Outfit Idea #4 (How to dress boyish - cheaper clothes)

Top: Red Lapel Plaid | Blue Plaid (exactly like hers) | Plaid Letter | Camouflage CoatBuy 1 Get 1 tops: White Short Sleeve Blouse | Plaid Crop Blouse

Jeans: Black Pants | Cut-out Denim | Ripped Light Blue | High-Waist 

Sneaker: Adidas Superstar alternative | Red Snakeskin | White Leopard | Floral | Multicolor Air Cushion these are all on sale & I promise you they all look decent!

my texas experience thus far:

got lost for 4 hours near houston

saw a church/barn called “Branded By Christ Cowboy Church”

llike 5 min later, drove past 4 pick up trucks on the side of the road selling confederate flags buy 1 get 1 free

had whataburger, got violent diarrhea

roadkill im not sure what it was but it was like as big as the hood of the car


Who has some new Steven Universe badges up for sale! I do! Check out the others here. They’ll all be available at Animaga in a month so stop by if you’re coming!

They’re 29mm/1 ¼ inch in size. They’re $2 each + $1 domestic/$2.70 international shipping. Buy 3, get 1 free!

Email me at or message me on here to place an order!

For a limited time only! Go to to redeem the buy 1 get 1 free piercing offer. We would love to see you in the studio!

Diamond Heart Studios
Flemington NJ / diamondheartpiercing

Here’s how it works: Submit a valid picture of yourself. Then, head over to our shop and buy one item, you’ll get another of lesser value (and your choice) free! 

1. A valid pic must: meet standard Tumblr size requirements (if we can’t see/post it, not eligible), be you in an outfit, and be the best quality you can get. Only one submission per person.

2. This little deal will end at 11:59 p.m. PACIFIC TIME on Saturday, September 3rd 2011

3. Follow the rules of our shop. First come, first served.

We really love your submitted pics, so allez allez!


I really like to shop online. I buy clothes, decor stuff, books, random little things I don’t need. I love buying clothes online, mostly because the online stores has the best sales.

Store 1 - I already got few clothes from here. The quality is really good and few shipping on orders over $30. Most of their clothes are under $20.

Pre order up to 50% off
$34% off on orders over $59
 (ends August 4)
Sales up to 85% off (ends August 4)
Boutique must-haves 35% off (code: boutique35)

Store 2 - I also bought from this store. Good quality, most clothes under $20 and free shipping on orders over $50. I like their shorts and dresses.

Pre order up to 60% off
$5% off on orders over $59 (ends August 3)
Buy 1 get 1 55% off (ends August 5)
School come back up to 80% off (ends August 3)

Check out their other clothes. They have hundreds, cheap and perfect for all occasions and styles. Pm me if you have a feedback :3