boys' favorite shoes

their favorite on you.

steve / timberlands
johnny / low rise converse
ponyboy / adidas originals
darry / chelsea boots
sodapop / vans
dallas / platform heeled ankle booties
tim / over-the-knee boots
curly / jordan’s
two-bit / adidas nmd

yall i know ive had a lot of weird obsessions that i post abt on here in random waves and i know i fuckin. post random shit none of yall fuckin care abt but fuckin,,,, my most secret one,,,,,,, dolls,,,,,,,, especially the monster high dolls they’re so cool i wanna own two of every character so i can repaint them and still have a clean one,,,,,,,,,,,,, im fuckin obsessed w/ doll repainters on youtube,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my favorite doll fuckin ever is porter geiss hes so good also literally me

low budget witchy stones