buy an actual wig


I BARELY finished my Acxa cosplay in time for Otakon. I had to be glued into my armor, it was lowkey falling apart all day, and there are So Many Things I need to redo/rebuild completely, colors I need to change, actual blue paint to order because I just used the purple paint I got for Lotor instead of buying new (And I need to actually style this wig? Might have to just replace it sobs) etc

But it was wearable gdi, i made it in two weeks and I wore it and it was awesome

(Also sorry my right side head fins are off and my neck and shoulder armor are open in these photos, I was half out of my costume cos we were eating–)

I’m still looking for full-body pics, but s o o n

anonymous asked:

Is there a website where you buy a majority of your wigs?

Actually, no there isn’t. All of my wigs are/were bought from a multitude of different websites and companies, and sometimes even con floor bought.

But I can give you links to all of the places I’ve purchased from that I can remember.

  • Arda-Wigs is the most notable one, and probably the biggest if not one of the biggest wig sellers in the convention circuit. Its where I got My Peridot Wig
  • Epic Cosplay is where I recently purchased my Young Pearl wig. They’re also one of the biggest names out there.
  • My Iori Shiro Wig was purchased from This Ebay Seller. They’re not cosplay wig specialized but if you need natural looking wigs, they do a pretty good job.
  • My Jinx Wig was purchased (And salvaged) from This Ebay Seller. I haven’t purchased anything from them since, but the jinx wig was okay. It served its purpose
  • My Opal Wig was purchased from This Ebay Seller. Note that I layered two wigs on top of each other for Opal, and that their store isn’t strictly wigs.

All of my black wigs were purchased from a wig/beauty shop called Abradell that was close to where I used to live.

I buy a lot of my wigs from ebay based on friend recommendations.

There’s also:

And that’s all the wig help I have right now. If you want I can make a wig website masterlist for you.