i like you (this is a problem)

“Here’s the thing-” Lily said, marching into the pub and pulling out a stool.

“We’re closed.” James interrupted without looking up from wiping down the bar.

“I want a dog.” Lily barrelled on without hearing him. “But my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I was wondering-“

“I’m not getting a fucking dog for you.” James said firmly.

Lily blinked at him. “I was going to ask if you thought it was morally wrong to raise it in my air-vent.” There was a silence. James was caught between hoping she wasn’t serious and knowing that she was. “Your idea seems better.” Lily admitted.

“Really. Talk me through that, is it because there is no animal abuse involved?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of then you’d have to clean up the poo, but the no animal abuse is also good.”

“Y’know” Sirius was lying on top of the bar, waving around a beer and staring at the ceiling. Nobody looked up. “I always thought once we owned a bar we would spend a solid 60% percent of our time drunk, and that hasn’t happened.” 

Remus, still wiping down tables, said “I shudder to think what you’d be like on your own.”

“Since we bought the bar we spend more time drunk than we used to?” Peter consoled, baffled.

Sirius sat up. “I would say we spent about 15% percent of our time drunk before the bar, and after the bar we spend about 25%. That is an increase of only ten percent.”

“Where are you pulling these numbers from?” Lily asked while holding the ladder for James, who was avoiding the dishwasher by pretending to fix the squeaky window.

“On top of being an excellent barman I double as a statistician.”

“You are neither of those things.” Remus said. Sirius glared.

“Fuck you Moony. At school you were always saying I didn’t do enough math, and here I am, doing math, and you’re abusing me.”

Remus threw a dishtowel at him and gestured to the kitchen. “Go unstack the dishwasher.”

“Fantastic.” Sirius said, throwing his hands in the air. “This is what I get for my brief foray into math. Insulted and unloading dishes.” He jumped off the bar and mockingly gave Remus’ back the finger. James laughed.

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@lears​ found this adorable fic by @drarrytrash​ and then we were discussing how much of a tragedy it is that there isn’t more lesbian drarry and so here is my starting point:

  • draco malfoy the queen lesbian of hogwarts: silver rings on her fingers and her hair cut short and blunt at her jawline; pointy-toed black polished boots that people whisper are dragonskin; looks bored and faintly offended every time a boy talks to her; clean bare nails that she files down short and square; a collection of high-waisted dark green trousers of expensive material that she wears with white silk shirts, folding open over her collarbone; everyone whispers about her buying fancy lingerie but when she stoops down one day in potions it’s just the clear dark line of a cotton sports bra; spends history of magic drumming her fingers on the table and slowly setting everyone on edge; comes back to eighth year hard and tired and unsmiling; has a bad tempered black cat and the slytherins say she talks to it, and the first year slytherins say it talks back; drinks mostly red wine, often cheap, often sour, usually to piss her dad off; taller than crabbe and goyle, now only taller than goyle; excellent eyebrows, thin mouth; looks like she could eat you alive and will.

  • harry potter bisexual hero: same unruly hair as ever except in fifth year when she buzzed it short (only she ended up missing the comparisons to her dad, let it grow out a bit again); oversized t-shirts, oversized jumpers, oversized flannel shirts, no bra; quidditch muscles in her thighs and arms; bitten nails that sometimes have half-flaked off polish that luna’s applied; lugs crates of beer with ron and ginny to drink down by the lake; wears a large oversized denim jacket and breaks sirius’s motorbike out of storage when she’s seventeen; tips back on her chair in class so far that people make bets if she’ll fall out; spends her summers from fifth year onwards going into london and catching the underground nowhere in particular, sitting in fluorescent chippies late at night and eating chips soaked in salt and vinegar; knuckle tattoos; has been known to haul crookshanks up by the scruff of his neck and hold him so his front paws are hanging over her shoulder, and he purrs like an engine; big hands, long fingers, and a hot look in her eyes like she wants to touch you.

  • together: draco straight-backed and mouth-pursed at hogsmeade, and harry ambling easily next to her; draco turns up to ancient runes late one morning in a faded pink sweatshirt that says WITCH LOVING WITCHES: FLORIDA KEYS CAMP 1986 that absolutely does not suit her and glares at anyone who looks at her; harry and draco’s cat in a silent possessive war; double dates with ginny and pansy to quidditch matches, where draco, harry, and ginny scream themselves hoarse and pansy reads her magazine; racing each other across the hogwarts lawn, tackling each other in the trees; apparating somewhere remote and wild and spending four days hiking mostly in silence, harry shouldering a heavy backpack with their tent in it, draco stopping every hour or so to check her map; when they start dating draco abruptly stops making fun of how dishevelled harry always is, and harry doesn’t get it until she notices how much longer draco looks at her now, the way draco skims her fingers along the strip of harry’s stomach where her sweater is riding up, the way draco watches her now like she wasn’t allowed before; much later, a flat with white walls and many plants; plus a huge golden bathtub they sit in together, draco propping her legs up on the rim to shave them (when she feels like shaving them), harry leaning down to kiss draco’s ankle, both of them eyeing each other, smirking, waiting, letting the room get hot and close and tense and waiting to see who’s going to give in and make the first move; and a large windowsill that they use to sit in and get stoned.

I made the mistake of mentioning my birthday is coming up and Die Kinder from drawing 101 (who are mostly first-semester freshmen and *barely* 18) wanted to know how old I am going to be.


“Oh WOW!  You’re as old as my STEPMOTHER.”
“I thought you were like, 40.”
“Can you buy me beer?”

and my favorite: “Shouldn’t you have graduated by now?”

Thanks kids.

So I spent the rest of class intentionally mis-using memes to make them cringe ( “Your shading is so Bae” etc.) and complaining about my arthritis.

  • Gwaine: Hey, Merlin, soulmate, let me buy you a beer!
  • Merlin: Okay! But I’m not your soulmate, I’m really more of a chum.
  • Gwaine: What about you, Mordred?
  • Mordred: I’m a crony.
  • Gwaine: Leon?
  • Leon: I’d say acquaintance.
  • Percival: Colleague.
  • Elyan: Sympathizer.
  • Arthur: I’m a well-wisher. In that I don’t wish you any specific harm.
It’s a Surprise

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,707 

Warnings: Swearing, mild nudity, hint at smut, general fluffiness and lots of it.

Prompt: Sam decides that instead of a boring Valentine’s day of exchanging beer and chocolate, he wants to take Y/N out on a real Valentine’s Day special getaway.

Prompt 2: Gif choice from @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge.

A/N: This is written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. I know I am so late, but my excuse is that I have changed this idea a billion times! I chose a gif for her challenge, and it is located within the fic.

Also, side note yes I know it’s not even close to Valentine’s day, but don’t pay attention to that.

This is unbetaed so any and all mistakes are mine.

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23 Hours Before Valentine’s Day

“Ectoplasm. I thought we were done dealing with this disgusting crap!” Y/N complained as she strode into the bunker, wiping the towel over her arms. “I’m gonna need, like, seventeen showers just to rid myself of this goop. Yuck!” A giant splatter of the black goo was flicked from Y/N’s jacket and onto the floor, making Dean and Sam cringe.

“Really? In the bunker, c’mon…” Dean groaned.

Y/N turned angrily at Dean, hurling the dirty towel in his direction. “You’re lucky I didn’t get any in your precious Baby! This is your fault you know!”

“What?” Dean rolled his eyes. “If you knew how to swing an iron bar, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess. Literally.”

“If you wouldn’t have pushed me in front of the monster barf, I wouldn’t be in this mess. It would’ve been you in this mess.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed. “Just go take your damn shower.”

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  • Johnny: Hey, Gyro, soulmate, let me buy you a beer!
  • Gyro: Okay! But I’m not your soulmate, I’m really more of a chum.
  • Johnny: What about you, Lucy?
  • Lucy: I’m a croney.
  • Johnny: Hot Pants?
  • Hot Pants: I’d say acquaintance.
  • Wekapipo: Colleague.
  • Mountain Tim: Sympathizer.
  • Diego: I’m a well-wisher. In that I don’t wish you any specific harm.
Drove All Night

So I was inspired to write this after watching the Voice in which Celine Dion was coaching some singers to perform her version of Drove All Night that’s been redone like a thousand times.

Waverly and Nicole are in a long distance relationship, but Nicole feels like surprising Waverly. If the title didn’t tell you exactly what happened… the below gif has nothing to do with the fic, I just think I’ll use it as often as possible

Originally posted by mzhyde48

“Wynonna….” Waverly whined in frustration. “I have to go.” Looking at her wristwatch, she could feel each second that bled away with her sister’s asinine…

“But… you’re the only one that pours my shots the way I like them.” Wynonna gave her a pleading look until she received the snap of a towel to the back of her head. “Hey!”

“Leave your sister alone, Wynonna.” Gus slipped behind the bar, grabbing a few empty pint glasses. “She’s got a date.”

“It’s not a date.” Waverly protested, unable to hide her smile as she untied her apron. “It’s just a call.”

“A pre-scheduled call that happens every Friday.” Gus pointed out as she filled a glass with beer.

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Baseball & Fireworks

Summary: The handsome guy who frequents your liquor store in Lebanon finally takes you on a date. 
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2030
Warnings: None?
Challenge: Kayla’s Birthday Challenge! My prompts were, “You’ve gotta stop saying things that make me want to kiss you.” and a baseball game date. @one-shots-supernatural

Your name: submit What is this?

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can’t you see it’s me?

the sanvers soulmate au where you feel what your soulmate does (pain, pleasure)

words: 2968

tw for past child abuse

Alex Danvers is five years old when she realizes pain – to this extent, at least – isn’t normal. She’s five years old when she realizes that the stinging pain in her face or the gutted feeling in her stomach is because her soulmate is out there, somewhere, getting hurt.

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the-superhero-under-your-bed  asked:

Prompt idea 🙂 would love a tattoo shop story (what can I say, tattoos are awesome) where Clint is a tattoo artist and Tony is the cute mechanic who works next store? It sounds a lot like your Tattoo Shop series but honestly anything with Clint and Tony that isn't super powered and is just, like, a day in the life would be awesome 🙃❤️ either way, ♥️!

So I love this idea, but I kept this short otherwise it would have gotten out of control lol


“Mr Stark!”

Tony rolled out from underneath the truck, wiping a hand over his face and squinting into the light.

“Oh, Clint. Hows it going? And definitely just call me Tony. Weve worked next to each other for like a year now.”

“Sure thing.” Clint winked at him and Tony grinned. “Listen, my truck is making a hell of a noise. I was just wondering if you had some free time if you would maybe take a look at it.”

“Oh yeah. Yeah definitely.” Tony was not staring at his neighbor, not at the low slung jeans or the bare chest. He was also not staring at arms that seemed too musclar for a tattoo artist, or the wings that were tattooed down Clints back and disppeared into the waistband of his jeans “Just um, leave it in the drive way and Ill take a look at it tonight. No worries.”

“Leave me a bill on the front seat, huh? Ill come over tomorrow and settle up.”

“Sounds good.” Tony waved, definitely not watching as Clint sauntered back across the parking lot to his shop.

Damn that guy was hot.


When Clint opened the door to his truck the next morning, there was a bright orange sticky note on the front seat .

–Just had to tighten a few things. Took me less than an hour, no worries about price. –Tony

“So let me buy you a beer tonight.” Clint tossed kicked at Tonys feet where they stuck out from under the same truck as yesterday. “If you arent going to charge me for my truck.”

“Hey!” Tony slid out and smiled up at him. “Really its not a problem.”

“Maybe not, but I appreciate it, and would like to buy you a beer anyway.”

“Clint, Im serious–”

“Tony! How much more obvious do I have to be about wanting to spend some time with you?” Clint asked in mock exasperation, and beneath all the girime and grease on his face, Tony flushed dark red.

“Oh. Right. Sorry. Not used to that sort of thing. Uh I have got to get this done tonight so it might be late but–”

“Thats fine. Why dont you come over, when you’re done?” Clint jerked a thumb towards his shop. “Ill be waiting for you.”

“Uh sure. Thanks.” Tony smiled sheepishly and rolled back under the truck to hid his burning face.


“Clint?” the bell rang when Tony pushed open the door to the tattoo shop. “You still here?”

“Come on back, Tony! Just putting away from gear!” Clint called from the back and Tony headed towards his voice, admiring how clean the shop was, open and inviting unlike a lot of tattoo parlors were.

“There he is.” Clint looked up with a smile. “And no more grease on your face, look at that.”

“Damn.” Tony laughed. “I knew I should have dabbed some on my cheeks. Accents my eyes.”

Clint laughed with him, then motioned him towards a chair. “I just need a few minutes then we’re good, yeah?”

“Alright.” Tony relaxed into the semi-relined chair, looking up at all the pictures of tattoos and designs Clint had hanging from the walls. “This all you?”

“Yep. Did them all.”


“You got any ink, Tony?”

“Nah.” Tony shook his head. “Something permanent like that on my body? I dont know. Plus the pain… no thanks.”

“It doesnt hurt that bad.” Clint was meticulously cleaning and reassembling a tattoo gun. “Some people think the pain is addicting.”

“I cant imagine pain being addicting.” Tony admitted and Clint looked up.

“No? You want to try?”

“Areyou offering to tattoo me?” Tony asked nervously and Clint nodded slowly, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

“Yeah. If you want. I bet I could get you laid out, under my needle, not caring a damn bit about the pain.”

“Um—” Tony coughed to cover what was absolutely not the tiniest whimper at the thought of being laid out under Clint. “I might need a drink first.”

“That wasnt a no.” Clint teased and it was Tonys turn to lick his lips.

“Its not a no.”

anonymous asked:

Omg can you do a Drabble of the boy squad finally finding out that Isak was with Even eating cheese toasties and smoking weed instead of going to Emma's party/pregame? Because if love to see that

Hello anon!! Here you go!! It borderlines on absolute crack so fair warning!! But also- I do love some teasing.


Magnus is giving them weird looks.

Isak half wants to shrink away, but the other half wants to hit the boy upside the head and tell him to let Isak drink is soda in peace. Jesus fucking Christ, this kid. Jonas and Mahdi seemed pre-occupied as well, glancing between Isak and Even and then Magnus and finally at each other like some conspiracy that Isak is not yet apart of. 

Even seems undisturbed, meeting Magnus’s gaze every time and raising his eyebrows in challenge.

Finally Magnus cracks.

“When did you two first…” he trails off with a suggestive look.

Isak is going to choke. Maybe on his soda- or maybe he’ll reach across the table and choke the giant blonde fuck he calls a friend. 

“I fucking know you’re not asking about Even and my’s sex life.”

Magnus reels back in horror, “No! Fucking no! Well- not that I’d be opposed to hearing about it-”

“Magnus, I swear to god-

“-I just wanted to know when you two first started hanging out!”

“Kossegruppa,” Even says smoothly, stealing a sip of Isak’s coke before wrinkling his nose and giving it back. “First met at the Kossegruppa thing.”

“Eh,” Isak cocks his head, slapping Mahdi’s hands away when they reach out to snag his soda, “Get your fucking own. Um- I don’t consider the day when you felt up the towel machine when we first started hanging out.”

Even looks scandalized, “That was a smooth move that got your attention.”

“So would have a “hey- I’m Even I don’t think we’ve met?”

“Nope,” Even grins and waggles his eyebrows, “I like our story better.”

Jonas takes a fry and chews carefully, “So you guys met at Kossegruppa and just decided to bang?”

“Crass fucker. There was more to it than that. I asked Even to buy me beer and then we hung out and smoked. That’s when I decided that I’d like to bang him.”

Even rolls his eyes, but doesn’t protest the narrative.

“What the fuck- when did Even buy you beer? And why the fuck didn’t you get us any?”

“Oh yeah whoops,” Isak adjusted his snap back and looked at the lunch table, “The beer was originally for you guys… for the pre-game at Emma’s.”

Mahdi’s eyes narrowed, “The one that you said was cancelled even though it was not cancelled?”

Isak shrugged, “Whoops?”

Jonas started laughing, “Dude you ditched us and the girls to seduce Even?”

Isak cringes, “Can we not use that fucking word? And yeah- it was kind of shitty. My bad.”

Magnus groaned, “I had to sit at home and watch fucking Family Guy while you got it on with that hunk?”

That hunk winks at Magnus, but sobers up with Isak’s sour expression, “Not quite.”

Even throws a casual arm around Isak’s shoulders, using his thumb to rub circles on the sliver of skin between his shirt and where the ends of his hair curled. “Sonja and her friends actually came over not long after. And then Isak left. Not seduction of any sort.”

Jonas crunched loudly on a chip, “Yikes.”

Mahdi shrugged, “Karma man. It’s a bitch.”

Magnus considered, “Okay but like, when did you guys sleep together for the fist time?”

Isak stood up from the lunch table, grabbing Even’s hand, “Alright well it’s been fun but we have places to be that are not here. Bye guys. Magnus, you suck.”

He hears the boys outrageous laughter even as he and Even make their escape.

anonymous asked:

Jimon "Are you flirting with me?”

The thing is, Jace is a perceptive person. Had to be in his line of work and all his of his training demanded it: know your enemy, know your surroundings, be ready for any scenario.

So, yeah. Considering the amount of times this skill has saved his and that of the people under his charge, he’d say he’s quite perceptive. Which is why is the whole Simon situation disturbed him so much.

At first it’d seemed pretty normal. Simon was hanging around the Institute every other day, looming over them and asking all sorts of pointless questions. In other words, pretty standard Simon Behavior. At the time Jace just assumed it had something to do with Clary.

And it’s Simon, so to say he was acting weird was like stating the obvious, but this was a brand new kind of strange. For example, one morning he and Clary were sparring and Jace knocked the feet from under her. Simon literally clapped and cheered. 

It was two weeks before he realized Simon was standing around him even when she wasn’t there.

“So, uh,” Simon had said, leaning over the table a crooked smile on his face. “What does this thing do?”

Jace frowned at him, looking up from the blueprints he’d been analyzing. “That’s a knife. It cuts people?”

Simon threw him honest-to-god finger guns. “Right. Savage.”

Jace nodded at him, impatient, and got back to work.

“And, uh… Do you like using knives?”

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send a sentence or send ✉ for a random starter. some trigger warnings apply. continued under the cut. change as needed.

  • kind of a strange guy, huh?
  • don’t be assholes. you want to hear this or not?
  • you know, i’ve seen all the different types.
  • we all fit a certain category.
  • i was just a regular-type dude with a big-ass dick.
  • a smart guy who’s steady is hard to find. 
  • i’d offer you a seat, but uh…
  • past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing.
  • this is gonna happen again. or it’s happened before.
  • you get that from one of your books?
  • listen, this is a stupid time to mention this, but you got to come to dinner.
  • there’s nothing i can do about it. maybe not today. maybe not tomorrow. 
  • i’m gonna have a drink.
  • people out here, it’s like they don’t even know the outside world exists.
  • might as well be living on the fucking moon.
  • can i ask you something? you’re a christian, yeah?
  • i believe that people shouldn’t talk about this kind of shit at work.
  • look, i’d consider myself a realist, all right, but in philosophical terms, i’m what’s called a pessimist.
  • i’m bad at parties.
  • i think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.
  • huh. that sounds god-fucking-awful, ___.
  • i wouldn’t go around spouting that shit if i was you. 
  • people around here don’t think that way. i don’t think that way.
  • so what’s the point of getting out of bed in the morning?
  • i get a bad taste in my mouth out here.
  • i got an idea. let’s make the car a place of silent reflection from now on.
  • what should i bring for dinner?
  • when you’re at my house, i want you to chill the fuck out.
  • i’m not some kind of maniac, all right? i mean, for fuck’s sake.
  • fuck that prick.
  • we’ll lake two large long Island iced teas, please.
  • what kind of tits does she have?
  • you get pills pretty easy?
  • this place is like somebody’s memory of the town, and the memory’s fading.
  • stop saying shit like that. it’s unprofessional.
  • you get any sleep last night?
  • i don’t sleep. i just dream.
  • you believe in ghosts?
  • i’m gonna have to call a little timeout, make a beer run.
  • why is this so important to you all of a sudden?
  • she was high. fucked up.
  • what the hell? you can barely stand up.
  • i don’t drink ‘cause I’ve had trouble with it before.
  • have some more coffee and just try to make 10 minutes of conversation.
  • people change, relationships change.
  • i believe that shit leads to cancer.
  • then start asking the right fucking questions.

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Originally posted by depplovers

Prompt: “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn.”
Pairing: With Jack Sparrow
(Note 1: I always do all my reader-insert with a female reader. So, I’m sorry…)(Note 2: You can request a prompt here but there’s only a 50% chance I’m actually gonna do it. No smut or NSFW, please. That’s not my thing.)


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Trek Fest 2017

Word Count: 1367
Tags: @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @curiosity-killed-the-speedster, @starmission @emmkolenn @sugarshai @outside-the-government@southernbellestatues @engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso, @yourtropegirl
Prompt: from @frostedej: Apples, cheesy pickup lines, soulmates, humor, sneaky crewmates, and of course our favorite blond, Jim Kirk, and gender neutral reader.


You couldn’t have been older than 14, helping for the summer at your Uncle’s orchard in Kennewick, picking apples. It was hard work, and the muscles across your shoulders became tight and corded from the labour. You took to laying in the dirt by the sorter at the end of the day, trying to work the knots out.

“I can show you a better way to work the kinks out.” He was silhouetted in the late afternoon sun, but his shoulders were broad and strong and you recognized his shape, somewhat. He usually worked in the lower orchard, and Uncle Matt had warned you to stay away from the guys that worked down there. “Nothing but prison fodder and ne’er-do-wells,” he’d claimed.

You sat up and tipped your head forward, inviting him to help, Matt’s admonishments be damned. His hands were strong and capable, and he worked the tight muscles loose, wordlessly. Almost like a guitar string being plucked, you felt him pull at the corded mass at the base of your neck and as each bundle of tension released, you felt the air flow out of you until you were practically melted, a puddle in the hot August dirt.

“If I’m not here to help next time, take the hardest apple you can, but it between you and the ground and roll,” he spoke quietly. You turned to thank him, and in the inceding time between his approach and finishing the massage, the sun had set enough for you to get a good look. He had the bluest eyes you’d ever seen. “I should go. Matt doesn’t like us lower orchard guys hanging out with the college crowd.”

“I’m not in college,” you blurted, kicking yourself for not thanking him.

“But you will be, Apples. Someday,” he smiled.

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When we were young

-A/N: I had a long time that I didn’t write something and FINISH IT. Sorry for the late requests I hadn’t post. But I feel like I needed to get rid of the dust and write something. That might be the reason for the awful name of this. I hope you don’t think the one-shot is also awful. Requests are open. Also the tag squad (send PM) 

Request:  Hi again! I saw that you’re accepting requests Could you do one where Chris is taking home to meet his family for the first time, then once you get there Mr. or Mrs. Evans doesn’t seem to like you that much. You and Chris don’t understand why until later on that night when you find out that they dated one of your parents back when they were young and were still holding a grudge about that past? I hope that’s okay.

Warnings: None, past relationship, mother in law? hahaha


(Based on When we were young, by Adele)

Chris reached my thigh while he was driving. I sighed.

“Both hands in the wheel. Do you want your mom to hate me even more because I caused an accident while you were driving?” I sighed. I was talking very serious.

“I’ve told you she doesn’t hate you. She just… is figuring a way to love you” I smiled.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to put you in an awkward position. But I just feel like she’s given up on me.” I felt a nod in my throat. I was about to cry. I promise, this wasn’t sabotage or anything like that. Since the moment I met my mother in law, she had built a wall between us, which I try to climb.

“I know you don’t. I just don’t get why you can’t get along. I know you both, I sincerely thought it’d be different”

“So did I” I sighed again. This was my favorite weather. But also, the one that made me blue. The rain started to hit the windows. “I’m willing to try, Chris. Help me, enlighten me, please… I don’t want to push her, I just want you to accept me.”

“You’re so sweet” he laughed. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or he was serious.

“No, listen. I feel so pathetic. This is like I’m 15 years old and I’m pointing at her for not liking me. Am I too immature for telling you?”

“Well…” he began, then he laughed “you’re just sweet, as long as you don’t get obsessed with that”


“Wow, why can’t you get along if you’ve got the same voice when you say my name?”


We arrived to his parents’ house. I had baked her favorite dessert. Chris’s advice. He had taught me a little bit about how to treat her. Everything was checked in my mind, I had planned how everything was going to be through the evening.

“Hey, mom” I smiled.

“Hello, love” I gave them their space, he hugged her and then kissed the top of her head.

“Y/N brought your favorite dessert” Chris grabbed my waist and introduced me into the talk.

“Oh, I see… hello, y/n. I’ll put this on the kitchen. Do you want coco?”

“I’d love some” I murmured. She didn’t even say thank you.


“Mom, is my yearbook here?” Chris asked. Lisa nodded while she left her cup of coco on the table.

“Let me hand it to you” she stood and Chris denied with his head.

“Why don’t you talk with your adorable daughter in law while I look for it?”

“Delightful” she murmured. She stood up anyway.

“Do you like me?” I closed my eyes… shit, that wasn’t my question. She looked at me “I mean, did you like the pie? I meant the pie… not me” I tried to fix it. She sighed.

“It was good. Almost perfect, like you” the thing about the Evans was that it was really hard to detect their sarcasm.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, you’re my son’s fiancée and… I tolerate you.” She smiled at me, but there wasn’t anything hypocrite on that smile. She was telling the truth.

“Why? Why don’t you let me in, Lisa?” she shrugged.

“You wouldn’t understand, dear. I think Chris might need help, excuse me”


It wasn’t like I planned. Obviously. Maybe I should ignore the fact that our relationship was going to be passive-aggressive forever. But I wanted to know why. I felt Chris’s arms around my waist. He held me closer. He covered my body with his.

“Thank you for trying, baby” he kissed my shoulder.

“I think I need to quit too, for the best” he kissed my neck and then my cheek. His hands were covering my abdomen when I smiled.

“Maybe… but when you said that she had given up on you, I was glad you hadn’t given up on her, if you feel like it’s time to give it a break, I support you.” I rolled in the bed to be on top of him. I felt his breath against my lips. My arms were next to each side of his head. I kissed him.

“Everybody deserves a second chance… or thirty” I smiled against his lips.

“What are you up to?”

“Well… no offense, but everything had happened when you were around, so maybe if I… ask her out, just the two of us, I could try again, after that, I’ll give up.”

“I love your diabolical mind” I felt his hands traveling through my bare back “And I’m about to love you even more…” he moved to be on top of me. I laughed when I felt his amused lips against my neck.


“Hey, Lisa!” I waved. She stopped and I felt a little kick in my stomach and in my ego.

“Hello, dear. Where’s Chris?” she immediately asked. I shrugged.

“He couldn’t make it. So… it’s just us” I smiled “Shall we?” We began our way to the Red Sox Stadium.


We had been quiet, until the second inning, where I asked her if she wanted a hot dog. She nodded.

“How do you like it?” I inquired. She didn’t pay attention. “Lisa, how would you like me?” I meant it this time.

“Ketchup only” I handed her the hot dog and paid for it.

“I asked you something” she bit her hot dog and looked at me.

“You have his eyes” she smoothly spoke.

“Excuse me?” she smiled and reached my face. It took me by surprise.

“Your eyes… are like your dad’s.”

“I don’t understand, Lisa”

“You might need to buy me a beer if you want me to say it” she smiled. Kindly.

“But I can’t join you, alright?”


And in the fifth inning, she began talking. “We need to go home” I nodded.



Chris had told me not to push her that she usually thinks a lot the words she wants to free from her mouth. I looked at her while she poured two glasses of wine. She handed mine, and when she sat, she smiled again. She was really pretty when she did that.

“Well, you remind me of your dad, y/n. You’ve got those big, curious… expressive eyes. Has anyone told you that?” I nodded.

“So… you know my dad?” she stood up and grabbed a book, in-between pages, she reached a picture and gave it to me.

“I do. I met him long time ago. We were in the same grade, shared classes and friends. I can’t believe I’m going to say this. I promised to myself I wouldn’t do it, but… your dad was such a special man, he was funny and interesting, he was spontaneous, outrageous, he was very smart and a total leader, that’s why I couldn’t avoid falling in love with him. You remind me a lot of him. You’ve got those same features. You’re the girl I’ve chosen myself for Chris. But…” she stop talking. I was speechless. Holy shit.

“I guess it was just like a movie… when we were young.” She was in silence as she sadly smiled “We made mistakes that tore us apart and he hurt me as much as I hurt him. When we split up, I remember being by myself, wishing him for the best. Then you came to my life, proving that you had been the best. I felt really bad, but I wasn’t honest when I wished him that. And seeing you, everybody loving you… the way you talked and some of your moves are very y/d/n. I guess I had punished myself…. And you as well for something that happened long, long time ago”


“I’m so sorry” she grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes. I was already in tears. “It wasn’t your fault. I see you’re a good girl that loves my Chris very, very much” I cleaned my tears. And stood up. I went to the car and took the small package I had carried for days. I made my way back her house and saw her cleaning her tears.

“I don’t have anything to forgive you for. This is for you” she started to open the gift and discover the inside.

“Oh, my God” her shaking hands held the romper.

“I just wanted that your grandchild arrived to a place where he or she knows that grandma and mommy are family” she hugged me and looked at my cup of wine.

“I was hoping you weren’t one of those girls that doesn’t like to drink around older people. But this…”

“I know… Chris is going to kill me for telling you”

“He’s not going to do anything to my daughter in law or my grandbaby” she hugged me and caressed my hair. I sighed.

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Drink Up -  Yondu Udonta x Reader

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader

Word Count: ~2,000

Summary: All you want to do on your day off as a Ravager crewmen  is get a drink and relax, but somehow Yondu always shows up to ruin your fun. (This is based on a lovely request from @rootbeergoddess, hopefully you like it!)

Warnings: language. Nothing else really.

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