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there’s been some discourse on twitter about whether or not you have to use traditional media for inktober (lmao..)

im not gonna talk too much about it bc its not even worth my time and energy,

but with regards to the “working in a permanent medium like ink forces you to commit to your lines & helps prevent bad habits like relying on spamming ctrl+z”

this is actually true, but it doesnt mean you can’t do the same thing digitally.

There’s two things you can do, first of all you can edit your shortcuts and remove ctrl+z etc. so you have no undo shortcuts.

Second thing you can do is disable the history, most all art programs will let you manually set the history count (how many times you can undo) to at least 1 in the program preferences, which will prevent you relying on undo.

I’d also encourage you to avoid using the eraser tool, challenge yourself to commit to the lines you make and you’ll grow more confident with your art!

& If you find yourself struggling a lot to get the lines you want, give these exercises a go to improve your control:
[link: Deluxe Draughtsmanship Exercise CheetSheet]

most importantly, have fun! Inktober should be a time of self improvement, how you approach this is up to you :^)


The two brothers. The Dragon of the North Wind, and the Dragon of the South Wind. Together, they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens.

My Hanzo and Genji print is FINALLY done. There will be 5 of them available at Metrocon in 14x36″ size (That’s a 3 foot print!) I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I did making it :)


anonymous asked:

I'm trying to draw the YOI characters in my style. What's your take on the non-Asian male ice skater's eyeshapes? (Out of the Asian characters, Otabek probably has the narrowest eyes)

That’s an interesting question! Before I figured out the style I prefer to draw in, I tend to try to draw as close to the source material as possible. But if you look at enough references, you’ll be able to deconstruct how certain artists draw certain things! YOI style is distinct enough for me to recognize it. 

What I observed when I started drawing fanart for YOI was how Kubo-sensei drew eyes. So I followed that! 

The main character design however, is by Tadashi Hiramatsu (Hiramatsu-san!) and they follow this collaborative guide on how to draw the characters for the show. That’s how the characters would stay and look the same even though several different people are drawing them for the entire series.

I’ll trace over the eyes and then draw how I draw eyes and then show the basic hexagon shape (red).

For most of them, she goes for distinct half hexagon shapes for eyes. There’s a certain way she does this, and when you notice it you’ll see mostly the same eyes for most characters!

Victor’s are expressive coz because they’re bigger towards one side and slants down towards the ears. But Yuuri’s eyes are much more expressive because they have a rounder shape.

She follows a basic hexagon shape for everyone but it differs per character depending on their personality! For Yurio his eyes slant upward towards the ears (also because he’s always looking down lol) while Leo’s eyes droop downwards. Also take note of the double eyelid!

Chris’s eye shape is like Victor’s but rounder like Yuuri’s. The eyelashes distinguish his eyes from the others. JJ’s eyes are very boxy and it’s very noticeable since everything re: his facial features is big. It’s like a box that’s slanted downwards! And Emil’s is like Yuuri’s but with less eyelid, and rounder towards the middle :D

These two are actually my favorite because the hexagon shape isn’t followed as much but they have the Stereotypical Ikemen Eyes. I couldn’t find a decent screenshot of Michele’s L’Homme Arme program, his eyes were sharper there than Serenade for Two (or when he’s emotional lol) his default eyes are sharp, straight (lol), and masculine. While Georgi’s are the opposite, although they actually share shapes! The bottom of Georgi’s eyes are more of slanted upwards towards the ears, while the top curves downwards (like Victor’s eyes, but not as round). I love his eyelashes too, just saying. I rly love how they drew Georgi especially in Tale of the Sleeping Prince (when he was looking up!!!)

I hope that helped!!! 

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It’s been a while since I had anything substantial to show from Super Lesbian Animal RPG, with much of what I’m working on being spoilers. So let’s fix that with some new NPCs (who I’d previously talked about on my Patreon)!

Starting at the top left:

  • Beverly, by far the most significant character of this bunch, works in a restaurant in Greenridge and is friends with our protagonists. Beverly doesn’t really get herself involved with dangerous magical adventures, thinking that it’s all way over her head, but her optimistic attitude will make her a good friend to have in these trying times. Claire works at the same restaurant and has a crush on her
  • Chet is Rhett’s brother. He’s very buff, and he has a desk job in the Guardian’s Tower. He’s nice
  • Catherine is a middle aged cat lady who runs a local magic shop. You’ll probably be giving her a lot of business. When not running said shop, she takes care of many of the flowers seen around town
  • Pepper is Catherine’s young daughter. Her grandpa has told her too many stories from his youth about his many adventures. When she grows up, she wants to be evil
  • And finally, Bartholomew is Pepper’s grandpa (and Catherine’s regular pa). He is old

All of these characters were designed by @exclamationpointman with some guidance and revisions from me. I’ll probably post his concept art for them soon. These sprites were a long time coming!

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