hell!”
  • Norway: land of gnomes and trolls
  • France: land of pastries and turtlenecks
  • Japan: land of soy sauce and Mothra
  • Elder Price’s lifelong dream is to get sent on a mission to Orlando, Florida, but instead he gets sent to Uganda
  • “UGANDA! COOL! ….where is that.”
  • Kevin goes along with the happy upbeat choreography despite feeling extremely ripped off
  • “well, he has a very active imagination–” “I LIE A LOT!” “no”
  • Kevin’s dad actually gets a random woman to dress up like someone in The Lion King and sing Circle of Life
  • “Personally I like Star Wars, but I’m willing to like Star Trek more if you think it’s better”
  • the writers probably only made Price’s first name Kevin because it rhymed with heaven
  • You and Me (But Mostly Me) aka every group project ever
  • Arnold tries to make a video diary
  • Josh Gad screaming
  • the entirety of Hasa Diga Eebowai (it’s such a jam though)
  • “Raise your middle finger to the sky and curse his rotten name!” “wait what”
  • “Well, let’s see. Eebowai means God, and Hasa Diga means, Fuck you. So I guess in English it would be: Fuck you, God!” “WHAT?!
  • Cunningham gets REALLY into it.
  • someone tries to fuck a baby
  • “But that’s horrible!” “I know!” “Hasa Diga Eebowai!”
  • everyone has AIDS
  • Nabulungi has the purest expression on her face while doing the most vulgar choreography ever
  • All the nicknames for Nabulungi, including but not limited to: Bambamchelfi, Jon Bon Jovi, Hockaloogie, Nagasaki, Nabagamba, Neutrogena, Neosporin, Nintendo 64, Nordstrom, and Nutella
  • Elder Poptarts
  • a fun, lighthearted tap number about repressing your emotions
  • Elder Thomas was out buying an iPhone while his sister was dying of cancer
  • “My hetero side just won” *thumps chest*
  • when the lights go down and when they go back up all of the Mormons are dancing and wearing pink sparkly vests. Including Kevin.
  • “Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, then find the box that’s gay and CRUSH IT!
  • Andrew fucking Rannells had to have the words “no, no, i’m not having gay thoughts” come out of his mouth
  • the sound of tap dancing in the background as Elder McKinley leaves the living quarters
  • “There is no Bishop Donaghue! I made him up!”
  • arnold cunningham just wants his dad to be proud of him for once
  • Cunningham steals Price’s blanket despite having one of his own
  • Nabulungi uses a typewriter as a texting device
  • Cunningham has a panic attack when he sees that there’s no doorbell
  • Gotswana has maggots in his scrotum
  • “what the fuck is a steak knife”
  • General Butt Fucking Naked
  • Nabulungi, one of the purest characters in musical theatre, singing “soon life won’t be so… shitty”
  • “So he crawled up on that cross, and he stuck it out” hjdhfjqgfhnjs
  • Elder Cunningham hip thrusting to rock metal
  • “YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER” *stabs Darth Vader*
  • “Heavenly Father, why do you let bad things happen? More to the point, why do you let bad things happen to me?”
  • “We will listen to the fat white guy”
  • right as Act 1 ends, Gotswana reminds us that he has maggots in his scrotum
  • “i know you’re really depressed, what with all your AIDS and everything,”
  • Arnold’s conscience consists of his father, Joseph Smith, Moroni, hobbits, and Yoda
  • arnold convinces everyone that fucking a frog is the solution to all your problems
  • clitoris
  • Boba Fett
  • Kevin mistakes hell for disneyworld
  • Elder Price has spent his life plagued by guilt over blaming his brother for eating a donut with maple glaze when he was five (5) years old
  • Elder Price has a nightmare that he gets sent to hell and Jesus calls him a dick
  • spooky wooky
  • Hitler makes an appearance, because of course he does
  • Elder Price thinks abandoning your mission companion is worse than serial murder and genocide
  • McKinley dancing seductively with the red boa
  • Jeffrey Dahmer and Kevin’s dad having anal sex
  • McKinley blowing Hitler
  • the music stops just so Kevin can scream that he can’t believe Jesus called him a dick
  • “That would take something… incredible” *spotlight on Kevin as his head whips around to face the audience fast enough to get whiplash*
  • Andrew Rannells licking his lips every other line at the Tonys
  • Elder Price forces General Butt Fucking Naked to dance with him
  • baptism is a euphemism for sex
  • A song called I Am Africa sung by the whitest people ever with the whitest choreography ever
  • Elder Price actually gets the Book of Mormon shoved up his ass
  • “let us smile and laughrica”
  • Elder Price drinks twelve (12) cups of coffee because he’s lost all faith in the Mormon religion
  • just fucking. planet orlando
  • orlando (reprise)
  • “I’m Joseph Smith, and I’m going to fuck this baby!” “WHAT”
  • Moroni from the Starship Enterprise
  • “Will you fight the clitoris man?”
  • magical fuck frog
  • “Let’s be really fucking polite to everyone!”
  • the dysentary sequence
  • Jesus wanting everyone to fuck each other and everyone wears HUGE dick garments
  • Nabulungi convinces everyone that Elder Cunningham was eaten by lions and then Cunningham walks in and they’re like “HE HAS RISEN”
  • “If you do not get out of this village right now, he is gonna command the Angel Moroni… from the DEATH STAR… and unleash the KRAKEN! Which will then…” “Which will then launch Joseph Smith’s TORPEDOES from its mouth of CHRIST and turn you into a LESBIAN!”
  • the fact that that somehow scares off General Butt Fucking Naked
  • elder price says fuck
  • “my name is Elder Butt Fucking Naked.” (brief pause) “did you know that the clitoris is a holy sacred thing”
  • The book of Arnold
  • the last line of the show is literally Gotswana singing “I still have maggots in my scrotum!”

anonymous asked:

As a fellow millennial, I feel torn by the 'entitled millennial' trope. I am fortunate, in that I had a family who I stayed with while attending school and who helped with expenses. But I also busted my ass, and got an engineering rather than a philosophy degree, and I've been working since my freshman year... and I have savings, and don't feel like I'm doomed to poverty. And it is frustrating to see people who never tried to make a budget complaining that it is impossible to make better choices

It’s not impossible to make better choices.  It’s impossible to make choices that are good enough to ever replicate the last generation’s middle-class standard of living, no matter how hard we work and how little we spend.  Not hard, impossible.

You could save ten thousand dollars a year - extremely difficult when rent is high and pay stagnant - and still be middle-aged before you can make a down payment and elderly before you can pay off a house.  Oops, except now you have zero funding for your retirement or your children’s educations.  Can you save twenty thousand a year?

Unless they’re buying two iPhones a month, casual consumer spending is not the reason our generation can’t afford major investments.  (And neither is philosophy degrees.  People going to college believing they’re in training for the lucrative position of professional philosopher is not a real problem.)

Also, “poverty” isn’t quite the right word for what I’m talking about.  I don’t mean people who are insecure day-to-day in having a place to sleep or enough to eat.  I mean people who are quite comfortable now, but will never be able to retire.  And they will pass nothing on to their children, who will also never be able to retire.  As long as we’re able to stay employed, we might never experience material deprivation, but we have no wealth and no security.  And that’s a big, deep, generational problem that can’t be escaped by getting a STEM degree and not buying Starbucks.

Never Forget

We all like to talk about EH/DK and the 13 like we know them, like they’re our friends. And that’s a good thing, because it’s important to remember all of them. We like to act like they’re still here, in a way. We like to put them in our lives and think about how they’d be if they were “modern”. How they would be as adults, or if things had been different.

But they’re not here. As much as we wish, and pray, and cry, Eric and Dylan still killed themselves in that library. Dave Sanders still bled out in that classroom. Those innocent teenagers still died on that campus and in that library, the same one that still doesn’t exist anymore. That memorial is still there.

Eric isn’t here to make fun of fidget spinners, play the new Doom, or be a Marine.

Dylan isn’t here to marvel at how far computers have come, fill his instagram and Facebook with emojis and awkward posts, or finally find love.

Rachel isn’t here to spread her faith, sing and act in the theatre, or get married and have children.

Daniel Rohrbough isn’t here to enjoy new computer games, having his driver’s license, or revel in the memories of his days on the farm.

Kyle never got to enjoy his new friends at Columbine, being a firefighter, or experience the joys of becoming a more open and confident person.

Steven isn’t here to serve his country, enjoy the new Star Wars movies, or tell stories to his sister’s children.

Cassie isn’t here to advocate for Christ, go rock climbing, or enjoy the privileges of a college education.

Isaiah isn’t here to be a music executive, play football, or wrestle.

Matthew isn’t here to play football, see his little brother all grown up, or to stand beside Greg Barnes and tell him it’s okay.

Lauren isn’t here to play volleyball, become a biologist, or save another animal.

John isn’t here to be with Michelle any more, drive around in a Chevy, or help poor families get what they need.

Kelly isn’t here to be a songwriter, write a book, or publish her auto-biography.

Daniel Mauser isn’t here to watch the new Simpsons episodes, go on his first mountain hike, or eat pepperoni pizza.

Corey isn’t here to fish with his friends, be a Marine, or enjoy America’s many campgrounds.

Dave isn’t here to see his grandchildren all grown up, enjoy retirement, or see any more softball and basketball games.

These people aren’t here to joke about Trump, take a side on the issue of police action, or buy the newest iPhone. As much as we theorize, we never will truly know, because they’re not here to give us the answers. They died because nobody cared enough.

Never Forget.