Why dont they sell emergency period supplies in the front of the drug store? I dont need a whole box, I have 15 at home. Just let me buy one or two with a piece of chocolate for the rest of the workday. Close to the door preferably unless you really want clean up on aisle 5. It makes a whole lot more sense than pretty wrappers or colored applicators. My vagina doesnt care what color the applicator is. It doesnt matter, its going to be red in a second.

The only downside to being with a girl who is into Subaru’s is that she doesn’t undersTAND THE TRUE APPLICATION OF SPINNING TRIANGLES BRAPPPPPPPPP

nah but she makes me want to buy one but I can’t succumb to her ways.

how do i ever think i am not a complete baby i just screamed twice while killing a bug and i’m going to be weird and shaky and feeling things on me all night now

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I just want to strengthen the fact that not all couples are normal. My sister and her boyfriend have literally been dating since June 2010 (creepily) and they went to different colleges more than 2 hours away form each other and saw each other once a month. Now that they live together, they are happy to be with each other yes, but my sister leaves their apartment at least 2 weekends a month for space. All. Couples. Are. Different. Understand that and you won't be as stressed about HL's lives.

Yeah, I don’t know where people are getting the "Normal Couples” guide, but if someone does and wants to point me to wear I could buy one I’d be very grateful.

There seems to be loads of people worried about sleeping on their tummies while pregnant, so I thought I’d post this! It’s called a Holo and is basically a lilo with a hole for your belly. I found out about these when my friend offered to buy me one, he says a colleague of his SWEARS by it. I don’t sleep on my belly, but it seems like a good idea. They’re a wee bit pricey imo, and sold out at the minute (it says they’ll be getting stock in early June), but could be very well worth it for a good night’s sleep! It has pretty good reviews on amazon too, but they’re out of stock as well. fuckyeahmumblrs fuckyeahukmumblrs

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How can i buy a thong w/o mama knowing cuz she gonna flip if i have one

go shopping w a friend one of my friends wanted to buy a dildo and she asked me to go w her

and also do ur own laundry and hide it really well so ur mom doesnt find it

Just bought myself a new backpack because I don’t want people from work buying me one as a going away/graduation present anymore bc I don’t want to give my boss any more reasons to text me during non-work hours.


Hey guys! I’ve had several people ask me about the galaxy paintings I do, so I decided to start doing commissions this summer. I can do a variety of sizes on either stretched or paneled canvases. I could also do it on an old painting or piece of wood that you already have!

Based on the cost of canvases, here are some set prices on different sizes:
I also have several small panel canvases that range from $5-$10. These prices don’t include the cost of shipping, but that shouldn’t be much more than a few dollars. As I mentioned before, if you already have the material you want painted or you have a specific request, just message me here or email me at and let me know!

Here are some examples of ones I’ve done for people in the past! I can do any color scheme you want or work off a photo of your favorite nebula/constellation.