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I made the mistake of deleting overwatch completely and attempting to sell it for $10. Buyer never showed up so I brought it back home and now I'm downloading it again but idk if i can do it without all my skins and voice lines and sprays and emotes 😧


i didn’t know you could clear your account of stuff? the loot and game are attached to the account, what did u do to it


First doujinshi I’ve made for Reiyui fandom <3 I don’t know if any of you interested, but I’ll give a try.

So here it is Wolf & Rabbit sample preview. Available in Comifuro event only on 6th September 2014, Jakarta. For those interested to buy but can’t attend the event, there is limited offer for you. I accept international shipping, and as you know I ship from Indonesia, so for those who is interested to buy I hope you’ve considered the shipping price. for order you can send me via ask/message, or email me on

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Different Types of Kpop Fans
  • Sasaeng: Follows idol everywhere, Stalkers
  • Editors: Edits and makes gifs
  • Fansite Noonas: Takes HQ shots of Idols
  • Fanart Makers: Creative, Artistic, Hands of an ANGELL
  • Fanfic writers: Writes stories that you wish were true or maybe a movie
  • Bulk Buyers: Buys 10+ copies of one album
  • Translators: Translates posts, videos, shows for intl fans
  • Youtube Views Contributor: Does everything for the views to increase
  • Illegal Downloaders: 'I'm willing to go to jail for this music'
  • Half-Hearted: only likes the group because of one member
  • The 'Dont have money, How to support oppa/unnie, Im a bad fan': doesnt buy merch from the group, doesnt give gifts, doesnt do anything much just fangirls/fanboys over them but loves and supports the group 100%
  • Underwear throwers: Throws underwear to the group during concert
  • Average fan: Buys album when theres money, doesnt do much but still helps a bit for the fandom
  • Cover makers: makes song, dance covers
Why we matter

Someone just sent me this amazing post from a PR expert on a Reddit in the The1OO subreddit. I’m sharing it so we can also get their insight here. If you didn’t trust me or thought I was exaggerating about the importance of making this happen tonight and how we can make things change, then trust an expert who seems pretty unbiased:

As a PR professional, I will say something that may not be well-recieved here, but it is categorically true: Jason Rothenberg’s handling of the fallout after Lexa’s death has been atrocious. I say that as a PR manager who has coached hundreds of small businesses.

Watching Jason this past week has been professional torture.

He has literally done nothing right when it comes to handling a PR crisis, so either he has some HORRIBLE advice on his side of the fence, or he is ignoring the counsel he is getting and sticking to his mental high ground.

I love The 100 and hope for success, but Jason is digging his own grave at this point–and this would be the case if he was dealing with ANY upset demographic.

If Jason was Coca-Cola and 10% of buyers reported getting urine in their cans of Coke after a certain shipment and all Coca-Cola did was post rave reviews about their new recipe, then COCA-COLA WOULD HAVE A PR PROBLEM that would systemically grow for as long as it remained unaddressed.

Jason, categorically, has a big-ass problem, which he is choosing to avoid and dismiss. This is something you CAN’T do when you are in his position over a product (The 100).

And while the disenfranchised group has become overly aggressive at times and crossed lines, I think their core movement is sound.

Their message is: It’s 2016 and we will no longer support shows that turn them into a trope for the sake of plot. They deserve better.

Sure, lesbian characters are killed off all the time on TV, but for some reason, Lexa was the tipping point for a lot of lesbians. The show rode Lexa hard, gave her more screen time than casted regulars, promoted her and the sapphic relationship with Clarke hard, and engaged Lexa’s fanbase to recruit and trend for the show.

How can these people NOT feel used? They categorically were, by definition. In PR, they’re called a “street team”–which is a group of passionate volunteers who work out of love for the project and really get no other payoff, other than the occasional thanks, shout out, or access to the product.

Jason had two active street teams in Clexa and Bellarke shippers. He encouraged them both to trend for him even as he disavowed shipping.

In short, Jason played a dangerous PR game and he lost. Hard core.

Ask any PR professional anywhere about how he’s acted this past week and watch their blood pressure rise. It’s textbook bad.

Conversely, Alycia was a class act in putting her limited tweets out there after the episode aired, and the episode writer has spent every moment since the episode started airing listening and responding.

Here we are a week later, and Javi has largely re-earned the trust of LGBT individuals in becoming the showrunner for Xena, while Jason is sitting where he’s sitting.

The way I see it, Jason is eating his own karma with this revolt. Handling this well was an option and he didn’t choose it.

So I choose to be academic about what happens next.

Can these kids–because these are quite literally teenagers, college students, and twenty-somethings that are mostly in revolt–take down a show in order to send a message to the ENTIRE entertainment community that they are done being nothing more than stepping stones in storytelling?

That would be amazing and historic if they pulled that off. The odds are decidedly against them, but if they’re loud enough the CW will have to consider two options:

  • Cancel The 100.
  • Remove Jason as showrunner based on his poor judgment in both creating and handling this situation. (On a business level, it simply cannot be repeated in other creative decisions and responses.)

Again, that’s just me talking from my head and not my heart. The 100 is my favorite show on TV, but…as showrunners have been saying all week: “It’s only a show.”

What’s happening on Tumblr and in the lives of a marginalized community is real, and should I really value the future of a show over social progress in the real world?

I don’t know that I can. So I’ll watch if the show continues on, but I will applaud the LGBT community if they ultimately unite enough to be heard and responded to.

Get other fandoms involved. Get the community involved. We can show them queerbaiting is over as of today.

The tweet for tonight: “LGBT fans deserve better. Lexa deserved better. Our community deserved better @TheCW @TheCW_PR #CWcancelThe1OO”


Plugs/Eyelits for sale!

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The Empty Hearse collection

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