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Request: you sit behind me and poke me every time i fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can i buy you a coffee? au with Cedric Diggory? There can even be a little Hogsmeade trip :)

Notes: This took longer than I expected to write, but I’m happy with how it turned out! Hope you guys like it!

You groaned as you looked at the parchment in front of you, your schedule for your 5th year printed on it.

“Oh, come on! We all have history of magic first period!” Some boy in your house leans over your shoulder, laughing at the unfortunate timing. First period began at 9 a.m., and Binn’s dull lessons at a time when you were barely awake was not going to be a good combination.

After finishing your breakfast you trudge back to your dorm, grabbing your books before winding your way down to class. Soon enough the door opens and everyone files in, you try and get a seat as far back in the room as possible, but someone had already taken the seat you planned on getting. You simply moved up a row, sitting directly in front of the person, whose features were hidden as their head was bent over a small book in their lap.

You plopped your books on the table, sighing deeply as you rubbed your eyes. You crossed your arms on the table before dropping your head down to rest on them, appreciating the few moments of aimless chatter before Binns enters through the blackboard.

You try listening for a while before everything he says becomes slightly jumbled together. Yawning, you rest your head in your hand, forcing yourself to take at least a few notes. Soon enough you give up, putting your quill down and closing your eyes, falling asleep soon after.

You don’t know how long you were out, but your chin slipping off your hand startles you awake. Binns is still droning on, lecturing about another event. You try to take some notes but soon find it pointless, you slept through so much that you have no idea what’s going on now.

Deciding to copy notes from a friend later you start doodling on your parchment, passing the time until class is finally over. Binns stops lecturing as everyone starts packing up their stuff; you’d just finished putting your books into your bag when you hear a voice behind you.

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SHINee Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“Me? But isn’t there… I don’t know… a friend you can go with?“


“Okay! Let’s go!”
/ I’m such a fantastic boyfriend /


“Do you have a lot to buy? Because if not then I’m staying. I’m lazy for some things”


“Well, I guess I should go help”


“Well… umm… But can I buy myself something?”


When people are nice to me:
“Do you want sex or something? Like honestly this is a little weird for me. I don’t understand. I’ll go buy you a present.”

Just because you buy me lunch doesn’t mean that I have to sleep with you!!!!
This guy kept badgering me about meeting me in person, he lives in a town about 40 minutes away, I told him to make it worth my time and drive and to at least treat me to lunch or something.
He kept complaining how I was “expensive”.
He had me meet him at some place that I now think wasn’t even his apartment and told me that he’d take me in his car.
He took me to this salad and wrap place (I’m trying to eat relatively light due to my stomach problem) he didn’t even order anything for himself and I was the only one talking (like literally a one sided conversation)
We leave and then he parks behind my truck and starts trying to hug me talking about going back to his place to cuddle and shit. I told him the wrap I ate kinda made me full and I wasn’t in the mood knowing where this was going. I left and he texted me trying to guilt trip me about all you want is money…. when I never mentioned anything about money except for him to buy me lunch.
A Mediterranean wrap isn’t worth sex ok? Pay my phone bill or fund a weekend vacation (like my other guy) and maybe we can talk.
Guys in my area are so cheap I s2g.


((And here’s the result of last night’s stream! 4 hours of labor (not counting planning and pattern making etc.) condensed into 12 minutes of NYOOOOM.

Watch me build a mini Bill Cipher at super speed! Marvel at how many times I stop working to look at my phone or tablet! Thrill at the dramatic conclusion!

And know that I’m planning on making these little guys available for sale in the near future. Plz reblog if you’d be interested in buying, or know somebody who would! Thank you all, I hope you enjoy this little vid :)

And yes there’s STILL ANOTHER VIDEO coming…))

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"You do know that I can buy a room or even house, right? Your country lives in poverty, it won't even be a palpable ammount,"laf smiled and touched the general's arm. George smiled and pulled him closer by his hair, his finger were tangled between thick hair. "You could," he teased, "but do you really want to? Imagine it.That house would be so so empty,"their lips were almost touching,"with no one to warm it." He gently and slowly kissed Laf. "Do you really want that?" Laf laughed. "I guess not"



my limitless album finally came (it’s beautiful)!! 😭😭😭 i got johnny’s photocard and taeyong’s folded poster and i would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to trade for winwin’s card & poster (i will CRY if i can get winwin’s photocard…😩i will even buy it if i have to)!! please, please, if you get winwin and would like to trade, please message me!!

[card trade] 
have: johnny 
want: winwin ♡ 

[poster trade] 
have: taeyong
want: winwin ♡

thank you so much! ♡

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I'd like to hug both of you I'm actually going to buy condoms and fill them with spaghetti and water and throw them at people

Let me know how it works out

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How do you feel about Marilyn Monroe's "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." quote? Personally I think anyone that says something like that is probably a hyper bitch who's alone for a reason. Like, it's nice if you find someone willing to support you through thick and thin but don't fucking tell them on the first date that you're a raging lunatic.

I feel like that quote had merit when she said it, applied to things like having a bad day or mental illness, but now its over used by bitchy girls who don’t understand that the quote doesn’t apply to say, being a cheater or hitting your boyfriend. 

The quote was never meant to be “If you can’t handle me having a tantrum and attacking you at Walmart at 3am because you won’t buy me something I want, you don’t deserve me when I’m being just OK and calling that not just MY best but THE best.” 

The quote was meant to be “If you can’t handle me when I’m sobbing uncontrollably from depression, you don’t deserve me when I’m at my actual best, where you saw me first.” 

Even then, it’s a stretch, but if the quote ever had merit it’s been wiped away by thousands of spoiled brats posting it all over their myspace and facebook after their boyfriends dump them on their ass for intentionally destroying their property during a fit. 

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Pros & cons of dating mingyu pls thx♥

Disclaimer: All of these are just based on my sometimes-biased opinions and whatever I wrote below does not, in any way, completely and correctly describes Mingyu.

Mingyu // Kim Mingyu


Mingyu will always think about you. Always. This is a pro for you but is somewhat more of a con for his members because he just won’t shut up about you and him. “Hey this was the place we ate ice cream at for our fourth date”, “Can you believe I have the best partner ever like I feel so bad for you all but”, “Hyung look do you think I should buy this for our anniversary?” and the iconic “Man I’m just so in love with–” OKAY SHUSH THAT’S LIKE THE MILLIONTH TIME WE GET IT

He will always make sure you feel content and loved. He’ll always remind you that you’re the reason why he smiles everyday and why he’s motivated to keep on working hard. He doesn’t like it when you feel uncomfortable with the relationship so he’ll do his absolute best to make your relationship work in the best way possible.

He’s also the type to stand on your front door, trying to score a kiss after each date. It’s not that he’ll force you, but he literally won’t leave until you give him one (I don’t think anyone will be able to resist puppy Mingyu okay it’s just impossible). He’ll drop you obvious hints like raising his eyebrows with a smug smile, pointing to his cheek or whatever in hopes of getting a kiss from you. If he’s feeling frisky, he might attempt to make it a kiss on the lips by turning his head when you’re just about to kiss him on his cheek.

He strikes me as the kind of guy to send you positive messages at random times of the day, and he’ll always send you good morning and good night texts with lots of emoticons. He would also be the kind of guy who’d randomly call you in the middle of the night because “I missed hearing your voice” even though you were just done talking to him on the phone three hours ago.

A picture of you that he took while you weren’t looking as his cellphone’s background picture? Yes. Pictures of him that he took while your phone was with him? Definitely. A selfie of you and him in his wallet? Absolutely. 

Cliche I know but he will love to cook for you and/or teach you how to cook if you don’t know how. He’ll tease you if he’s better than you but if not then he’ll try to make it as a competition at times. You’ll probably just end up with a huge mess though because he’ll try to sabotage yours as much as he can.

Mingyu loves surprising you a lot, whether it be during a special occasion or just a random day while you two are together. He knows how he spends less time with you than normal partners do because of his work, so he makes up for it with surprises. It can range from a simple picnic somewhere outside the city to a romantic, candle-lit dinner on a beach.

Lastly, he’s also very skinship-y. Aegyo-ish. Normally it would be the partner who behaves in a feminine way who’ll be doing most of the aegyo but trust me, Mingyu will do it way more than ordinary girls to. He’d definitely flash you a sparkling, puppy eyes look when he asks for your permission to drink with his friends and all that, with a tight hug if you agree and a pout if you don’t


He gives a lot in your relationship, but he’ll expect you to return the same amount of love or something. Not necessarily the show of affection or aegyo, he’s fine with you brushing it off, but the act of giving towards each other. An example is when he skips a day of practice just to take care of you when you’re sick, so when it’s him who’s sick, he’ll expect you to stay at least a day with him and take care of him too. If you don’t reciprocate this much, then he’ll think he’s giving too much and might get tired with your relationship as he doesn’t really get much from it (not that he expects to get some but a relationship should be a give and take not worshiped and woshiper kind of thing).

If you’re the type of person to not like surprises, then I guess you might get frustrated with Mingyu. He enjoys surprising his significant other in random times within the relationship because he enjoys his partner’s shocked expressions, but if you express that you don’t like surprises, it might make the relationship feel slightly dull. It’s not that big and this won’t strain your relationship much, but if you completely brush his advances off, that’s when it’ll start turning really dull. It would be good to accept it now and then, like a birthday celebration or something.

It’s not that he’d get sad if you don’t return or just reject the skinship, but it’s more of you tolerating it if you don’t like it. He teases a lot, too, and it might infuriate you at times.

Someone who religiously sticks to a certain schedule per day might not be a good match for Mingyu, unless you’re adventurous deep inside. He might also be too fast paced (no pun intended) for you to keep up at times if your lifestyle is more of a walk than a run kind of thing. You’ll have to tolerate his childish tendencies at times too.

He can get pretty stubborn when you both fight, and it’ll always be a case of either his hyungs convincing him to apologize or you initiating it. No in between, so if you can’t take that, then your relationship might not last for very long.

Joshua’s the next request, if you guys want me to write another member just send me an ask!

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Guys, CHILL! Sorry Tord, I know my place.

Tord: I thank those of you who understand. Please know you have my appreciation even if I have no way to show it to you right now.

Tord: And please, enough with the gifts. I am…neither deserving of them, nor in the mood to receive things. Even though your intentions may be genuine, it feels as though you are trying to buy off my anger. I don’t want that thought hounding me. I would prefer questions or solitude instead.