i got the job! its the same job i already have (like, facilitating a collective living experience among homeless/runaway teens) but full time (30 hours a week) with paid time off and all benefits and stuff. i thought i wasn’t gonna get it but then i did and now i have it and i’m gonna have to stick around for a while but thats good because there’s a million things i wanna build and make and do. and i’m a total jobby square now but i got my punk travel bug out and the negatives from it just got developed. now i’m gonna make a zine. well i guess this is growing up.

Reworking Commissions - Also, Donations Accepted

I have a commission price-sheet that I’m reworking - updating the examples and making it easier to read, possibly tweaking the prices as well.

Until then, it reads something like this:

  • Sketches $10
  • Inks $15
  • Flat Colors $20
  • Full Colors $60-80
  • Detailed Backgrounds +$10-20
  • Extra Characters +$5-10 each.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I have a Donate button set up on my tumblr now.

So - yeah, if you feel like giving me money while I look for a job, you have my gratitude.