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About people wanting to buy on taobao, i just tried to order on buychina. com. It's the english version of taobao site. You can put the taobao item adress on the search bar and they give you an english page for the same article. Customer service is really good, speak perfect english and answer really quickly. I got some trouble and they were so understanding that they gave me a good reduction on my order. It is a bit long to get your item ( 1 month, equal as qutieland ) but really simple to use.

Thanks for the review!

Taobao, BuyChina, & Storenvy

I usually get around 3428943242 questions about one of these sites a day, and about 342943240 out of those 3428943242 are questions that I’ve answered many times before. 

So hopefully this relatively short post covers the basics.

Taobao - a “Chinese eBay” where people from around the world can get cheap clothes, many of which are fakes or imitations. To use Taobao, you will require a Taobao Shipping Agent to order the item for you.

  • Taobao Shipping Agent - An individual or agency, separate from Taobao, that purchases and ships the item from Taobao for you. There are many different agents with different policies, fees, and locations, and you should find one that is right for you.
  • Fake - When an item is created to look exactly like another, such as a name-brand, and is advertised as being that brand. Ex. Common fake Louis Vuitton purses.
  • Imitation - When an item imitates a name-brand item, even if it does not claim to be that item. Ex. Intentionally making a pair of tights that look exactly like Candy Stripper tights, but are not labeled as such.
  • Not everything on Taobao is a fake or imitation, but you should keep an eye out. You get what you pay for, so buying the brand-name is almost always going to be much higher quality, and worth the higher price.

BuyChina - a large Taobao Shipping Agent that comes in the form of a shopping website, making it easier to purchase items off of Taobao without contacting an agent and filling out a form.

Yes, BuyChina is a safe, legitimate site. It simply projects the shops of Taobao onto an English, easy-to-navigate site, where it is still advised that you check the seller rating before making a purchase. When purchasing something off of BuyChina, you are still purchasing from the individual Taobao shop.

Storenvy - an online marketplace where individuals from around the world can sell their products, or sell retail. Many Storenvy shops act as Taobao agents, meaning if you purchase an item off of their shop, they order the item directly from Taobao and have it shipped to you, and it never passes through their hands. Usually this is the most expensive method of purchasing items off of Taobao, but is also sometimes the easiest.

So I bought these epic boots in August but the money got refunded without letting me know, so the money is in my e-wallet (?) now and I want the money to get transferred back to my creditcard but the fuckers won’t help me >:C

I’ve emailed about that shit like 6 times already and it’s not explained on the website how the fuck to do that either.

And I want my boots. But I gave them up now, like fuck that. But I want new boots but Demonia and New Rock bore me. 

Do not buy from >:C

Sweet Deer Chiffon - Buychina Review

This was my first time using Buychina. I wanted to see how reliable it was so I’d have some knowledge if I ever wanted to buy something from there again. I restricted myself going for a simple (and cheap) dress, so if my order became a bust I was only losing a little bit of money.

Price/Payment: $7.23

My worry with Buychina is it does not yet accept paypal. I feel safe with paypal and I don’t like giving my card details over the internet. However despite the discomfort of having to do that nothing went wrong there.

Processing/Shipping: $5.23

Processing took a loooooong time. It took at least 2 weeks for them to actually mark my order as posted. However, in that time I did send them emails asking about my order and they were quick to respond.

It turned out, unfortunately for my dress, even though I had bought a pink version of the dress, in the processing time they had sold out of that color. They offered me a navy one instead, which I happily accepted (luckily navy probably suits me better), or a full refund.

The fact this happened worries me though. If I had not contacted them would they have told me they had sold out? Would they have refunded me? I would warn everyone to always contact the seller during the processing time if it exceeds a week. Once it had been shipped it took only maybe 2 weeks to get to me.

The Dress: It’s make and material is nothing special but I was not expecting it to be. I got exactly what I paid for and despite its simplicity I really like it. It fits just fine, accurate to its measurements, the style is sweet and it is a decent quality make. The print is vintage inspired and cute.

Overall: I really like the item, it was worth the price. Although I still find Buychina a little shifty, and my order took a bit long to ship, I probably wouldn’t hesitate buying from them again. Even with my concerns mentioned above about the reliability of that seller, it might have just been a one off hiccup and they might have contacted me eventually. Who knows?


I’ve gotten a few questions as to why I don’t post as much from BuyChina as I used to, and no, it’s not because I found out they were a scam. As long as you check the seller rating, you’re fine.

I just noticed they’ve recently raised up the shipping prices tremendously, so it’s no longer worth it to buy most shoes from BuyChina. It used to be that you could get a pair of shoes - whether the pair was $5 or $50 - shipped to the US for around $12 - $15. Now, shipping on shoes is anywhere from $20 to $40. I don’t know why they’ve upped the shipping (maybe they were losing money, or maybe they switched to a new carrier) but I just know it’s lame as fuck. 

You can still get wigs and other accessories/clothes from BuyChina for a decent price + shipping, but yea sobs there goes my go-to place for shittily-made creepers.


Update: Okay so for the official review it’s all based on what i ordered and the process because I feel we need a full explanation to feel a little safer about it. 

BuyChina is an agent of Taobao. It is not Taobao. 

You can pick out the item you like from the taobao website and paste it into buychina’s search bar. Make sure the seller is really good. I feel like that’s one of the biggest factors in if you get your item or not. You can tell with the crowns and jewels. Always go for 4 to 5 star ratings. 3 is pushing it close with the gold and blue crown sellers.

The shipping and handling show on buychina is not the official shipping and handling. They don’t have the product yet so they’re giving an estimate of the shipping price. (if you feel the shipping is a little high remember they have to ship the item from taobao to wherever they’re located, which I’ll mention later)

So you found what you like and you want to pay? Cool. * - * I found it okay to use my debit/credit card.  I don’t trust money orders because it’s not like a debit/credit card, it’s harder to dispute it. With a card you get the luxury of time and security.

You can see that I put in my payment the same time I placed my order. The payment method was with my card through Alipay which so far I had no issues with. Before you get anxious: the payment shows up in your account but it is not taken out for 2 - 3 days. BuyChina ships the item from taobao to their location. During that time you have a pending payment (the exact shipping cost is also pending with payment so payment is subject to some kind of change).

Okay so you’re waiting and waiting and jesus 3 days is forever wtf. You get an order status that you can glare at while you wait. When they receive the item, you will also get your official billing. I ordered a headband so the price they gave me was: $6.65 and the price I paid was: $6.55. (Shipping ended up being $1.84.) So now they ship. I think the best thing is that you get a tracking number. They tell you who they will ship through, the shipment date and the tracking number. From there it’s kind of out of their hands and into the hands of your postal service. 

They shipped it through USPS since it’s the USA’s main postal service (ugh…) so I dealt with them for tracking. From there it’s pretty simple, you just wait for the package. If you have an iPhone or android, i recommend the app parcel because you can stare at your package when you want. 

Then when it finally gets to your house I guess like…you can cry in joy and hug it and revel in it’s beauty. :D Don’t forget to leave a review like in ebay!

edit edit: guys if you’re not aware, the bank most likely charges you a fee for things you buy from china. mine was $0.20. It’s not the site that charges you its either your credit card company or your bank. I’m not sure if it’s because you’re buying directly from china or something else (kind of how some countries that order from Australian clothing companies like BlackMilk get an additional fee from the country or bank with their order.)