My taste in shoes, bags and accessories are straight up boss ass bitch Rachel Duncan meets Delphine Cormier but my clothing is all punk rock ho black Sarah Manning meets Gail Peck with the occasional Alison Hendrix casual. I feel like I have an identity crisis.

  • *sees magazine "22 facts you didn't know about Taylor Swift inside" *
  • *buys magazine*
  • "1. Her lucky number is 13!"
  • Me:Are you kidding me
How I want to meet my future partner.
  • Me:*In a bookstore looking at books, and my nerd stuff, see the last book of favorite series, reach to grab it, and another hand grabs it too.*
  • Them:Oops sorry, I thought I was the only one who liked this.
  • Me:Oh my gosh me too, I love this book.
  • Them:yeah?!
  • Me:I was just going to read the back, I don't have enough money for this.
  • Them:Let me buy it for you then, give me your number and you can call me and tell me about it.
  • Me:Really?
  • Them:Yeah, anyone who likes (book title) and is as cute as you must be important.
  • Me:*speechless.*

(on note)
1. To my dearest Dongwan. If you open the duty free magazine, you’ll see number 683…Please buy it for me (*in aegyo tone)~~!! Oppa!! Buy number 683 for me~~!!!

2. You’re an angel~An angel that drops golf balls down from the skies
I ♡ you~~!!

Jung Pilgyo who has horrible handwriting. Gross. Disgusting.

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hello friends, i am here today to share with you how to comics the cheap(er) and easy way!!!! this literally only applies to marvel because dc still has not gotten onboard with any form of streaming/downloading old content or providing download codes with their books because really why would they. also it’s purely digital. if you want cheap physical comics, uh, go to your comic shop and dig through the back issues or look for used trades on amazon/your used bookstore/whatever. SHRUG.

so anyway there are TWO WAYS you can comics more cheaply. i mean, you will still be paying some dollars, this is the burden of not pirating. but you will be spending maybe ¼ the dollars otherwise


you will need to register an account at MARVEL DOT COM, aka the worst site. seriously their layout is a fucking pain and a menace and i hate it so very much, but you cannot get around it so whatever, let’s do this. sign your ass up with a free account over there. then we can get to how you comics. (you may also want to getcherself a comixology account because their reader/app is a way smoother experience, but it only helps u with method one of cheap comicking below and not marvel unlimited)


yes reddit is home to war criminals and the worst of the internet, but that’s fine, because you only have to go to this one subreddit and it’s very chill and polite. 

marvel comics come with DIGITAL CODES these days. people like to SELL THESE CODES, generally for A DOLLAR. some comics may go for slightly more, depending on the cover price - ie, a $5 comic may go for $1.50 or $2. whatever, it’s still cheaper than the store and you still get your comic.

there is a weekly thread that gets stickied here, and on wednesday people descend upon that thread and list what they’re looking to sell and what they wanna buy. folks iwll then swoop in and offer to buy/sell, as the situation calls for it. money trades hands and then you get a code! if you’ve got some comics you HAVE to have physically, you can also sell your codes here easy-peasy. some folks like to set up recurring ‘subscriptions’ too where you buy the code for a comic from the same person every month (and thus sell to the same person each month also). this can be really handy! i sell comics here on the reg and have a few really chill people who sub through me and i can vouch for this as a great way to spread the love and also defray your own costs. (so if you’re me and you wanna buy physical copies but get a little money back off the deal, this is also rad. this reduces my costs by ¼. like. it’s pretty sick.)

you can also search for comics on ebay, and people sell digital codes there. just search for the title/issue # of the comic, and throw the word ‘digital’ at the end of your search, then get ready to fuckin’ party. prices on ebay are generally a bit higher than on comiccodes, but if there’s somethin you can’t find on reddit you may have better luck here. i list it for completeness sake.


what do you do with the code? log your ass into marvel’s site and then take that code to, of course! it’s gonna ask you what shop you bought the code at - i’m not sure this honestly makes a huge difference? i chose my local shop, i advise you choose one local to you, but really, whatever, i dunno man.

anyway once your code is redeemed, you can read it on (the worst site) or on comixology (the best site). reading online is honestly pretty cool because of a feature called GUIDED VIEW which is, in fact, the shit, and lets you read panel-by-panel.


okay, wow, i feel you! you want to catch up on some old shit, do ya? you want to binge read all of wolverine & the x-men? you decided you want to read that issue where namor goes “a dog? a barrel? ridiculous!”? you want to see namor hire matt murdock to sue all of humanity? you want to see namo – what, you didn’t come for namor issue recs? okay, fuck off, let’s do this shit

hie thee once more to and lay your eyes on MARVEL UNLIMITED.

this is like doom’s gift 2 marvel comics fans who want to read EVERY GODDAMN LITTLE THING FOREVER. i mean, ok, they’re missing a buncha issues of new mutants and some other older stuff, but whatever. everything from about 2005 onwards is there in full, and there’s a MASSIVE back catalog that’s pretty solid for tons of other titles. (like old-ass avengers comics. or ancient daredevil issues. the usual.) new issues are added on a six month delay - to keep people buying new comics as they’re released. but if you can wait, or if you just wanna catch yourself up, this is an awesome way to do comics.

so. you have a few ways to deal with unlimited. there’s a monthly subscription which you can pay ten bucks/month for. this is chill if you just wanna scope it out for a month or two and drop it. but if you’ve got the means for a one-time thing, you can subscribe for a year at a go for $69 (hehe) bucks. that’s juuust over half the price of the monthly, if you keep it up for a year.

also? you can account-share. marvel doesn’t really keep an eye on it. so you and a friend wanna go in on some comics? bruh, how about you just each pay $30 and get yourselves a year of comics? or shit, three of you could pay $20/head and still have that year of comics. holy moly. i could keep doing the math for more people, but you get the picture. like i should probably encourage you to get your own subscription but what the fuck ever.


(here’s a post i made of marvel comics i recommend, also please feel free to come at me with questions you may have)

When Mar’i is born, I can just picture Damian bragging about how she likes him the best.

Like she giggles while he’s holding her? Proof she likes him more than Tim.

Falls asleep in his arms? Proof she likes him more than Jason?

Burps? Proof he is the superior Uncle.

Jason is just like “Damian, she’s just doing baby shit, that doesn’t prove anything” and Damian just goes “shut up Todd, you’re just jealous!”

Dick buys him a “number 1 Uncle shirt” for his birthday and you bet Damian wears that thing un-ironically once a week.

I did 567 damage from a riposte using a fully upgraded Fume UGS. Later my opponent used a divine blessing, used a seed of tree giants and 2 shotted me with hexes.

Thanks, from, for balancing things so perfectly!

Brian is no longer allowed to tend to my kittens in their catnip forest when I’m not home. Or when I’m just out of the room. I went to get a bath last night and came back with 20 smelters, all of them active. There were 15 when I left. Before that, I had 10 smelters when I left for work yesterday morning.

When I get home today there’s going to be at least five more, if not worse.

Last One Out

Every Friday I post a new fine art print that’s available, at this lower price, for one week only. This week I’m featuring this photo, Last One Out, taken on a recent trip to New Orleans.

Ends: July 2, 2015
Price: $35/$70
Limited Edition, Edition of: 250, Signed and Numbered


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