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First date with suga would include? xxx

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  • lots of effort from him to make the first date a very fun and memorable one for you
  • him taking you to a more unpopular place where not many couples would be around since he probably doesn’t want to do anything typical
  • not that much skinship at first but he would probably hold your hand when he’s walking you back home from the date
  • him letting you know how nice you look but then trying to act cool about it as if he wasn’t going crazy by your beauty (when he is)
  • making sure that you were enjoying the date
  • “if there’s something you want to do, just let me know”
  • round 2 of date at a nice quiet restaurant where he would not mind paying at all
  • walking around small boutiques to digest the food as well as just look around for things to buy
  • him being so touched when you end up buying a gift for him
  • asking many questions that you both hare curious about as if was “20 questions” just to get to know each other more
  • him jokingly insulting his members when you ask about them
  • “are you sure you’re dating me bc you like me and not another member? who is it, taehyung??” as a joke ofc
  • maybe some awkward silence as it is the first date
  • listening to music suggested by him on your walk home (sharing earphones)
  • you letting him know how fun the date was & noticing the secret proud  smile on his face
  • him giving you some of the song names of the songs you happened to like while listening to his playlist
  • wanting to spend more time with him than the date lasted
  • him letting you know that he hopes to go on more dates with you
  • him stopping in front of your house, waving goodbye to you before you entered your house
  • a “goodnight” text a few minutes after <3

Thank you for requesting! Make it an awesome day/night, cutie~ ♡